This is the Nickelodeon Riviera Maya: a family-themed hotel based on SpongeBob Squarepants and other series

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“Are you guys ready?” There is no “perfect” age to enjoy the Nickelodeon Hotel in Riviera Maya. We have all seen SpongeBob on television at some time, the Ninja Turtles have accompanied us in the afternoon when we returned from school or surely we have dreamed of having Magical Godparents and wishing what one wants.

Dozens of water slides, swimming pools facing the Caribbean Sea, restaurants with the best Mexican and world cuisine and a great opportunity to let the inner child out and enjoy all the services and facilities that offers the Nickelodeon Hotel in Riviera Maya, a perfect summary of memories and fun, in one place. Are we going to meet him?

Hotel Nickelodeon Riviera Maya
Hotel Nickelodeon Riviera Maya

Fun and joy for all ages at Nickelodeon Riviera Maya

There is no way not to smile if at breakfast time SpongeBob and Patrick appear, there is no way not to feel your heart beating and adrenaline flowing if there are dozens of water slides waiting For the brave traveler who dares to jump, there is no way not to smile looking for the characters and sketches on the walls, taking the inner child to the childhood memory of all who at some point have tuned into Nickelodeon on our televisions.

Hotel Nickelodeon Riviera Maya

The Nickelodeon Hotel in Riviera Maya is not simply a great all-inclusive accommodation in one of the most touristic areas of Mexico, facing the Caribbean Sea, it is a great opportunity to enjoy at any age, letting carried by the joy that the characters convey but without neglecting the incredible facilities of a hotel inaugurated in 2021.

The Nickelodeon Hotel is located in Riviera Maya, the tourist corridor in eastern Mexico, with beaches facing the Caribbean Sea, an ideal climate, a jungle environment, proximity to the most incredible cenotes from Riviera Maya and the perfect magnitude to feel a kind of remoteness from the tourist mass.

Its almost perfect location means that it is less than 25 minutes from Playa del Carmen, also in the state of Quintana Roo and less than 35 minutes from Cancun, the tourist giant of eastern Mexico. one of those destinations with dozens of beaches to discover and various plans for to do in Cancun if it rains.

The Nickelodeon Hotel in Riviera Maya is a water park with a hotel and a hotel with a water park, is to meet characters at all times, an animation team looking for smiles to be seen during all day and, following Blue’s clues, looking for the most incredible details that make it a 5-star hotel, with all the letters.

Are you ready guys? ” The most fascinating facilities at the Nickelodeon Hotel

Being an extremely modern hotel, inaugurated in August 2021, everything lies in the details, some smaller and almost subtly hidden and others much larger so as not to be able to go unnoticed, but all, marking a difference that makes the Nickelodeon Hotel have a long way to go within the Riviera Maya resorts. Let’s find out why.

Hotel Nickelodeon Riviera Maya

The Gourmet Inclusive® experience is an exclusive service of the Nickelodeon Hotel where it offers its guests a 5-star stay, with luxury and comfort as the main factor, premium drinks, personalized services and exclusive access to the water park.

Rooms to sleep like Garfield

If you are looking for a list of themed hotels, the Nickelodeon Hotel will clearly appear on that list. In every detail from the bathrooms, walls, cushions, armchairs or even mirrors, there is something that refers to the characters of the channel, SpongeBob topping the list of protagonists, passing through the classics of the 90s ‘and, of course, today, so that the new generations enjoy as much as the older ones.

Hotel Nickelodeon Riviera Maya

The lobby, common spaces, restaurants and even the rooms are the perfect canvases for a work of art full of cartoons, scenes and memories of childhood more that marked by the wand of the Magical Godfathers.

In the bedrooms: the beds and cushions with the unmistakable SpongeBob eyes, lamps with the classic Slime, a badge of the Kid Choice Awards and even pictures with sketches of the creation of the characters.

From penthouse s with shared rooms, ideal for families, rooms with private pools with sea views and 3 themed suites that make people talk :

  • The Lair Suite : imagine sleeping in the real lair of the Ninja Turtles. How? A suite, ideal for families, with a terrace, secret spaces and all the necessary decoration to feel in the life of Donatello or Michel Angelo.
Hotel Nickelodeon Riviera Maya
  • The Pineapple Suite : who lives in a pineapple under the sea, “lends” his facilities creating an exclusive and luxurious suite in the shape of a golden pineapple, with all the exact decoration of the SpongeBob’s house, located near the rooftop with incredible views of the sea and the resort.
  • Big Kahuna Suite : a perfect honor to Nickelodeon, an incredible decoration for the most fanatics, a super fun suite to feel like sleeping in one of the favorite episodes of all time.

SpongeBob, Patrick and many more characters … at all times!

As we told you, the Nickelodeon characters, together with the animation team, seek that the guests of the Nickelodeon Hotel can enjoy the facilities, happiness and fun at all times.

In the different restaurants and in the common spaces, the characters wait for their little (and not so much) guests to photograph and leave on a postcard, the memories of a more than fun stay at the Hotel Nickelodeon from Riviera Maya.

Hotel Nickelodeon Riviera Maya

If the characters are not walking, the statues representing them are distributed throughout the premises, both in the pool, on the beach or in the water park. Wait … A water park?

Aqua Nick, a unique experience at the Nickelodeon Hotel

Yes, within the Nickelodeon Hotel facilities, a water park (themed, of course ) surprises guests with dozens of slides of all sizes, shapes and colors to have fun and enjoy the great weather that Riviera Maya has to offer.

From September 2021, those who are not staying at the hotel, have the possibility to buy tickets and enjoy the water park of the Nickelodeon Hotel, as well as its guests.

Hotel Nickelodeon Riviera Maya
Hotel Nickelodeon Riviera Maya

At certain times of the day, in the water park itself, the slime show takes place, that sticky green “thing”, an icon of the Kid Choice Awards, where everyone can get under the slides and have this indescribable sensation.

The Nickelodeon Hotel’s water park is integrated with games for children, more than 20 slides, 2 rivers that run throughout the sector, 4 food kiosks, 1 restaurant, a bar, a recreational pool and even cabins with televisions where you can leave your belongings to continue touring.

Themed meals and for all tastes

Everything is fun at the Nickelodeon Hotel, so far where you can enjoy a plate of food recharged with energy to continue resting on your well-deserved vacations or starring in activities in any of the hotel sectors.

It is important to remember that the Nickelodeon Hotel is an all-inclusive resort, so in addition to the stay, access to the facilities and most of the restaurants are included on reservation.

The themed restaurants combine the fun of Nickelodeon with the best gourmet cuisine that a 5-star hotel offers:

  • Yacht Club : world cuisine, ideal to enjoy the wonderful views of the Caribbean Sea and the palm trees of the eastern Mexican beach.
  • Good Burger ™: Following the theme of the Nickelodeon movie, this restaurant offers an uncountable variety of burgers to enjoy as a family, with a sophisticated twist on true 5-star style.
Hotel Nickelodeon Riviera Maya

Piazza ™: ninja turtles everywhere and a typical Italian pizza to enjoy in the best style.

Le Spatula: Enjoying a gourmet meal in a bikini bottom is possible at Le Spatula, the classic Nickelodeon Hotel restaurant where one can enjoy a culinary themed art show.

Hotel Nickelodeon Riviera Maya

Nick Bistro: the ideal place to have breakfast, lunch and dinner with the Nickelodeon characters admiring the 360-degree views of the jungle.

Bikini Bottom ™: next to and facing the views of the Caribbean Sea, the restaurant with gourmet food Bikini Bottom (or Bikini Bottom, as we know it in Spanish) is located, ideal to enjoy the food and the beach decoration of the place.

Hotel Nickelodeon Riviera Maya
  • Snick Lounge ™ : the Nickelodeon of the 90’s was a classic and it is possible to recall the glory years in the bar set in this style. Pool games, slot machines with games, televisions broadcasting rugrats and tomberries and even enjoying live shows.

After so much fun, a well deserved rest

In addition to enjoying, smiling and photographing everything at all times, at the Nickelodeon Hotel it is possible to recharge your batteries at the Náay Spa that, Maintaining Mayan traditions, customs and principles, travelers can enjoy relaxing and revitalizing treatments. The elements Wind, Fire and Agus are balanced in such a way that guests are invited to the relaxation area, sauna, steam baths and even a beauty salon for both children and adults.

And the inevitable souvenir to take away

Along the hotel and Nick Water, travelers can find those wonderful souvenir shops where one wants to take everything: from slippers with the face of SpongeBob, glasses, mugs, towels, sweatshirts, sweaters and even collectibles that can only be found at the hotel. Those places where the wallet trembles and where the brain believes that everything “can be used for something” because the designs are so spectacular that there is no person who does not want to take a memory.

A hotel, a water park and lots of fun for all guests of the Nickelodeon Hotel where the most experienced are looking for a trip into the past and those who are just beginning to venture into this world, discover the funniest and most sympathetic characters of a channel that has taken us through adventures, discoveries and experiences in all its sections.

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