Dreams Aventuras Riviera Maya: we invite you to visit this renovated resort in the Mexican Caribbean

Dreams Aventura Riviera Maya
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To think of the Mexican Caribbean is to think of a beach, palm trees, an umbrella to rest on, turquoise water, a few degrees of temperature more, so that the Caribbean Sea does its thing and hypnotizes you to take a bath, that book that is so much it has been postponing, background music, a bar with snacks where you can eat whatever you prefer… Sounds like an ideal trip, doesn’t it? In this post we will go to the Dreams Aventuras Riviera Maya Hotel where everything that seemed like a dream comes true, in the Riviera Maya, in the Mexican Caribbean. Let’s get to know it.

Dreams Aventuras Riviera Maya: for adults, families and couples

The best of the Mexican Caribbean resorts are their facilities, making it possible that, with the Caribbean Sea in the background and the paradisiacal beaches in the background, it is sought that travelers feel so comfortable that they do not need to “go out” from the hotel to enjoy it.

The Dreams Aventuras Riviera Maya Hotel is no exception and within its facilities, in addition to access to the beach, includes swimming pools for families and adults, the most comfortable rooms, panoramic views of the sea, activities for all ages, entertainment throughout the day, all under the quality of service that characterizes it.

The Dreams Aventuras Riviera Maya is a great hotel for travelers of any age, this means that the activities, facilities and room distribution are adapted to all travelers, be it those who travel alone, as a couple, as a family, with small children and not so much.

Key points of the Dreams Aventuras Riviera Maya Hotel

We are going to analyze each one of them but, any traveler who decides to take a trip to the Caribbean, a “beach” trip and who enjoys peace and tranquility, with a pinch of fun, it is always important to keep in mind account for the services offered with the reservation of a room, their quality and the diversity that complements it.

  • Traveler information: Unlimited-Luxury® is the super luxury program within the Dreams Aventuras Riviera Maya Hotel, in which, with the Room reservation, exclusive services for guests staying are included such as unlimited access to a la carte restaurants, premium liquors, 24-hour room service, tips and taxes included and even waiter service on the beach and swimming pool.

Your location

The Dreams Aventuras Riviera Maya Hotel is located in a bay of the Riviera Maya, this means that it offers you even more privacy than other resorts in the region, with calm waters, little waves, avoiding, in most cases and days, the presence of sargassum and offering colors that not even the most professional camera in the world could portray. Sounds good, right?

  • Important fact : unfortunately the presence of sargassum in the waters of the Caribbean Sea is unpredictable, companies do everything possible to eliminate it, but It is an uncontrollable situation beforehand, so you always have to be prepared. The best: the hotels have swimming pools to be able to enjoy and take a bath during hot days, if the sargassum does not allow it.

What is the Riviera Maya? Riviera Maya is considered the tourist corridor to the east of Mexico, integrating the area from the south of Cancun to Tulum, made up of dozens of hotels, restaurants and services for travelers, including incredible hidden cenotes where you can enjoy culture and nature. and even Mayan ruins (located near Cancun). In short, one of the best areas to stay in the Mexican Caribbean.

Rooms with incredible views

Although the rooms are for the moment to rest, they have a different view than the one we usually have at home, it is a great plus to take into account and the Hotel Dreams Aventuras Riviera Maya offers rooms with different views but all with a great photographic capacity.

Photo: Hotel Dreams Aventuras Riviera Maya

The Dreams Aventuras Riviera Maya Hotel has rooms with views of the Caribbean Sea, other rooms with views of the pool and others exclusively designed to have views of the sunset.

Differentiated pools for all ages

It’s not always a beach day (is it?) but all hours of the day may not be suitable for all travelers. No problem, just a few meters from the beach, the Dreams Aventuras Riviera Maya Hotel has swimming pools where you can cool off during intense hot days, ideal for enjoying the pleasant atmosphere that is generated next to them. The best: the hotel has different pools, perfect for all ages and activities that each traveler prefers to do, how?

  • A pool for families : this pool has areas where the bottom is closer to the surface, so that younger children can swim without problem together with their families, in addition, the fun atmosphere attracts all travelers through music, activities and even pool parties … Did someone say foam party? Where everyone can have fun.

Traveler fact: in the pool there is a zip line that crosses the entire space … super fun!

  • An adults-only pool : the differentiation of adults-only or adults only is relatively modern and each more and more resorts are beginning to use this concept, especially for travelers who seek to relax and enjoy tranquility. One of the pools at the Hotel Dreams Aventuras Riviera Maya is for adults only and, in addition to being a quieter place, it has a jacuzzi and a drinks bar to enjoy the Mexican Caribbean as it deserves.

Activities for children and adults

The Hotel Dreams Aventuras Riviera Maya seeks that all travelers can have fun, from the smallest to the most experienced. But in what way?

For adults

The drinks bars and the swimming pools for adults are not the only fun at the Dreams Aventuras Riviera Maya Hotel, this resort seeks to provide the right dose of tranquility, relaxation and entertainment, depending on what you prefer.

In addition to resting, adults (along with children) can enjoy the parties, shows and shows every night, taste international dishes with luxury chefs in the restaurants (we’ll see about them, don’t worry), aerobics lessons, games outside and inside the pool and dozens of possibilities to enjoy the sea in water activities such as kayaking, catamarans, snorkeling trips and even introductory diving classes.

For children

Children between 3 and 12 years old have activities designed exclusively for them, so that they can enjoy with more travelers their age, both the nature of the Mexican Caribbean and the facilities from the Hotel Dreams Aventuras Riviera Maya.

Photo: Hotel Dreams Aventuras Riviera Maya

The special programs for children integrate the importance of caring for nature, as one of the main bases, but also the enhancement of the traditions of the Mayan culture < / strong> through different activities. In addition, the hotel staff is in charge of organizing sand castle competitions, spaces to create arts and crafts, rock climbing and even movie nights on the beach.

Travel information: for children, at the Hotel Dreams Aventuras Riviera Maya they also organize camps on the beach, a great outdoor experience and more than fun for the most small (always with parental consent).

Mexican, Italian or seafood dishes … whatever you prefer

Part of the charm (and attraction) of the Hotel Dreams Aventuras Riviera Maya is its gastronomy, seeking the perfection of the recipes and presentation of its dishes so that, Have lunch or dinner, be quite an experience.

The Hotel Dreams Aventuras Riviera Maya has 8 different restaurants where it is possible to taste the gastronomy of the world and travel through the flavors, aromas and shapes of the dishes on offer.

  • Barefoot Grill : Right in front of the beach, offering snacks and wood-fired pizza.
  • Coco Café / Gelato Factory : to drink coffee, tea or try sweet delicacies in the afternoon.
  • El Patio : the Mexican food restaurant.
  • Gohan : where to taste pieces of sushi.
  • Oceana : where seafood dishes are offered.
  • Portofino : where to taste of the best Italian gastronomy.
  • Seaside Grill : to taste a delicious plate of roasted meat.
  • World Café : buffet-style world cuisine, where you can eat what you want and how much you want.

In addition, in the swimming pools, on the beach and in the common facilities, different bars are located to enjoy the richest drinks.

A spa to relax to the fullest

Part of the charm of a relaxing vacation is to be pampered in the spa, Dreams Spa by Pevonia offers travelers the possibility of relax through decontracting massages, hydromassage circuits, facial treatments, beauty salon, sauna and jacuzzis, to end the day also with fresh fruit and refreshing juices.

Staying at the Hotel Dreams Aventuras Riviera Maya is a great opportunity to enjoy an environment as pleasant as the one that Riviera Maya offers its travelers, integrating everything necessary for a trip to comply with everything one needs during those well-deserved vacations.

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