The 12 best glamping sites in Spain

Los Mejores Glamping de España
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Glam + camping, one word, a combination of meanings that leads one to imagine resting under the stars, discovering the sounds of nature and clearing his mind of the hustle and bustle of big cities, without neglecting the comfort, luxury and amenities that many travelers seek. In other words, a luxury campsite.

glamping in Spain invites you to enjoy nature in chic mode, as well as in a bubble to see the starry sky or in an Indian tent facing the sea, but always maintaining all the comfort that one can expect from a conventional hotel or even much more.

Don’t miss this post where we will list the best glamping in Spain, the places where they are found and the services they offer to adventurous travelers in search of a rest in style.

The 12 best glamping sites in Spain

A glamorous campsite, tents in the middle of nature, countless natural viewpoints and the only sound of birdsong in the morning. The best glamping in Spain are distributed throughout almost the entire country, so we have listed which are the best great possibilities if you are interested in this accommodation proposal.

1. Glamping Airstream, Alozaina, Andalusia

Located a few kilometers from Alozaina, a small Spanish town of no more than 2,000 inhabitants. An environment of pure nature, in the Malaga mountain range of Sierra de las Nieves, a perfect place to rest and disconnect from urban noise.

Best Glamping Sites in Spain: Glamping Airstream
Photo: Glamping Airstream

In addition to its fascinating surroundings, Glamping Airstream offers travelers the possibility of rest in classic American caravans from the 30s ‘, of course equipped with everything one can expect: kitchen with appliances, living room with sofa and television, a barbecue outside and, attention, a hydromassage bathtub to relax under the stars, all maintaining an elegant style, faithful to glamping.

2. Camping Miramar, Costa Dorada

The vintage caravans of Camping Miramar They are located on the virgin beaches of the Costa Dorada, a few kilometers from Tarragona, south of Barcelona, one of the great destinations in Europe, also to travel with children. The sound of the sea at night, the stars, and the 12 nice vintage caravans painted in different colors, make it a great alternative to enjoy a vacation of peace and tranquility, without neglecting the comfort of being within the glamping category.

The caravans are made up of double beds, a small dining room, a fridge and even a porch where you can enjoy a lunch (or a few drinks) outdoors.

3. Forest Days, Lleida, Catalonia

A camp in the woods is one of those scenes that we see in the movies that we like so much : sunrise surrounded by trees, birdsong and the smell of wet earth from the night before. The glamping Forest Days is located in the Catalan Pyrenees, which makes it a true adventurer’s experience but, as we have been telling you, in chic, stylish tents with all the luxuries, typical of the best glamping in Spain.

Best Glamping Sites in Spain: Forest Days
Photo: Forest Days

Each of the tents has its own wooden bathroom and, among themselves, they are so widely spaced that it is almost possible to forget that it is a whole camp. In addition, each of them has a rustic style (chic, of course) and a wood stove for the coldest nights.

4. La Dehesa Experiences, Adamuz, Córdoba

A protected holm oak forest, a Biosphere Reserve declared by UNESCO, livestock animals, a lake and 6 suites in height to wake up just because the sun begins to “bother” ( if it is possible to call it that).

La Dehesa Experiences offers travelers the possibility of staying 5 meters away high, in suites with a private pool, in a natural setting, basing its goals on comfort and relaxation, adventure and spa experiences and caring for the environment, just 27 kilometers from the tourist city of Córdoba, one of the best glamping in Spain.

5. Wakana Lake Camp, Benalup, Cádiz

Have you ever seen the tents in Native American movies? These are the stores that make up the Wakana Lake Camp, located in the Natural Park of Los Alcornocales, in Cádiz, a space of an experiential nature.

Best Glamping Sites in Spain: Wakana Lake Camp
Photo: Wakana Lake Camp

A glamping with a lot to do where resting is not the only activity but yoga, meditation, the arc attack (something like a paintball with arches), expeditions to the cave art of the surrounding Neolithic caves and water sports make the hectares that correspond to one of the best glamping in Spain, a great space to disconnect.

6. Hotel Miluna, Hormigos, Toledo

Continuing with the characteristics of the name itself, one of the best glamping sites in Spain, the Hotel Miluna invites travelers to outer space, to sleep on moons, represented by transparent bubbles where possible < strong> connect with the stars, the moon and the nature that surrounds the environment.

Best Glamping Sites in Spain: Hotel Miluna
Photo: Hotel Miluna

Laying down looking at the stars? Of course, the Hotel Miluna seeks that the connection with nature and the environment be constant, either from the large “private” viewpoints, the hydro massage basin with the properties of the Dead Sea and a gastronomy characteristic of the Toledo area.

7. Green Mountain Yurt, Alpujarras, Spain

Las typical Mongolian yurts, transformed into luxurious tents in Green Mountain Yurt, in Alpujarras, with views of the mountains, adapted with all the necessary equipment to rest in nature, basing its objectives on comfort and sustainability.

Best Glamping Sites in Spain: Green Mountain Yurt

The yurts have two transparent windows to admire nature and a stove for cold nights, surrounded by a garden and an orchard.

8. Eco Village Finca De Arrieta, Lanzarote, Las Palmas

“Yurts, villas and country houses off the grid” is announced on Finca De Arrieta Eco Village, with different accommodation options, running on solar and wind energy, with the luxury that characterizes glamping and the assured comfort provided to its guests. In addition to the well-deserved rest, guests can travel in hybrid cars, always under the mode of low impact on the environment.

Best Glamping Sites in Spain: Eco Village Finca de Arrieta
Photo: Eco Village Finca De Arrieta

All types of accommodation are equipped with the services that the guest needs, with their own private area, kitchen and bathroom.

The views of the Eco Village unfold between the sea and the mountains, it has a solar-heated pool and relaxation areas where you can enjoy your holidays.

9. Cabins in the Trees, Biscay, Basque Country

42 kilometers from Bilbao, it is, converted into accommodation, the dream of every child: cabins in the trees where you can rest. These cabins in the treetops, have all the services that are sought as guests, from the comfort of a bed, adventurous experiences or even that they can carry breakfast “in height” in a basket, as if it were a romantic movie.

Best Glamping Sites in Spain: Cabañas en los Árboles
Photo: Cabañas en los Árboles

Like most of the best glamping in Spain, the Cabins in the Trees, seek that, in addition to comfort and services provided to its guests are first class, the goal of sustainability and commitment to the environment is set, through insulation in the construction, low-consumption light bulbs and even an ecological spa.

10. Jabalina Country Tents, Puerto Real, Spain

Hidden in a pine forest, a few kilometers from the beach and with the possibility of staying in tents so adorable to be photographed, it is almost a necessity to know this place. This is how we consider Jabalina Country Tents one of the best glamping in Spain. The safari tents with which they invite travelers to stay, have everything you need for a stay in nature, in the best glamping style: kitchen, private bathroom, heating, Wi-Fi and an outdoor shower for that contact with nature never ends.

In Jabalina Country Tents it is possible to go hiking, mountain biking and visiting horses, sheep, donkeys and ponies, adopted and living in complete freedom.

11. Casa del Mundo, Alicante

The most diverse styles seem to work almost perfectly when talking about glamping and Casa del Mundo It is a great alternative to staying in a wooden carved caravans from Europe or shelters on African safaris or why not, Asian rice houses. What does it mean? Although the wooden caravans are the main ones in the sector, following the name of the accommodation, it is possible to enjoy staying in rice houses as in Indonesia or in safari-type tents as can be found in Zambia and Kenya. < / strong>

Best Glamping Sites in Spain: Casa del Mundo
Photo: Casa del Mundo

The Casa del Mundo resort offers its guests the possibility of enjoying the luxuries of the shops, the swimming pool and a restaurant where they can taste homemade food, an ideal place for those looking for a relaxing vacation.

12. Basoa Suites, Navarra

“Welcome to the forest.” With only 6 suites in the trees, Basoa Suites is definitely one of the best glamping in Spain where it is possible to stay in the middle of nature, specifically, in the Ultzama Valley, in Navarra, northeast of Spain.

Each Basoa Suites suite has heating, terrace, dry bathroom, breakfast and dinner, both delivered in a basket to be able to lift it with a pulley, super rustic, chic and romantic. Everything delivered to eat, is made with local products, becoming a great possibility to taste Navarrese wine, a classic.

Staying in the middle of nature, preserving good taste, comfort and style is possible if the glamping option is chosen within all the types of accommodation that exist in the world (and are probably being created). The best glamping in Spain are distributed throughout the country, increasingly, seeking the comfort of its guests in first-class services and quality and prioritizing the most important thing in our world : nature and the need to preserve the environment.

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