Galapagos Tours on a Budget: Must See Attractions at Galapagos

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Are you interested in the Galapagos Islands, but afraid it could be expensive. This article is your guide to experiencing the awe-inspiring beauty and remarkable wildlife of the Galapagos Islands without breaking the bank. Discover the iconic attractions and hidden gems at Galapagos Tours that will turn your dream of exploring this natural wonderland into a reality that’s light on your wallet.  

Top things to see in the island hopping at Galapagos.

Many nature enthusiasts and adventurers yearn to visit these distant, untouched islands. Various engaging activities ensure that Galapagos Islands Hopping is a unique and memorable experience.

  • Galapagos Daily Yacht Tours

Daily yacht excursions to neighboring island chains starting with Santa Cruz form part of most Galapagos trips and are undoubted highlights in their own right. These trips have a unique characteristic to see amazing wildlife in the islands, which include giant tortoise, blue-footed booby and marine iguana. Its crystal clear waters, pure shores, and beautiful sea creatures are among its untainted beauty.

  • Galapagos Gastronomy Finch Bay

Nature’s magnificence and the islands delicacies will leave you with no option other than being amazed. In fact, Galapagos has some of the world’s best food experience, having a gastronomy director from the Le Cordon Bleu who is responsible for its delivery. Experience the blend of traditional and contemporary tastes in a variety of fresh seafood and organic dishes. With each meal, your Galapagos adventure is transformed into a memorable memory as well.

  • Isabela Island

There is nothing as ideal as visiting Isabela Island to explore the island of archipelago. Few places are known as world famous volcanoes, extensive beaches as well as scenic volcanic landscapes but none can be a match to that of this place. You can hike, snorkel and observe amazing wildlife with famous Galapagos penguins and you enter a dinosaur age on Isabela island.

  • The Ultimate “Glamping” Safari Experience

You can experience the natural beauty of the Galapagos in the midst of luxury with a special “glamping” style. The safari tents are fully furnished with comfortable beds and private bathrooms, so you can sleep comfortably under the stars. Treat yourself to opulence as you experience nature at the ideal balance of adventure and comfort.

  • Take to the skies.

For an unforgettable experience, take to the skies and view the Galapagos from above. While in helicopters and small aircraft tours, you will be in a position to see breathtaking panoramic views of the islands that will show their unique geography and extraordinary diversity from up above. Your Galapagos journey will be different compared to the past, and you will remember forever some of these snapshots.

  • Visit a glass-bottom boat.

Are you looking forward to exploring the underwater world without wearing a wetsuit? Snorkeling is one of the best practices in the Galapagos Islands, and many people practice it. However, it is not obligatory as there are many other ways for observing wildlife. Through glass bottom boats, one may view into the ocean, without getting wet or having to swim with sharks.

  • Think of giant tortoises.

What will you see during your tour of the Galapagos Islands? Tortoises as big as you! Galapagos tortoises are the largest living species of tortoise and are the largest in the world. These things are quite huge, in fact they come up to 920 pounds (417 kilograms). Proao explains, “Galapagos name is from the Spanish word for saddle, which turtle shells resemble”.

Count on Metropolitan Touring for Galapagos Tour

Galapagos Tour with Metropolitan touring, by the pioneer in ecotourism. Metropolitan Touring is a world renowned leader in sustainable travel and has over years of experience in preserving the Galapagos Islands’ pristine environment.

By engaging in conservation activities and responsible tourism, Metropolitan Touring provides travelers with a memorable and environmentally friendly journey. They offer cheap daily yacht tours as well as luxury glamping experiences and you can count on their good services.

Their knowledgeable guides, the luxurious amenities, and the mouthwatering cuisines will make your time in the Galapagos the best holiday you’ve ever had. Galapagos tours by Metropolitan Touring are tailored for nature lovers and adventurous people. After the tours, one will have a deep appreciation for this biodiverse island.

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