Colombians will go to great lengths to share their warmth

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The most welcoming place on Earth embraces and renews its most exciting traditions on a daily basis. Those which, as a visitor, will make you feel in the friendliest environment, like nowhere else in the world.

In most cases, the warmth of Colombians shapes the stories with which they showcase and share their talent. This post recounts some activities and stories that’ll make you want to learn more about Colombia.

Spreading Colombians’ warmth: things that show locals’ affection towards visitors

They’ll be proud of others’ success

If there’s anything to highlight about Colombians’ warmth, it’s the way in which they mindfully dedicate themselves to boosting the recognition and success of those close to them. Simply because a person does or has done beautiful things for their country, for its reputation and for its prestige in general, makes everyone want to highlight and share their attributes with you right away.

This could go from encouraging the winner in an international trovas competition – a poetic composition with musical arrangements like that of medieval troubadours – to promoting the effort and dedication of the renowned heirs of silletero art – the decorative and intricate flower arrangements at the heart of Medellin’s Festival of the Flowers – among others.

Colombians will always be praising each other, and not just out of national sentiment: they truly do feel like doing it, they’re thrilled to know there’s Colombian DNA representing their warmth, talent and pride around the world.

They’ll greet you with their most delicious dishes

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The Book of Warmth

Although cooking is a job that requires lots of effort and dedication, for many Colombians it’s more of a way of extending their families’ legacies.

Gastronomy is an art in Colombia, and with it, its people also honor family traditions that have existed for decades across towns, cities and entire regions: the different typical dishes that stand out in Colombia’s culinary offer explicitly connect those who prepare them with their memories and cultural heritage. They make up a gastronomic culture that fills the world up with flavor.

The most welcoming place on Earth dazzles with its unique bandeja paisa, one of the country’s most iconic preparations. This flagship dish of the department of Antioquia and the Western Colombian Andes region boasts a calorie count of nearly 2,200!

You’ll be astounded by nature

Admiring Colombian nature’s endless wonders is one of the many privileges residents enjoy as part of the their life in the country. Among the main attractions you’ll find the majestic visit of humpback whales to the Colombian Pacific between July and November each year. It’s just one of countless spectacles nature offers and that make Colombia – a country where nature embraces you and invites you to experience it with all your senses – the most welcoming place on Earth.

Worshiping flowers

Colombia boasts a mind-blowing array of flowers – 1,400 types of which are produced and exported to over 100 countries around the world.

As previously mentioned, this country has as a unique cultural expression in the entire continent, an event in which flowers are the undisputed stars of the show: the Festival of the Flowers, a traditional mass celebration that every year fills with colors, music and parades the streets of Medellín. Hundreds of farmers grow flowers throughout the year and then use them to craft huge, colorful silletas that can weigh up to 70 kilos.

Regarding orchids, Colombia’s national flower, there are about 4,270 species that grow across our regions, making the country the one with the most varieties in the world.

Wearing a braided hairstyle

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The Book of Warmth

It may seem odd, but beyond being a common sight across visitors of Cartagena – be it for style or comfort – braids are actually a great display of Colombian warmth, and we’ll tell you why.

According to the story in The Book of Warmth in which an Afro-Colombian woman talks about her life and work, braids transcend the merely aesthetic to become a strong statement of identity and heritage.

Braids were a historic means of communication for the entire Afro-Colombian community, playing a key role in their quest for freedom – today their symbolism remains strong, with intricate braids becoming a means of preserving a powerful heritage. With this in mind, if you’re visiting Colombia, and more specifically Cartagena, adopting a hairstyle with braids is one of the main things to do if you want to respectfully partake in Colombian history and warmth.

Colombian warmth is contagious: the kindness and carefreeness locals treat you with is the best gift you can take back home. It’s totally worth enjoying it as soon as possible!

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