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The time has come to take your swimwear, sandals, towels, sunglasses, sunscreen and store them carefully in your suitcases, because today we will present you the best beaches in Peru that you must visit this summer. Here, there are immense stretches of sand that resemble in beauty the most paradisiacal and exclusive destinations in the world, in addition to other tourist, hotel and gastronomic offers to make your stay unforgettable. 

So don’t waste any more time, book your vacations between the dates of December to March, and get ready to enjoy the most beautiful and relaxing beaches in Peru. Without further delay, we leave you with the list!

What are the best beaches in Peru?

1. Salt Tip

Located in the heart of Máncora, the most famous coastal city in throughout Peru, Punta Sal stands out for hosting a very large extension of white sand and crystal clear waters . It is an ideal place to sunbathe, relax and feel how the hours go by, while listening to the sound of the waves breaking as they reach the shore. 

And if after resting for a while you want to try something different, here you can practice various water sports such as snorkeling and diving, which They are highly demanded by visitors during the high season. 

Furthermore, in the surroundings of Punta Sal there are multiple bars of cocktails and supermarkets where you can buy something to eat and drink. So, in that sense, you will be completely covered and you can go spend the day without any problem. 

2. The Pocitas

This is another of the beaches in Peru that turn out to be a mandatory stop when you are in Máncora. Provided with blue waters, palm trees, Las Pocitas opens the doors for you to settle in and prepare to spend a spectacular day.

As we said a moment ago, this beach has the peculiarity of having very high waves, so many surfers go to them and, if you also like this activity, we recommend you do as them: dive in and chase some waves!

In the area where Las Pocitas is located, most of the hotels are also concentrated, since this is one of the most visited by those travelers who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the big city.

The tourism in Máncora tends to be young, it has a high presence of athletes and several dance venues. So if you like surfing and partying, but without losing the possibility of having a day off from activities, this part of the city is for you.

3. Vichayito

Vichayito is also located in Máncora. As you can see, this city has many of the most beautiful, visited and recommended beaches in Peru, so spending a few days here is almost mandatory.

Compared to Las Pocitas, Vichayito is perfect for those who are not comfortable with crowds and who enjoy more of the tranquility that solitude conveys. 

image beaches in Peru 2 Vichayito
Sunset in Vichayito – By David Almeida

Without a doubt, this place is perfect for a short vacation on the beach, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. We suggest you not bring your mobile phone and other devices for which a signal is necessary, because there is almost no coverage here and it would be in vain, but… if you are really looking for peace of mind, you will be happy to get away from the screens a bit.

On this beautiful beach you will not only be able to swim and sunbathe, but you will also have the chance to enjoy a nice horseback ride.

4. Tuquillo

This time we travel to the province of Huarmey to introduce you to Tuquillo, one of the beaches in Peru with calm and crystal clear waters, which is known as“the pool of the Pacific Ocean”. The rocks that are found along the shore form natural pools that turn out to be perfect for children to swim and have fun in peace. 

Of course, you should bear in mind that as soon as you get a little far from the coast, the waves tend to be very high and hit hard, so we advise you to stay inside the pools and take care that the little ones stay in this place too. 

5. Ambassadors

This is a small, narrow beach with lots of stones and sand. It is one of the best beaches in Peru thanks to the fact thatthe waves here are practically non-existent, in fact, it resembles the natural pools that form in Tuquillo, but without the risk of strong waves when moving away from the shore. 

Thanks to its calm waters, it has become the preferred beach for many tourists who are fans of taking long, relaxing baths with the youngest members of the family.

But that’s not all! On Embajadores beach, the presence of marine animals is very strong, so we invite you to rent diving equipment to dive into the water and observe the variety of species that this beautiful place houses.  

6. Wakama

The paradise of Wakama is one of the best beaches in Peru if what you want is to spend a day of total relaxation in a completely clean place and large enough to live with other people without invading the living space. 

In addition, this part of the ocean is relatively calm, because although there are waves, the truth is that they are not very strong and are characterized by being very fun for those who They like to spend some time jumping in its meandering blue and crystal clear waters. 

Keep in mind that you’ll need tobring supplies to go out for the day, since there are no roads or many establishments around Wakama, just sand and colorful wooden houses.

7. Red Beach

Within the Paracas Reserve, you will find one of the most unique beaches in Peru, not only in the country, but in the world!

The name of this impressive place says it all: the color of the sand of Playa Roja is so red, that as soon as you arrive you will believe that you have made an interstellar journeyand fallen on the planet Mars or on a scene from the movie Star Trek

image beaches in Peru 3 Playa Roja
Playa Roja – By 3000KM

Its waters are characterized by changing between blue and green colors, and are also home to an immense variety of dolphins, sea lions, and even whales!

Have you already added a visit to Red Beach to your travel itinerary?

8. Inca Port

We well know that traveling to Peru is synonymous with traveling in time and discovering the ancestral traces of the Inca, Chanca, ChachaPoyas, Mochicas and Wari cultures; as well as the great architectural, artistic, ritual works and the roots of its social power and the energy that each of its inhabitants gives off.

Following this line of thought, you should know that there are many beaches in Peru that are unmissable, and one of them is Puerto Inca: a peaceful beach that is literally in the middle of the ruins of the ancient Inca Empire. Sounds like an invitation to live a magical experience, right? And it is not only its location that makes this fascinating beach unique, but also the historical richness that this place houses is immense.

So, you know, if you really like the idea of ​​mixing a beautiful day at the beach with the study of Peruvian history, Puerto Inca is the place to be! perfect for you!

9. Cove San Jose

Caleta San José is a beautiful place that is surrounded by the most impressive beaches in Peru. The set of fine sands and the soft sound of the waves breaking on your things, make La Caleta such a pleasant place that we are sure you will love visiting.

As its name indicates, this place is a very small cove, whose crystal clear waters are enclosed between two incredible mountains

It is located between the ports of Matarani and Quilca, so if you want to get there you will have to travel by boat for approximately 2 hours. You should bear in mind that this is a beach without services, so we recommend you bring all the necessary supplies to spend the day, especially if you are traveling accompanied by minors.

10. Little foxes

Very close to the city of Tumbes and the border with Ecuador is Zorritos, one of the most tropical and paradisiacal beaches in Peru that are perfect for relaxing and enjoying the sun. 

But it is not one of the best beaches in the country only for its atmosphere, but it also has many activities available so that its visitors feel very comfortable during their stay in the place.

11. The Silence

Just a few kilometers south of Lima is El Silencio, one of the most visited beaches during the summer season. It is a beautiful place very large, provided with fine white sand, and crystal clear waters with unparalleled beauty. 

image beaches in Peru 4 El Silencio
Sunset at El Silencio – By Orlando Hernandez

If you want to visit this impressive beach, keep in mind that the sale of food and alcohol is prohibited in order to avoid environmental pollution, so we suggest you bring your own food if you want to spend the day. Then don’t forget to save all your waste and throw it in a trash can!

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