The largest natural reserve of caldenes in the world is in Argentina and this is how you can visit it

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The Reserva Provincial Parque Luro is a protected area of ​​7,600 hectares that preserves the ecosystem of the caldén forest, with a great diversity of flora and avifauna, and landscapes of the dune, valley and saltpeter. It is one of the main tourist icons in the province of La Pampa and perhaps, the largest natural reserve of caldenes in the world. In this post we will tell you everything to get to know it and enjoy the visit to the fullest.

Since last Saturday, July 31, it has been open to the public again. According to what was informed by the La Pampa Tourism Secretariat, Luro Park reopens implementing the corresponding sanitary protocols and to access it will be necessary to previously manage the permit on the site:, entering through “Reservations for tourist visits in La Pampa ”, which is enabled. It will be open from Tuesday to Sunday, between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m.

With the reopening of Parque Luro, Argentina continues to recover tourist recreation spaces in the midst of a national context that consolidates the work of that province with the appropriate protocols, guaranteeing sanitary biosafety measures and at the same time allowing proposals to be generated for local inhabitants and potential national tourists “, declared Inprotur Executive Secretary, Ricardo Sosa.

This Pampean provincial reserve has been declared protected area without productive use and Natural, Historical and Cultural Heritage, on May 30, 1996 and in 1997 on July 25, respectively. And the aforementioned distinctions make sense in the case of a park that enjoys innumerable attractions, both historical and natural.

What to see in the Parque Luro Provincial Reserve?

As for its historical importance, this attraction owes its significance to the fact that at the beginning of the 20th century the first hunting ground in the country was held there and it was where personalities who discussed the issue of the provincialization of this territory met. In addition, the reserve presents museums such as El Castillo declared a National Historic Monument (the most outstanding attraction, whose construction began in 1905), San Huberto, which houses a unique garage in the province and the El Caserío museum. It also contains historical buildings such as the Tambo Modelo, the Million Tank, among others.

The experience of visiting the “El Castillo” Museum (a site declared a National Historic Monument) allows the visitor to access the business of Don Pedro Luro, its first owner. To do this, you must purchase the ticket at the Interpretation Center, where at every hour on the dot, groups depart to make the visit. They are for a maximum of 15 people and the tour lasts approximately 50 minutes.

image largest natural reserve of caldenes La mayor reserva natural de caldenes en el mundo esta en Argentina y asi es como puedes visitarla

The largest caldenes nature reserve in the world

On the other hand, the natural attractions in the Parque Luro Provincial Reserve are of great decisive importance in tourism in the province, due to the uniqueness of the three landscapes found in the Park, the forest (or mountain) of Calden, the lagoon and the medanal; for the exotic fauna existing in the reserve, such as the red deer, the wild boar and the 160 species of birds, both migratory and resident.

image largest natural reserve of caldenes La mayor reserva natural de caldenes en el mundo La Pampa

The Caldén is a species of plant of the Genus Prosopis, native to the Argentine Republic, of leguminous trees with thorns, from dry temperate regions. It thrives in sandy and arid soil and resists drought, developing an extremely deep root system. It is characterized by having a hard, dense and durable wood.

La mayor reserva natural de caldenes en el mundo está en Argentina y así es como puedes visitarla
The largest natural reserve of caldenes in the world is in Argentina
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