Hotel Xcaret Arte: one of the most incredible hotels in the world. Would you like to know it?

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“Welcome home” say those who receive guests at the entrance to the Xcaret Arte Hotel in Playa del Carmen, in the Mexican Caribbean, one of the most incredible hotels in the world. Inaugurated in July 2021, the Hotel Xcaret Arte, has achieved turn all the characteristics of its incredible theme parks into an artistic hotel, one of the few in the world. How? Rooms decorated with handicrafts from the country, first-rate gastronomy, thematic pools, rooftops and one of the most notable points: artistic workshops, using each of its aspects to highlight and value culture Mexican. There is a lot (but a lot) to see at the Xcaret Arte Hotel and that is precisely what we will tell you in this post. Don’t miss it and let yourself be carried away by Mexico.

Where is the Xcaret Arte Hotel?

For all those who have ever heard of the Xcaret Theme Parks, literally one of the most incredible parks in the world, the Xcaret Arte Hotel is part, along with its next-door neighbor, the Xcaret Mexico Hotel, of the set of Xcaret Hotels that, in addition to prioritizing accommodation comfort and guest services, stand out for highlighting the values ​​and traditions of Mexican culture and, as if that it was not enough, to ensure sustainability in each of its aspects. How? We will tell you about it.

The Hotel Xcaret Arte is located in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo, less than 10 kilometers from downtown Playa del Carmen. Being close to the tourist center of Playa del Carmen does not mean that the beaches are full of tourists, far from it, but rather that the Hotel Xcaret Arte is located as in an oasis, surrounded by nature.

As part of the Xcaret group, the Xcaret Arte Hotel is less than 10 minutes from the entrance to the Xcaret Theme Park, so it makes it very easy to be able to, not just enjoy the facilities from the hotel, but also visit the best theme park in the world (with tickets and transportation included in the reservation, as well as hundreds of other services).

Hotel Xcaret Arte From Above
Hotel Xcaret Arte from above: Caribbean Sea, rivers, private beaches, swimming pools and rooftop
Hotel Xcaret Arte From Above
Hotel Xcaret Arte from above: Caribbean Sea, rivers, private beaches, swimming pools and rooftop
Hotel Xcaret Arte From Above
Hotel Xcaret Arte from above: Caribbean Sea, rivers, private beaches, swimming pools and rooftop

How to get to the Xcaret Arte Hotel?

A hotel of the category of Xcaret Arte, makes all the services first level and such is the degree of carefree that travelers can have, that they should not even think about what way to get to the hotel but instead, a transfer by the hotel, looks for its guests at the Cancun airport, located almost 2 hours away, to begin to enjoy their stay, without even have set foot in the hotel.

How To Get To The Xcaret Arte Hotel?
Hotel Xcaret Arte from above: Caribbean Sea, rivers, private beaches, swimming pools and rooftop

The Xcaret Arte Hotel: one of the most incredible hotels in the world

As we were extremely surprised telling you, the Hotel Xcaret Arte has so much to see that every detail counts and everything is properly thought out and ready to continue, both with the theme that It characterizes them, as with each thing that makes it particular.

The Xcaret Arte Hotel is a 5 diamond hotel, one of the largest hotel categories in the world and this, believe us that it is so. They fulfill it, as one might say, “to the letter”.

Are we going to find out?

Traveler data: What is the difference between a 5-diamond hotel and a 5-star hotel? The classification of hotels depends on the facilities, the degree of comfort and the positioning of the services offered to the guest. Most hotels have a star rating with 1 being the lowest category and 5 being luxury hotels.

However, the classification for diamonds is granted by the American Automobile Association (AAA), a non-profit association with millions of affiliates, granting distinctions to hotels in North and Central America and some islands of the Caribbean that, in addition to calling the guest by name, have a stylish design, provide luxury amenities, environmental conservation programs and impeccable maintenance that, like the stars, 1 diamond is the lowest category (within the super category) and 5 diamonds is the highest grade with luxurious facilities, such as the Hotel Xcaret Arte.

How To Get To The Xcaret Arte Hotel?
The rooms have ocean views and the ground floor rooms have access to private pools
Hotel Xcaret Arte: The Rooms With Sea View.
The rooms have ocean views and the ground floor rooms have access to private pools

“Diamond” services, at the Xcaret Arte Hotel

The Hotel Xcaret Arte looks like a museum in all its aspects, but not a serious or cold museum but a museum that highlights every point of Mexican culture : colorful decorations and cheerful, lamps illuminating each sector, works of art everywhere and restaurants where you can taste the part of culture that travelers like the most: gastronomy, by the hand of the best Mexican chefs, literally talking.

Luxury reception

Each hotel building is called a “house” and each house has its own characteristics. The house where you enter the Xcaret Arte is called “La Casa del Patron” and it is the place where guests are received with a warm “Welcome home”.

Such is the kindness of its employees that there is someone who offers lavender-scented wipes to cool off before checking-in and even an ice pop of different flavors to begin to feel the comfort with which they are going to live the next days of vacation.

In addition to checking-in, guests are given a map with all the information of the hotel and of each of its sectors, not only on the layout but also on the schedules of activities and restaurants.

Traveler fact: the time of entry to the rooms is at 3 in the afternoon, but that does not mean that you have to be waiting on a sofa, of course not, at the On the contrary, the guests who wait for their room can enjoy all the facilities of the Xcaret Arte Hotel, including the restaurants, and the suitcases are kept until it is ready, with a bell boy in charge of taking them to the door. Stylish houses, workshops and more Mexican culture
As we told you at the beginning, each “set of rooms” and hotel sector is called “house” and each house has a different theme that is represented in all its aspects.

The Hotel Xcaret Arte has 6 houses where, in addition to the rooms, each one is made up of that plus that makes the Hotel Xcaret Arte so special, highlighting the culture, joy and Mexican culinary wealth, through its services and workshops :

  • What are the workshops at Xcaret Arte? Focusing on the importance of the artistic, each house has its own workshop, places where travelers can go for an hour to learn, demonstrate or practice their artistic skills from the hand of the staff of the hotel that explains, provides materials and helps beginners.

The best: each thing that is done in the workshops, travelers can take home with them, a handmade souvenir from Mexico.

The Mariachis De Xcaret Playing Live To Brighten Up The Afternoon
The Mariachis de Xcaret playing live to brighten up the afternoon

House of Artists

When talking about categories of houses, the House of Artists is the superior category that, in addition to the luxury rooms, has painting workshops, an exclusive rooftop (one of the most spectacular features of the hotel, don’t worry we’ll tell you below), library, gym and boutique.

House of Design

La Casa del Diseño has the weaving workshop where, following the colorful Mexican culture, it is possible to learn and design traditional works. In addition, in the Casa del Diseño there is a restaurant, a rooftop, reception and a boutique.

House of the Pyramid

In this house, the workshop is made of pottery and, with the materials and help of those who lead the workshop, typically Mexican ceramic crafts can be created. In addition to the rooftop, restaurant, wet bar (a bar inside the pool) and boutique.

House of Music

Following the name of the house, the workshop that integrates it is very easy to discover: dance workshop, where travelers can take salsa and bachata classes, enjoy the thematic restaurant, the < em> rooftop (essential), the wet bar and a boutique.

House of Peace

This house specializes in relaxation and tranquility, it is located away from party places or noise, such as swimming pools and restaurants and, unlike other houses, instead of swimming pools, It is made up of a rooftop bar with natural drinks, a vegan cooking workshop and spaces for yoga.

Patron House

This house does not have rooms but it has most of the restaurants, especially the Mercado de San Juan for buffet meals and even a cafeteria. & nbsp;

Rooms to sleep feeling the Mexican culture

As we have been telling you, the artistic hotel of Xcaret Arte stands out for looking like a kind of museum of living Mexican culture where, not only its incredible decoration that transmits this essence and traditions in each of its environments, but generating a very strong connection between guests and the communities that inhabit the Quintana Roo region and other parts of Mexico.

In other words, all the decoration of the rooms (whatever their category) was handmade in different parts of Mexico, valuing the work of the communities and generating an atmosphere different from what can be felt in any hotel in the world, both in the decoration itself and even, for example, in the outdoor hammocks where guests can rest.

Image Hotel Xcaret Arte Hotel Xcaret Arte Drone 33
The presidential room has a private rooftop
Image Hotel Xcaret Arte Hotel Xcaret Arte Drone 36
Exquisite furniture and decoration for a luxury hotel and incredible good taste in every detail
Image Hotel Xcaret Arte Hotel Xcaret Arte Drone 32

Traveler advice: Do you want to wake up and see the Caribbean Sea from your window? Remember to book the Ocean View or Ocean Front rooms that have sea views.

The rooms, regardless of the category, are very spacious, bathrobes and flip-flops are provided ( slippers, flip flops, it depends on the country where they are read ) also as a gift and Depending on the view, you can see the interior of the group of houses, the theater, the sea or some swimming pools.

  • Important fact : the rooms have a maximum capacity of 3 people and it is an adults only hotel, so only People over 16 years old can stay ( Are you traveling to Mexico with children? Don’t worry, its neighbor, the Hotel Xcaret México, is for the whole family ).
Image Hotel Xcaret Arte Hotel Xcaret Arte Drone 31
Views from a room of “House of artists”

Sustainability as a “hotel way of life”

There is not a single thing that makes Hotel Xcaret Arte so special, apart from its appreciation and importance dedicated to local communities and Mexican culture in general, sustainability, caring for the environment and The preservation of nature is part of the “life” of the hotel and can be seen in different aspects.

All the amenities in the room that are provided as a courtesy are ecological and organic, the water bottles are reusable and they even give travelers mugs (or reusable cups ) to use throughout your stay and of course, take it as a souvenir (everything from Xcaret has the Xcaret logo).

What to do at the Xcaret Arte Hotel?

Rest at the Xcaret Arte Hotel is guaranteed, but being in the room all day is not what you are looking for.

The different areas and activities that can be done at the Xcaret Arte Hotel are many and are worth discovering:

Take part in the art workshops

As we told you before, the workshops are part of this plus so special that it is integrated into this unique hotel such as Xcaret Arte. The workshops last one hour and the schedules can be verified on the map that is given to travelers upon entering the hotel to check-in.

Image Hotel Xcaret Arte Hotel Xcaret Arte Drone 88
Threads and colors, part of the sewing workshop

Swimming in pools overlooking the sea

Most of the houses have their own pool to which all guests can access, except the House of Artists, which has its exclusive pool (super instagrammable ) which can only be accessed by those who are staying in that house.

All the pools are “infinite” that, being elevated, it is possible to have views of the different shades of blue that, like a perfect painting (since we are on the theme stretches to the horizon).

Did you know what? Most houses with swimming pools have rooftop where to have a drink, eat a snack or enjoy live music. Being a super artistic hotel, it can happen that while you are in the pool, mariachi-type musicians appear, an artist doing a live work of art or a couple dancing a traditional dance.

Image Hotel Xcaret Arte Hotel Xcaret Arte Drone 49
One of the rooftops of Xcaret Arte Hotel

Visit the internal rivers and small coves

No, we are not talking about traveling to another place outside the hotel, but something that characterizes the Xcaret Arte Hotel and was very well thought out: the coves, the place that precedes the beach.

  • To better locate yourself: looking at the sea, first you will find the hotel facilities, then some coves, internal rivers and small private beaches (with sea water), then the sand natural of the Caribbean with very few sun loungers (to avoid visual contamination) and culminating in the image, the Caribbean Sea in all its splendor, color and tranquility.

Travel information: for some reason (which we still do not know) on the beaches of Xcaret Arte, there is no sargassum! A great great (are we still?) Advantage and something that, unfortunately, today little can be seen in Mexico.

Image Hotel Xcaret Arte Hotel Xcaret Arte Drone 52
Rivers and private beaches are part of the essence of Xcaret Arte Hotel
Image Hotel Xcaret Arte Hotel Xcaret Arte Drone 48
Rivers and private beaches are part of the essence of Xcaret Arte Hotel
Image Hotel Xcaret Arte Hotel Xcaret Arte Drone 45
Rivers and private beaches are part of the essence of Xcaret Arte Hotel

The internal rivers of the Xcaret Arte Hotel are divided by rocks where, in addition to being able to navigate them swimming, kayaking or paddle-boarding (also provided by the hotel) There are some that have internal slides to be able to enjoy the water from another way. In addition, the ingenious design created for the internal river, forms small beaches and coves where you can rest almost privately or for very few travelers.

This is a great solution in case one day there is sargassum in the sea or you simply prefer to do some different activity in the water.

Taste the first level gastronomy

The importance of Mexican culture is also reflected in the restaurants of the Hotel Xcaret Arte, themed and each one with a particularity that identifies it, both in the decoration, following in the footsteps of the rooms and houses, as in the menu offered.

In the hotel there are 9 restaurants available of which 8 are included in the reservation that, unlike the Mercado de San Juan (the buffet), it is necessary to reserve until the same day that it is will attend, at 3 in the afternoon.

Traveler advice: It is always advisable to book in advance to be able to choose the most convenient dinner time.

  • Love : a signature restaurant by Chef Paco Méndez, with a Michelin star, and an 11-step menu to taste the most dedicated dishes.
  • Cantina Vi.Ai.Py: in this cantina it is possible to taste the dishes of Oaxaca, highlighting the most important of southern Mexico.
  • Kibi-kibi: this is the ideal place, not only to taste food from the Yucatan Peninsula, but also to combine flavors with Lebanese culture. Only guests of the House of Artists can access this restaurant.
  • Mercado de San Juan: this is the best place to “indulge” Mexican flavors, thanks to its buffet style and variety of foods.
  • Cayuco: is the restaurant where you can taste Mediterranean and Mexican flavors combined with a postcard of the sea in the background.
  • Tax-xido : have you seen any Do you see how Japanese food is prepared? In this restaurant you can sit next to the hot plates and watch a show of flavors.
  • Arenal: another of the restaurants that uses regional ingredients to make dishes of the most characteristic of the Mexican culture.
  • Xaak: this is the only restaurant not included in the reservation of any room, focusing its dishes, from the hand of 2 different chefs, everything related to the pre-Columbian cuisine.

In all restaurants there are vegetarian and vegan options and all steps and drinks are included in the room reservation.

A SPA from another world

The Hotel Xcaret Arte, as in most of its spaces, dynamics, settings and proposals, is not satisfied with creating a “standard” SPA; it has taken the experience to another level. Taking advantage of the geography of the territory: rivers, caves, waters that flow from underground rivers, the SPA proposal includes different options of swimming pools: open or closed, which invite the guest to discover them between labyrinths of dim light and different temperatures

Image Hotel Xcaret Arte Hotel Xcaret Arte Drone 43
Pools within caves

In turn, the SPA has its own pharmacy, a place where the guest will create their natural preparations based on the recommendation and advice of experts. A very fun proposal that fascinates those who come to this space in search of well-being and relaxation.

Ascend to the chapel to photograph panoramic views

Right in the middle between the Hotel Xcaret Arte and the Hotel Xcaret México is an elevated building, which is accessible through stairs (there are not many). At the top there is a chapel called “The Chapel of all the angels”, where in addition to visiting it, it is possible to have views of both hotels, the facilities and of course, the magnificent Caribbean Sea in the background.

Image Hotel Xcaret Arte Hotel Xcaret Arte Drone 61
Panoramic view of the chapel that divides Hotel Xcaret from Hotel Xcaret Arte
Image Hotel Xcaret Arte Hotel Xcaret Arte Drone 26
Panoramic view of the chapel that divides Hotel Xcaret from Hotel Xcaret Arte

Having a drink in a hidden bar… shhhhh!

A hidden bar in a hotel? The speaksy “Desire is the “speakeasy” bar, hidden in the hotel, precisely in the Casa de la Paz (great idea, right?). The bar serves the most authentic cocktails, and it is a great opportunity to have a drink, listen to live music and dance after dinner.

Image Hotel Xcaret Arte Hotel Xcaret Arte Drone 86
Wondering, you get to a hidden bar that offers signature cocktails and DJs

All-inclusive fun

The modality of the Hotel Xcaret Arte is called “All-Fun Inclusive” which, in addition to including accommodation, services and meals and drinks throughout the day, are also included transfers and tickets to the Xcaret theme parks.

As we told you at the beginning, the Xcaret Theme Park is considered one of the best theme parks in the world, highlighting (and following the same guidelines) Mexican culture in all its expressions, including, no only attractions and restaurants within the park, but also traditional music and dance shows.

The buses to the Xcaret and Xplor parks leave every 30 minutes and also have the return to the hotel assured, the transfers to the Xel-Há, Xenses, Xoximilco, Xavage and Xenotes parks must be booked in advance in the hotel itself. hotel.

Image Hotel Xcaret Arte Hotel Xcaret Arte Drone 29
Xcaret, the emblematic park that started an icon of Mexico
Image Hotel Xcaret Arte Hotel Xcaret Arte Drone 87
Xcaret, the emblematic park that started an icon of Mexico
Image Hotel Xcaret Arte Hotel Xcaret Arte Drone 27
Closing show at Xcaret, and the ball game, a moment of learning for visitors about the Mayan culture
Image Hotel Xcaret Arte Hotel Xcaret Arte Drone 28

Fun, joy, rest, entertainment, art, style and luxury come together to make up the Xcaret Arte Hotel, a perfect summary of Mexican culture and the importance of its value transformed into a hotel, where travelers can enjoy each of its aspects without having to deal with anything, but simply visit each space, capture the essence of the place and … experience Mexico.

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