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Jericoacoara, Brasil
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It would be very unfair, and also difficult, to make a ranking with the 10 best beaches in Brazil, when this gigantic one in South America has more than two thousand beaches, perfect getaways to visit with family, with friends, as a couple or, why not, for the adventurous travelers traveling alone and looking for that ideal spot to rest, relax and do some of the variety of activities that a country like this can offer.

We are going to make an effort and in this note we show you 10 of the best beaches in Brazil, taking into account the experiences of other travelers, their mystique, their beauty and their natural charm. Thinking of visiting Brazil with children? Here we will also show you which are the best; Looking for fun? Nightlife and parties are part of the Brazilian culture and its beaches reflect a great atmosphere for those looking for places to visit during the day and at night; In search of nature and relaxation ? The beaches of Brazil also offer this option for weary travelers and for those who seek contact with the outdoors and disconnection.

In other words, the best beaches in Brazil have a reason why they should be on this list and we will tell you about it right away.

Best beaches in Brazil

1. Jericoacoara, Ceará

In the number 1 position is Jericoacoara, one of the most visited beaches in Brazil and part of a perfect duality where it is considered a perfect place to rest in nature and practice extreme sports. Up About 20 years ago, the small fishing village was almost completely isolated from the cities, devoid of telephony, electricity or roads.

Today, this beach in the northeast of Brazil seeks to maintain that curiosity, being a place that can only be accessed with authorized vehicles to enjoy the wide beaches, white dunes, lush vegetation.

  • Traveler data: one of the best sunsets in the world are found on this great beach in Brazil, specifically in Jericoacoara National Park, called the Sunset Dune.
  • Perfect for: travelers seeking rest, contact with nature, remote places and fans of surfing and windsurfing.

2. Bahía do Sancho, Fernando de Noronha

One of the most paradisiacal and exclusive places in Brazil is the archipelago of Fernando de Noronha. Composed of 21 islands with beautiful beaches and a rich flora and fauna, it was declared an Environmental Protection Area and a World Heritage Site in 1988 and 2002, respectively.

Fighting for the number one position, Praia do Sancho is, in addition to one of the best beaches in Fernando de Noronha, one of the best beaches in Brazil and well, one of the best beaches in the world.

  • Traveler fact: Did you know that it was listed as one of the best beaches in the world according to Trip Advisor in 2020?

Its inhospitable, virgin site, with limited capacity and difficult to access means that only a few travelers visit it, but many, who are surprised by the natural beauty that only this beach can to offer.

In addition to its crystalline waters and golden sands, the vegetation that surrounds it and the waterfalls that sound the environment, the underwater world of Praia do Sancho invites travelers to immerse themselves to meet the different species of fish, turtles and rays taking advantage of the high visibility and temperature that the water maintains.

  • Perfect for: divers, adventurous travelers, couples.

3. Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro

Who has not ever heard of the most famous beach in Rio de Janeiro? Copacabana, the beach in the center of the city, the scene of the magnificent New Year’s celebration or Reveillon, as it is known in the region. We are moving away from the quieter beaches but we are heading to the one that must be known (yes or yes) when visiting the most famous city in Brazil (be careful, not its capital).


Located between green hills and with a city that does not sleep behind it, is one of the most important tourist attractions in Brazil, ideal for photographing, strolling along its promenade full of mosaics, eating something food trucks and restaurants on its coast, watch (or play) a football game and feel the culture of Rio in each of its corners Cidade Maravilhosa.

  • Perfect for: everyone! It is a great place to travel to Brazil with children, chosen for the amount of services and “life” in the surroundings.

4. Praia do Forte, Bahia

Again one of the best places to visit with family or young children, Praia do Forte is also one of the best beaches in Brazil. Why? Its location in the state of Bahia means that travelers can enjoy its calm waters, beaches and small bays waiting to be discovered, the mystery of the jungle that surrounds it, water activities and, the best: the possibility to admire turtles in their natural habitat.

  • Traveler advice: the small center of Praia do Forte is super charming but above all, chic, where residents and travelers tend to be visitors with the highest purchasing power in the country.

Praia do Forte is an ideal place to enjoy ecotourism in Brazil, the natural pools that form in its bays, rest, its traditional gastronomy or even travel to Salvador to discover the historical charm of the town.

  • Perfect for: families with young children, couples and ecotourism lovers.

5. Castelhanos Bay, Ilhabela

Ay Ilahabela, excuse me all for not being able to speak very objectively about this island of Brazil but its charm, the practically inexistence of tourists (during the season where there is no there are cruises), the Brazilian joy and the delicious aroma of the local gastronomy make yes or yes it should be part of this relaxing list of the best beaches in Brazil.

  • Traveler advice: the island has hundreds of super interesting beaches to visit, some with fine sand as flour for cooking, others reddish in color due to the snails that are deposited on its shore and others … We better leave you with the intrigue so that you can visit them.

On this occasion, within the island of Ilhabela, we find the Bay of Castellanos, one of the most chosen beaches by surfers, who practice kitesurfing and windsurfing, to enjoy its waves for most of the year. Did you know that in addition, in the Bay of Castellanos, it is possible to see dolphins? Everything is a charm on this beach and nature is the faithful protagonist of it.

  • Perfect for: everyone! Adventure travelers, surfers (of course), families and couples.

6. Canoa Quebrada, Ceará

“The hippie paradise” some call it. The reality is that they were the ones who discovered this little piece of paradise in the state of Ceará, northeast of Brazil (a few kilometers from Natal).

Can you imagine that quiet, wide beach, with turquoise waters and white sands? That typical “Caribbean” postcard that some would say, is located on Canoa Quebrada beach, definitely one of the best beaches in Brazil.

  • Travel advice: the small fishing village where Canoa Quebrada is located is super picturesque and its main street, Broadway, with its constant music, restaurants and nightlife, complement to this beach town to perfection.

Its proximity to Ecuador makes good weather almost assured, allowing travelers, in addition to resting, enjoying wonderful sunsets, diving into the crystal clear and warm waters of the sea and, why not, get on a board and practice kitesurfing.

  • Perfect for: travelers looking to relax, couples, groups of friends.

7. Praia do Gunga, Maceió

Let’s keep in mind that postcard beach image that we all want to be photographing. And that’s where Praia do Gunga appears, one of the most visited destinations in Maceió. This beach, ideal for all ages, reflects that paradise that travelers look for in the best beaches in Brazil: warm, transparent waters full of fish, wide white sands, palm trees and the odd activity. to do.

  • Travel advice: one of the most popular excursions is the boat trip on the Lagoa do Roteiro, one of the phenomena of nature where fresh water meets salty Atlantic Ocean.

Praia do Gunga has all these characteristics, inviting families, couples and solo travelers to enjoy its water activities, the underwater life of its coasts, the cliffs and viewpoints where to photograph this paradise and excursions in buggy and by boat to discover beyond what the shores can show.

  • Perfect for: everyone! families with young children can enjoy the beautiful beaches, adult and adventurous travelers, water sports and “not so fanatics of the beaches”, its viewpoints and postcard photography spots.

8. Porto de Galinhas, Ipojuca

Another of the best destinations in Brazil to go with children, the site of kilometer-long stretches of sand and the wide variety of activities that take place in its surroundings, make Porto de Galhinas part from this list of the best beaches in Brazil.

  • Traveler advice: inside Porto de Galhinas, there is the Hippocampus Project, an environment of preservation, care and study of seahorses, a great place to go with children.

Located a few kilometers from Recife, south of Pernambuco, this beach combines everything one can expect from a paradisiacal destination such as these Brazilian beaches: white sands, crystal clear waters and good weather, added to the possibility of enjoying natural pools on the shores, mangroves and estuaries where you can admire the local fauna and, as if waiting to end the day, a gastronomy made up of seafood that makes itself known in the rest of the country.

  • Perfect for: families, couples and “quiet” travelers.

9. Guarda do Embaú, Santa Catarina

If we talk about ecotourism, paradisiacal beaches and charming towns, then ladies and gentlemen, we meet the “queen” of the best beaches in Brazil: Guarda do Embaú, in Santa Catarina.

Its wide range of activities and places to visit means that, regardless of the age or preferences of travelers, everyone can enjoy the variety.


9. Guarda do Embaú, Santa Catarina

If we talk about ecotourism, paradisiacal beaches and charming towns, then ladies and gentlemen, we meet the “queen” of the best beaches in Brazil: Guarda do Embaú, in Santa Catarina.

Its wide range of activities and places to visit means that, regardless of the age or preferences of travelers, everyone can enjoy the variety.

10. Tibau do Sul Beach, Pipa

Demonstrating why Pipa is one of the most chosen places by travelers (local and foreign), Tibau do Sul beach represents everything one is looking for: beaches to rest and activities to do.

  • Traveler Advice: One of the best things to do in Tibau do Sul is to wait until sunset and photograph one of the best moments of the day.

Pipa, this small city with the soul of a people is a destination that must visit, where, in addition to the good weather, the beaches with crystal clear waters of the sand Fine and white, it is home to Tibau do Sul, a much calmer and more relaxing beach than the beaches “in the center”, also made up of a natural pool called & nbsp; Laguna dos Guaraíbas which, thanks to Its protection (also natural) means that children can enjoy a property without so much waves, perfect for the whole family to enjoy.

  • Perfect for: families with young children, adults seeking rest.

Visiting the best beaches in Brazil not only indicates the almost security of enjoying the good weather, sun and heat to dive into the crystalline waters that surround its coasts, but also find places where surfing, windsurfing, diving and walks in the jungle, good gastronomy and “postcard” villages.

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