Its music, its architecture, its appearance of a city-town-story make all who visit it fall in love with everything they see, the experiences and the culture that makes Prague stand out from the entire Czech Republic as an authentic capital.

From medieval markets, castles, viewpoints and towers, the things to do in Prague multiply as the classic sites are discovered, icons such as its astronomical clock or the most beautiful library in the world, stand out among its attractions as attracting visitors. its visitors to tour Prague in 24 hours and fall so in love that there is no alternative but to extend that trip.

Music is heard in each of its corners and almost as if inviting to discover the alternative places of Prague, the city adapts to whoever walks through its streets and chooses to choose a museum, a bridge to photograph or a pub where to meet local residents. who go out to have fun and to taste a beer that, according to the experts, is one of the best in the world.