10 things to do in Aruba that you can’t miss on the happiest island in the Caribbean

Qué hacer en Aruba 10 cosas que no te puedes perder de la isla más feliz del Caribe
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With the reopening of the Latin markets, Aruba, the happiest island in the Caribbean, welcomes all those travelers looking for new experiences, both relaxation and adventure. The small island of the Dutch Caribbean, located precisely off the coast of Venezuela, has endless plans for all its visitors to have fun. In this post we tell you everything you need to know about what to do in Aruba.

Above all, it should be noted that it is an invitation to enjoy a safe destination, which complies with strict biosafety measures and protocols. The island already has more than 70% of its population vaccinated against Covid-19 and is on the way to achieving herd immunity.

Aruba has it all. In addition to offering the best beaches, there are plans for different tastes, whether with a partner, friends or family, there are water sports, tours and tours that can be done during your stay. It should be noted that our cultural offer is quite wide, between museums and art galleries, we also offer a great variety in gastronomy and, of course, the attraction of our Arikok National Park. All these activities are supervised and have the highest standards in biosafety protocols “, says Miriam Dabian, director of the Aruba Tourism Authority for Latin America.

What to do in Aruba: 10 things you can’t miss

Enjoy the best beaches in Aruba

There are so many incredible beaches that surround the island’s coastline, each with its own unique qualities, from long stretches of powdery white sand that border perfectly calm waters to the hidden coves of the north coast, where the surf brings strong waves. And although all the beaches are special and it is not an easy task to choose the most outstanding ones and Aruba’s best beaches for travelers are: Eagle Beach, Palm Beach, Baby Beach, Mangel Halto and Arashi, among others.

10 cosas que hacer en Aruba: disfrutar de las mejores playas
What to do in Aruba: Enjoy Eagle Beach, one of the best beaches on the island

Experience nature in Aruba (and adventure)

Whether by land, sea or even from the sky, Aruba is an adventure lover’s paradise. The island is like an amusement park to discover, offering a multitude of opportunities, such as water sports to dive into deep waters and explore its reefs and colorful marine life; practice sky diving ; scuba diving ; kayak and why not take a jeep excursion through Arikok National Park with its arid landscapes and rock formations; practicing skydiving, mountain biking, among other activities. The island is the perfect place to make wishes come true.

10 cosas que hacer en Aruba: experimentar la naturaleza
What to do in Aruba: Arikok National Park Adventure

Admire the art of Saint Nicholas

The Aruba art scene has grown with broad strokes in recent years and San Nicolás is the epicenter of the cultural scene. This picturesque southern Aruba city is an arts hub in the Caribbean, with museums, art galleries, craft workshops, and festivals to appreciate colorful murals and graffiti on its streets. Aruba Mural Tours offers tours and guided tours for learn more about this urban gallery. It is the indicated appointment for curious tourists.

10 cosas que hacer en Aruba: admirar el arte en San Nicolás
What to do in Aruba: Stroll through Saint Nicholas

Taste the local gastronomy and learn about its culinary influences

The gastronomic proposals in Aruba are some of the best in the Caribbean. Whether it’s tasting a Balashi beer made with seawater or sampling the catch of the day, the options are almost endless, with traditional dishes inspired by their diverse heritage from Dutch bitterballen to succulent goat curry, a variety of seafood and delicacies from the cuisine of Asia, Africa and the Caribbean. The island has more than 250 restaurants to take a gastronomic tour and discover the flavors of the world.

Appreciate the views of Aruba from the California Lighthouse

Admiring the island with a 360 degree view is a plan that no one can miss from the California Lighthouse and, therefore, we add it to the list of things to do in Aruba. This can be visited at any time of the day or night. One of the recommended is the sunset with its splendid view, one of the best parts of the day, when the huge orange fireball slowly sinks into the Caribbean Sea.

10 cosas que hacer en Aruba: apreciar las vistas desde el Faro California
California Lighthouse

Visit its shopping centers and shopping

Aruba offers a wide selection of modern shopping complexes in the tourist areas and downtown streets, filled with exclusive shops and malls, as well as a medley of unique boutiques and emporiums. Fashion and trends, from renowned luxury brands to locally made arts and crafts.

Pamper your body with a Wellness plan

Happy Island is a one-of-a-kind wellness destination, a paradise that invites you to relax on beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters. To rejuvenate body and soul and connect with nature in its different expressions. Hikes on white sand, yoga classes at sea or under the full moon, luxury spa with Aloe Vera are some of the proposals.

10 cosas que hacer en Aruba: mimar tu cuerpo con un plan Wellness
What to do in Aruba: Wellness programs to pamper the body

Nightlife, a must see in Aruba

When the Aruban sun sets, the cool evening breeze brings laughter, dancing and Caribbean rhythms that characterize Aruba’s nightlife, one of the best in the Caribbean. Beachfront bars, fabulous casinos and nightclubs are meeting places, to drink cocktails, share stories, dance and have fun until dawn, always under all biosafety protocols.

Aruba in pairs: ideal destination for romance

Candles at sunset, walks in the light of the moon, intimate dinners, dances, special drinks and massages for couples, romantic moments not to be missed on Happy Island. Mother Nature created the perfect setting for romance with brilliant sunsets, sparkling night skies, sun-drenched ivory beaches, crystal clear turquoise waters, magnificent views and natural wonders. What better place to enjoy a honeymoon, celebrate an anniversary … or even get married?

10 cosas que hacer en Aruba: Aruba es ideal para el romance

Get to know Bochincha

A paradise for lovers of street food, and those who want to live a different experience in Aruba, Bochincha Container Yard, will have it. It is an open-air facility with recycled containers in which there are restaurants of different types of food such as pizzas, hamburgers, tacos, Latin food, Lebanese, sushi, ice cream, among others and at very affordable prices. This offer is designed to meet all visitor tastes. There are also cocktails, a wine shop, barber shops, giant screens and live music and, for the more daring, a tattoo shop.

10 cosas que hacer en Aruba: pasear por Bochincha
What to do in Aruba: Stroll through Bochincha

What did you think of these 10 proposals to enjoy the happiest island in the Caribbean? Would you add any more options to your list of what to do in Aruba? Tell us!

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