History, authentic culture, disasters and recoveries, Germany is a great open book that, in each of its destinations, there is something new to discover. Since we are little they tell us the history of this country, seeking that the atrocities that left a devastated country never repeat itself but that knew how to recover, rise up and highlight its wonders in every possible way.

What places to visit in Germany? Berlin, its capital, as contrasting as it is incredible, makes everyone who travels it end up understanding what motivated them to get there: walls and history on the one hand, music and “alternative” art on the other, combined? Of course, generating one of the most incredible cities in the entire continent.

Beer, as its flagship worldwide, takes over the streets of each of the cities, with greater incidence during the classic Oktoberfest but every day of the year in the breweries and beer gardens of Munich, for example.

Nature is not far behind and taking in the wonders of the Black Forest (its gigantic and lush forest) and Saalrlan, the first state with a certificate of sustainable destination, the green spaces, bicycle routes, the Romantic Routes by car and the enchanted villages from the interior they make a completely different trip, ideal and almost necessary.

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