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Glamping en Tulum
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Glamping, a great way to combine nature, adventurous trips and comfort in the best way, something like designed especially for those who want to rest in the open air without stopping On the other hand, the comfort that a hotel can provide. That is where glamping arises, a perfect mix of words between glam and camping.

Tulum is one of the great tourist landmarks of the Mexican Caribbean, a great option where you can enjoy the history, the vestiges of the Mayan culture and the paradisiacal beach, in the same place. And what if, in addition, the possibility of resting in a different place is added, in a glamping in Tulum. Do not miss this post where we will list the best glamping in Tulum, the options it includes and the services they provide for the comfort of their guests.

Why stay in a glamping in Tulum?

As we told you before, Tulum is one of the most visited tourist destinations in eastern Mexico, quieter than Cancun and Playa del Carmen but maintaining the possibility of resting on paradisiacal beaches, of moving around a few kilometers to visit Mayan ruins close to Cancun but at the exact distance to avoid the tourist mass and, at the same time, maintaining its great location and variety of outdoor activities to enjoy the Mexican Caribbean as it truly deserves.


Where is Tulum? Tulum is located in eastern Mexico, in the state of Quintana Roo, south of the Riviera Maya, specifically 65 kilometers from Playa del Carmen and 130 kilometers from the tourist giant of Cancun.

Thanks to its great climate, the nature that surrounds it and the wide offer, choosing a glamping in Tulum is an excellent alternative accommodation option, a possibility to enjoy these landscapes from another perspective, with a different connection with this nature, but never leaving aside the luxury and comfort that a glamping can offer.

It is important to clarify that the Mayan ruins of Tulum is not the same as the city of Tulum, of course they are a few kilometers away but the city itself is equipped with all the services that the traveler needs.

In short, away from the crowds, the mega super All Inclusive resorts, the accumulation of tourists and the long lines to have breakfast or find a good spot on the beach, glamping in Tulum seeks to your guests have the privacy they need so that contact with nature is genuine, ensuring the preservation and conservation of the surrounding landscape and encouraging the practice of activities outdoors to discover the secrets it hides.


Ahora que ya vemos todo lo fantástico que es alojarse en un glamping en Tulum, ¿Cuáles son los mejores? Siendo casi que una manifestación sumamente subjetiva, en este post listaremos los 10 que, para nuestra opinión, cuentan con la mayor cantidad de servicios, con características que lo hacen diferente a otro y que podrían entrar en la lista de recomendaciones a nuestros amigos viajeros.

Sin más preámbulos, vamos a averiguarlo:

Los 10 mejores glamping en Tulum

1. Harmony Glamping Tulum

Un retiro de Yoga se ubica a pocos metros de la vibrante ciudad de Tulum, casi que logrando el silencio perfecto para disfrutar de la naturaleza, de las buenas vibras y del estilo de lujo que provee las habitaciones y tiendas de campaña de, para nosotros, uno de los mejores glamping en Tulum.

La puesta en valor de la cultura hindú, la combinación con la cultura mexicana, la variada propuesta gastronómica en búsqueda del equilibrio nutricional y la posibilidad de descansar con el confort que uno se merece de unas vacaciones, hacen de Harmony Glamping Tulum una gran opción donde hospedarse en un gran glamping en México.

Photo: Harmony Glamping Tulum
  • Travel information: in addition to the services it offers, it bases its construction and amenities on caring for the environment, such as shampoo and biodegradable soap and an organic farm.

2. Nativus Glamping

Located within one of the best beaches in the world, surrounded by cenotes, a jungle nature and a need to relax and rest that few places in the world can provide to weary travelers. Yoga and purification sessions with views of a private cenote that can only be accessed by guests … Do you prefer for sunrise or on starry nights?

Photo: Nativus Glamping

At Nativus Glamping relaxation is total, although it also offers the possibility of perform outdoor activities such as paddle surfing, kayaking and water rides.

3. Huaya Camp Tulum

Revaluing, valuing and giving the necessary importance to the Mayan, Aztec and Mexican culture, Huaya Camp Tulum seeks to offer its guests the comfort they deserve, combining the main elements of both cultures, fusing them with the nature of the region.

Within Huaya Camp Tulum it is possible to enjoy, in addition to the comfort of the yurts (with double and double beds), relaxation in the spa, the temazcal with its steam baths, the magic of the cenotes and even counceling talks with professionals.

4. Cinco Tulum

Imagine sleeping in a tent on the fine white sands and with the sound of the Caribbean Sea in the background. Sounds like a dream, right? Cinco Tulum should be on this list of the best glamping in Tulum thanks to its perfect location, only 300 meters from the beach, where it is possible to access on foot, which makes it a great magnet of attraction for travelers looking for a vacation in a different accommodation, full of good taste and delicious gastronomy.

Photo: Cinco Tulum
  • Traveler fact: according to the opinion of travelers, its high degree of romanticism in the environment, this is a great glamping in Tulum to travel as a couple.

6. Nomad Tulum

From tents on the beach we look towards the treetops and we find Nómade Tulum, a complex of tree houses where it is possible to stay under the stars, with the best of comforts, hammocks where you can rest and the noise of the waves of the Caribbean Sea as ambient sound.

Photo: Nómade Tulum

For those who prefer to rest with “feet on the ground”, Nómade Tulum also offers the possibility of resting in Deluxe tents, super charming and decorated with wood finishes, giving the feeling of warmth and comfort in each of its corners.

  • Traveler information : the complex has private “regular” hotel rooms where it is also possible to stay.

7. Chibal Uh

This luxury campsite in Tulum is the classic glamping we have been talking about: “bubbles” with large windows to enjoy nature even when resting. This glamping is located just 70 meters from the South Tulum beach, being a great alternative to enjoy it without hiring excursions or renting vehicles, although the glamping itself helps travelers to manage these services.

For those who prefer it, Chibal Uh also It has a pool where you can rest after a day at the beach, sun loungers where you can take a relaxing nap or admire the stars at night.

8. Selina Hotel Tulum

Music, art, well-being, Mayan culture and Mexican elements come together in the same place in front of the beach called Selina Hotel Tulum. With “regular” hotel rooms, shared rooms for those looking for “hostel life” a few meters from the beach and teepees for those looking for privacy and a different accommodation.

Photo: Selina Hotel Tulum

The teepees are a kind of thatched-roof hut, private for two people, with a conditioned environment to relax and experience a cozy sleep.

8. Uman Glamping & amp; Cenote Tulum

80 meters from the South Tulum beach is one of the best glamping sites in Tulum, a complex made up of tents in the best chic style, with private access to cenotes for enjoy during the day or at night and a purifying environment that attracts you to feel the good vibes of nature, ensure energy balance and enjoy the trails in the jungle environment that surrounds it.

  • Traveler fact: although we do not look for the negative points, the only thing that makes Uman Glamping & amp; Cenote Tulum is not 100% perfect is that it is so far from the tourist mass that the restaurants are somewhat remote.

9. Ku Kuk Glamping

Despite not being in the “heart of Tulum” specifically, these magnificent domes almost completely integrated by gigantic windows are located just 15 minutes from the center of Tulum, which makes them a the perfect distance to enjoy nature, privacy and the wonders of “silence” that is sometimes so much needed.

Photo: Ku Kuk Glamping

In Ku Kuk Glamping, the domes are named after the elements of nature such as Water, Wind, Rain, Sky or Roots, each of them with views of the jungle and the stars, some even with a private Jacuzzi and others with the capacity to house a family, all a few meters from the beach and the cenotes of the Riviera Maya.

10. Las Palmas Glamping Tulum beach

The colorful Mexican culture is noticed in the glamping Playa Las Palmas Glamping Tulum. In our opinion, it is not one of the most luxurious, but its authenticity, its excellent location and the variety of services it offers (such as gastronomy and spa) make the advantages “weigh enough” to integrate this list of the best glamping in Tulum.

Photo: Playa las Palmas Glamping Tulum

The low waves of the Tulum sea makes it a great accommodation to visit Mexico with the family, enjoy nature and, why not, the Mayan ruins of Tulum, located a few kilometers away of the complex.

Visiting some of the Glamping in Tulum makes a visit to the Mexican Caribbean enjoyable in each of its aspects: the nature that integrates it, the Mayan and Mexican culture representing the society of the region, without neglecting the good taste that a 5-star hotel can guarantee.

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