The Western Colombian Andes: a break amidst coffee mountains and flowers

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This territory is portrayed in The Book of Warmth as the perfect blend of tradition, modernity and biodiversity within a landscape of flowers, coffee plantations and wax palms.

The Book of Warmth is a compilation of stories of Colombian men and women who reveal to the world their native land: a biodiverse Colombia, full of adventures, promoter of sustainable enterprises, united by the coffee culture and its different communities. A land that claims its ancestors, who nurtures its culinary tradition on a daily basis, and never ceases to create the best music. A country that stands out for the kindness of its people, the warmth of their smiles and hospitality, and being the ideal destination for business tourism.

The book is subdivided into six parts, each corresponding to one of the six regions of the country, but we will focus on the Western Colombian Andes.

In the book, this region is described through the stories of seven protagonists. One of them is Lady Garcia, a social entrepreneur who has dedicated her life to studying Pereira’s community traditions. Alejandro Garces, who is currently the curator of the Pereira Art Museum, and Juan Camilo Botero, who sells high quality clothing for cyclists in Caldas.

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The Book of Warmth

Ximena Londoño, on one hand, has a thematic-scientific park made of guadua and bamboo where her grandparents used to live in Montenegro. On the other hand, Andrea Beltran, a biologist, developed Birding & Herping, an ecotourism service agency specialized in wildlife watching tours in the region of Quindio.

The book continues with the story of Juan Pablo Echeverri, owner of Hacienda Venecia, who offers the experience of learning about the entire coffee process: from the cultivation and harvesting of the berries, to enjoying the beverage. Finally, arriving in the city of Medellin, Daniela is the streetwear protagonist with her own brand, TRUE.

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The Book of Warmth

The Western Andes region is shown as a multifaceted journey through thirty pages of high quality and great identity value; where the prosperity of the region is not only given by the abundance of coffee, but also by the commitment of its people to the land they inhabit.

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