The 6 best beaches in the Northeast of Brazil that you have to write down on your list

Playas del Nordeste de Brasil

Brazil is a country with an extraordinary natural beauty: impressive beaches and tropical jungles are just some of the various attractions that you cannot miss. It is an immense and most diverse country, and not only because of its size (it is the fifth largest in the world), but also because of its culture, its gastronomy and the joy of living that infects everyone who visits it.

Visiting the beaches of the northeast of Brazil makes us feel in that paradise that, the beach traveler, generally looks for: wide stretches of sand, crystal clear waters to do some diving and snorkelling, beaches with calm seas and others with waves for surfing. And, not least, services to rest and places for excursions, depending on the motivations of the day.

Do not miss this post where we will spin fine and without extending to a practical guide to the best beaches in the northeast of Brazil, we will choose 6 of them, unmissable, those that look like a Caribbean postcard and that we would all like to have in our photo gallery, with a caipirinha in hand and lots of sunscreen.

Why visit the beaches of Northeast Brazil

  • The climate is unbeatable: On the northern beaches it is summer all year round! The seasons do not seem to exist, since the climate is tropical and the annual average temperature is 28º C to the north and 22º C to the south. However, if you want to avoid the rainy season, the best months to travel to the northeast of Brazil are between August and December.
  • Hundreds of kilometers of coastline and beaches: there is something for everyone. Whether you like to dive in crystal clear waters or simply relax on the beach to enjoy the sun, here you will find your favorite option.
  • The best gastronomy: in Brazil the dishes are abundant enough to share, because they are also served with a portion of French fries, rice and salad.
  • Variety even to stay on the beaches of northeast Brazil: Depending on the destination, you will find a great variety of prices. If you thought that staying at a hostel was the cheapest option. It is best to book in advance as there are many travelers (national and international) who visit the beaches of the northeast of Brazil.
  • Water sports: there are great beaches if you are interested in practicing water sports such as kitesurfing or windsurfing.

The best beaches in the northeast of Brazil

Holidays in mind, suitcase almost ready, swimsuit and sunscreen ready, the beaches of the northeast of Brazil invite their visitors to enjoy the most authentic of the north of the country, a dose of culture, gastronomy and paradisiacal landscapes that combine jungle and beach as a faithful emblem of this fantastic territory. Let’s see, what are the best beaches in the northeast of Brazil?

1. Iracema, Fortress

This is one of the main tourist destinations in Brazil, both for national and international tourism. It is the capital of Ceará and is considered one of the most important cities in Brazil. The only way to get to Fortaleza by plane is through Pinto Martins Airport, which is 11 km from Praia da Iracema.

The Fortaleza region has 34 kilometers of maritime coastline. For beach-loving travelers there are several options to choose from.

Photo: bairrosfelipe

Particularly Iracema beach is the most touristic beach in Fortaleza and one of the best beaches in the north of Brazil: its sea is calmer, its restaurants are ideal to spend the whole afternoon there and the perfect bars to liven up the night. Partying on a Monday? Of course, in Brazil everything is possible.

  • Traveler advice: The Centro Dragao do Mar de Arte e Cultura is the perfect avenue to enjoy the galleries, museums, theaters and cinemas of Fortaleza. This complex of old warehouses and warehouses was recovered for the operation of bars and restaurants with various gastronomic options and nightly musical shows. Its old houses painted in multiple colors will make your tour of this place impressive.

Its easy access and variety of services make it, in addition to its beauty and comfort, a great beach to visit at Brazil with children, where the waves are not extreme and it is possible to enjoy the tranquility almost in the center of the region.

  • Travel advice: visit Pirata Bar, very popular for its gastronomy and location, here you will find all the Brazilian spirit in one place, enjoying live music, dancing and exhibitions.

More beaches in Fortaleza to enjoy

  • Titanzinho is the smallest in Fortaleza and is perfect for surfing. It is quiet, with less people and more waves.
  • Praia do Futuro: is one of the most chosen by travelers for its size, for having the best waters for bathing and a Parador, Croco Beach, with services to spend the day.
  • Mucuripe: is a more than curious postcard, where the sea and the almost virgin beach meet a scene of buildings behind it, it is a great place to walk, take pictures and visit the Peixes do Mucuripe Market, small but ideal for lunch.

2. Flecheiras, Ceará

It is a small town on the west coast of Ceará. This cozy beach with palm trees and white sand dunes is one of the most recommended destinations. It is only 140 km (2 hrs 15 min) from Fortaleza and, traveling by car, route CE-085 is the fastest.

Flecheiras is one of those places in the world where those who need peace, tranquility and nature will find it. Where those who need to rest on a beach with few travelers, who prefer the silence and the noise of the small waves of the sea, or the soft Caribbean breeze that characterizes the beaches of northeast Brazil, or even the best sunsets in the world when it begins to fall the sun, you can find in Flecheiras a great option.

Photo: Karl Max Fernandes Freire

Its almost virgin beaches, its characteristic palm trees, the heat that is during most of the year and the crystal clear waters full of reefs that seek to be discovered, make Flecheiras one of those destinations that everything the world has to visit sometime. Did you know that when the tide goes out, natural pools form in Flecheiras? (Be careful with the reefs, you don’t have to step on them to avoid destroying them!

In addition to its wide beaches and the possibility of relaxing or taking a bath in the sea, the little town of Flecheiras is a charming place to walk, stay, of course, and enjoy the gastronomy of northern Brazil, especially dishes that include fresh fish.

  • Traveler advice: 4×4 excursions are the most fun as they cross dunes and different landscapes for almost 3 hours. They can be hired in the center of town, where most of the services are located.

3. Jericoacoara, Ceará

If we have to talk about one of the Best beaches in Brazil, then let’s start with Jericoacoara, a true beach paradise. In addition to being one of the best beaches in the northeast of Brazil, it is characterized by being a destination highly visited by those travelers who are looking for these postcard corners where they can refresh, rest and relax. They call it “the jewel of Ceará “and is located 350 km west of Fortaleza, in a National Park of dunes.

Surrounded by dunes and palm trees, this paradisiacal place has clear, blue waters with pleasant temperatures, ideal for lovers of water sports: strong winds can reach 40 knots where it is more than advisable to practice activities such as surf, windsurf or kitesurf.

Photo: Mauricio Uribarri

The Holed Stone and the sunset dune are the town’s most important tourist attractions, as well as excellent panoramic points. For the more mystics, the place has a different energy from the other places. The setting is perfect for a walk with a sunset view, or also, for a horseback ride.

Jericoacoara surprises tourists with the quality of its service and its products. It offers a variety of more than 40 restaurants with diverse specialties: among the available options, Mediterranean cuisine, pizzerias, cuisine regional, Indo-vegetarian, Japanese, Italian and French, as well as artisan cafes, creperies and ice cream parlors.

4. Canoa Quebrada, Ceará

When it is indicated that there is a beach that “is protected”, that gives us the security of being able to enter a place where, not only do we have the responsibility to leave it taken care of and as we found it, but to be able to enjoy of an “untouchable” nature. It is a site where the services that are built were carried out after a strenuous study to avoid destroying its fragile natural spaces.

Canoa Quebrada beach is located in the state of Ceará, in the municipality of Aracati and, of course, l located to the north and east, it is one of the best beaches in the northeast of Brazil (almost like a rhyme, right?).

Photo: Otávio Nogueira

But what is so special about it? Starting from the base that, according to the residents, it was a paradisiacal beach discovered by the hippie community, its dunes that surround it, the sunsets from its shore, the moon, full, reflecting on the sea and the gentle breeze make this beach an ideal place where… Rest? Of course, yes, or no, since kitesurfing is a great alternative for more active travelers.

Generally, the month with the strongest winds is December. For travelers who are not so fond of water, a great recommendation is to rent a buggy to drive through the dunes: a very good option to have fun and contemplate the landscape.

The hospitality of the locals and its natural beauty are some of the attractions of this region. Canoa still maintains the charm and simplicity of that time when it was nothing more than a rustic hippie retreat. As night falls, locals and tourists flock to the main street, “Broadway”. That is where you will find a great variety of gastronomic offers.

  • Tip #Foodie: do not return from Canoa Quebrada without trying one of the many seafood dishes sold in restaurants on the beach.

5. Ponta Negra Beach, Natal

We continue visiting the beaches of northern Brazil and, this time, we come across Praia de Ponta Negra, which, in addition to being one of the best beaches in the northeast of Brazil, is one of the must-see places to visit in Natal, one of the Brazilian jewels north.

Natal is one of those cities where the bustle does not bother you, where its 20 kilometers of beaches make for a spectacular landscape to photograph and, of course, to visit. So, wide beaches, crystal clear waters, palm trees on the sides and, as if this were not enough, a climatic guarantee that only the Cidade do Sol can offer, with its large number of sunny days a year (more than any other city in the north. ).

Located in front of the renowned Morro de Carca and only 10 kilometers from the city center, is Praia de Ponta Negra, with its 4 kilometers of extension attracts travelers from different parts of Brazil and the world to enjoy of the amplitude, of its crystalline waters and, why not, of the inevitable water sports that emerge from its shores.

Photo: Marinelson Almeida – Traveling through Brazil

The best: on the road that borders Ponta Negra, a large number of services are developed for the traveler that include, in addition to restaurants and inns, discos and bars with live music, being a very lively environment, both day and night.

  • Travel information: In its extreme north, where the Morro do Careca is located, excursions depart to see dolphins and turtles in their natural habitat.

6. Praia do Gunga, Maceió

We continue touring this Brazilian paradise and again we come across a coincidence where it states that, the best beaches in Brazil are in the northeast of the country. Praia do Gunga is a great example of this and, located in the municipality of Alagoas, invites travelers to enjoy the most authentic things in the region, enjoying its beaches, its natural salty lakes and of course, of the culture of the residents who live in the place.

Photo: Marinelson Almeida – Traveling through Brazil

Not for nothing it is one of the most visited destinations in Maceió, probably hypnotizing potential travelers with its typical beach postcard of palm trees, large stretches of sand and, surprising them upon arrival with its warm waters and pleasant environment to enjoy during the day and at night.

Both the cliffs that surround it and the Lagoa do Roteiro, a strange formation of nature where you can see a salt water lake, combine with each other to allow the < em> buggys walk along its banks and enjoy the landscape in a different way.

The services offered to the traveler are various and all the amenities are available so that any tourist, of whatever age, can enjoy Praia do Gunga, in Maceió.

We think of Brazil and we think of its beaches, of the energy transmitted in each one of the travelers who travel the northeast, in search of sun, sea and Brazilian joy. Don’t miss out on that!

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