A city that seems like one of those places that we all want to live in at some point: more than 2,000 varieties of beer, hundreds of chocolate shops, urban art on every corner, an architecture that encourages people to photograph everything, museums and art galleries everywhere. It looks awesome? Well, it is not, and we are talking about the capital of Belgium: nothing more and nothing less than the magnificent city of Brussels.

Compared to other European cities, the capital of Belgium is a small city (and shared with Bruges in most travel plans), that is why spending at least 24 hours in Brussels becomes a perfect “sandwich” plan within of the traveling itinerary through the continent.

Brussels: A great alternative where to look for alternative plans: hotels with artistic experiences, beer tours and sculptures that relieve themselves in a fountain and become the most touristic place in the city, such as the Manneken Pis. Is it an amazing city? Absolutely!

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