How to Buy NEO?

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Digital assets and blockchains are entering our life, finding applications in the real sector, whether connected with payments and money conversion and transfers or logistics, medicine, education etc. The idea to digitize assets from the real world came to the developers of the NEO crypto project. Let’s take a closer look at it.

What is NEO?

The crypto asset was released in 2014 and has become incredibly popular in China, where it got the name Chinese Ethereum. The project’s essence is digitizing assets from the real world and making tokens.

Using the platform’s popularity, NEO developers conducted an ICO, attracting investment for their project growth. They believe that tokenisation is the future.

NEO has over $479 million worth of market capitalisation and over $22 million in trading volume. The NEO cryptocurrency price is $6.79 as of late November 2022.

Here are the benefits of the NEO project:

  • Connecting the real sector with blockchain and tokenization 
  • Fast transactions
  • Support for common programming languages
  • Smart contracts.

The project also has some drawbacks. For example, all the system users can be identified. That is a lack of privacy. The NEO platform has a central body that regulates and manages it.

The project has a valuable technology that can receive adoption along with the crypto market development. Experts predict the price of NEO crypto will rise to $32 by 2025. So it is worth considering this asset for investment. If you are interested, you can buy crypto on the WhiteBIT exchange. It is a centralized platform with a variety of trading tools and earning options for those who want to connect their life with the digital world. To learn more about this industry and the way it works, welcome to the WhiteBIT blog. You will find overviews and descriptions of NEO and other promising crypto projects, as well as guides on successful trading, in the blog.

5/5 - (1 vote)

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