Standing up and wanting to walk, we present the one and only one: Italy, one of the most visited countries in all of Europe that, almost as if it were a model, historical buildings burst into a capital city like Rome. , a country where what seems like the “simplicity” of a slice of pizza becomes a delicacy that we can taste at any time and place of the day and a country where the routes through the vineyards, the songs and movies through Tuscany They generate a kind of romanticism that invades the minds of travelers and they seek to travel further and further.

As one moves away from big cities like Rome, Florence, Venice or Milan, the authenticity of the sympathetic Italian culture grows stronger and stronger and invites all who visit it to discover the classic postcards of churches on hills as in Tropea, the colors of Burano, near Venice; or the infinities of islands that summarize it in just a few kilometers of land.

Of beaches and nightlife? Italy is not far behind and from beaches near Rome to islands specially prepared to receive “summer” tourists, everything becomes a great plan to do in Italy, no matter what time of year, cold or heat, you always have to visit Italy.