What transportation to use in Cancun if I am staying at an all-inclusive hotel?

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Cancun is a destination that year after year increases the number of visitors, since the foundation of Cancun, the stars without a doubt (besides the beaches and the reefs) have been the hotels, since many of the most sophisticated hotels in the world have been built in Cancun and the Riviera Maya area.

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There are all kinds, from budget hotels for backpackers and free souls who travel the world with little money, to the imposing all-inclusive hotels. The latter have gained much popularity among relaxation tourism, yes, those who seek to get away from the stress of work and the city, to find peace in a place where they are provided with absolutely everything.

An all-inclusive hotel is designed so that the guest does not need to leave the hotel, as these are huge complexes where everything is included: restaurants, bars, swimming pools, recreational activities, water sports, children’s area, spa, even nightclubs, movie theaters and beaches.

How to get to an all-inclusive hotel from the airport

Although it seems an easy task to choose the best way to get from the Cancun airport, the reality is that there are still many tourists who find this topic confusing, because there are a lot of articles on the internet that confuse the traveler.

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If your plans are to arrive at an all-inclusive hotel, and not leave (as they have everything you need to enjoy an incredible vacation), we recommend not renting a car to begin with, although it may seem logical, there are still many travelers who rent a car in the hope of getting out and about in the city, but the vast majority of the time they only use it to get to their hotel and to leave.

Cancun Airport transportation services

While it is true that the Cancun airport abounds with transportation services, not all of them are as effective to take you to your hotel all inclusive, as some services such as cabs come at quite high prices, however they are useful in emergencies, there are several types, from 8-passenger vans, to conventional cars for 4 passengers.

Although many blogs mention the ADO service as an option to take into account for transportation from Cancun airport, this works mainly if your hotel is in the hotel zone or downtown Cancun.

For those who don’t know, ADO is a bus line, which has specific routes and stops from one terminal to another, the stops are quite far from each other (separated by several miles) so they will always leave you far from your hotel and you will have to take a cab to get there. It is a fairly safe service but oriented more to backpacker travelers.

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Hotel transportation and private services at the Cancun Airport

If the hotel has the option of hiring transportation directly with them, or includes transportation for you, it will certainly be an easier option. In case transportation is not included, companies like eTransfers, offer private transportation service from the airport to any hotel or destination, to check their prices you can quote from their website or on their Cancun Airport Transportation page.

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