United Kingdom

A magical city, stately and contrasting, invites all curious travelers to take a picture with Big Ben, with a red telephone booth that still stands and with the magnificent royal parks that make up the city of London. England: A country that, like it has these incredible cities, is home to small fishing and inland villages that there is no road trip that does not want to cross them, beer pubs, fish and chips everywhere and musical history that surrounds each of its streets that integrate them.

The most beautiful villages in Scotland are not far behind, let us remember that it is also part of the United Kingdom and that, with its stories of struggles and soldiers, it creates fairytale scenarios in each of the places you visit, especially in Edinburgh with its magical castle that stands out from the rest of the city and invites anyone who wants to visit it.

And if we talk about castles, cliffs and landscapes, we cannot fail to mention Wales, which, small, seeks to stand out among the most visited places in the United Kingdom and that all “alternative” travelers seek to visit, of course, without stopping taste an authentic Welsh tea (or a beer?).

Did you know that part of Ireland also belongs to the UK? Its north integrates these four regions and, almost as if it blends in with each other, it seeks to attract travelers to get on one of its routes and discover nature, the wide valleys, cliffs and of course, an authentic culture like this region can show.

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