¿Por qué esta mamá dejó su trabajo para viajar por el mundo con su hija de 6 años?

En esta misma época del año pero del año pasado, Evie Farrell no podía ni siquiera soñar dónde está ahora. Después de que la mujer de 43 años perdió a una de sus amigas más cercanas decidió ahorrar un poco más de 20.000 dólares y empacar. En febrero pasado, ella y su hija, Emmie, partieron a la aventura de sus vidas, viajando alrededor del mundo.

High pollution days in Wuxi, China call for fancy face masks! 😝 We wandered the city yesterday and saw the fanciest malls we’ve ever seen…with the fanciest toilets! You know my travel toilet obsession 😂. These ones had chandeliers, fresh flowers, sparkling mirrors, crystals and day beds. Plus a children’s room with tiny toilets and washbasins. ✔️✔️ We want to wish everyone a wonderfully Merry Christmas with friends and family and Happy Holidays to everyone not celebrating Chrissy 🎄 Enjoy your time together and try and take it easy – I read a saying ‘don’t sweat the small things and everything’s a small thing’. Good to remember 💙 On Christmas Day we will be at the Levit Mall in Wuxi [doing a travel blogger appearance HAHAHAH NO that’s a joke 😂😂😂] watching the Christmas Shows, ice-skating and I have promised to go in the biggest ball pit we’ve ever seen. I know I will pushed over and assaulted in the name of fun but hey, it’s Christmas. So it’s [social media] tools down from us til after Christmas Day. Wishing you joy and have a happy happy day 🎄🍾💕 Love from Evie & Emmie . . . . . . . . . #wuxi #wuxichina #china #merrychristmas #travelwithkids #highpollution #facemask #visitwuxi #visitchina #seechina #chinatrips #travellingdestinations #travelchina #chinatravel #explorerkids #travelwithkids #traveldiary #tinytravels #holidaywithkids #luxurytravel #traveldiaries #escapesnaps #wearetravelmums #traveldays #holidayswithkids #traveltheworld #happyholidays #mysomewhere #opentheworld

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When the only one looking at the camera is a naughty little alien 😂 It seems so strange that only a couple of days ago we were in Cambodia visiting ancient temples and lazing on tropical, isolated beaches and now here we are at Disneyland Shanghai. 💙 It was raining today and there was hardly anyone in the park and we basically walked straight onto every ride – amazing! While rainy Disneyland’s generally lack the Disney magic vibe, the 2pm parade cranked up the spirit – the cast and characters really interact with the crowds at this parade with lots of high fives, hand shakes and smiles 💕 Another day in the park tomorrow and then we are off to visit Hangzhou on our way to Wuxi. We can’t wait – we 💙 China! . . . . . . . #china #disneylandshanghai #shanghaidisneyland #shanghai #visitchina #disneyland #disney #welovedisneyland #travelwithkids #disneylandresorts #disneylove #happiestplaceonearth #disneygram #disneyphoto #disneydays #familytravel #disneypics #disneymom #disneyfan #lovedisney #disneyaddict #instadisneyland #disneyparks #waltdisney #instadisney #disneythemepark #disneylife #lovedisneyland #disneymagic

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Originalmente el plan era viajar solamente por un año, pero el año ya termino y no tienen ganas de regresar. Así que por el momento extendieron su aventura unos 6 meses más. Los ahorros que llevaron ya se terminaron pero tienen la suerte de que todos los meses les envían el alquiler de su casa en Australia.

More wow moments at Angkor with lots of smiles and chats with Emmie and these lovely monks who were visiting for the first time. We’ve come into town for Emmie to eat as she’s only had rice in the past 24 hours – four eggs, 12 rashes of bacon and counting! 🐷🍳💙 And wifi whoop! . . . . . . #cambodia #siemreap #visitcambodia #explorerkids #khmer #angkorwat #lovecambodia #angkor #travelwithkids #traveldiaries #littlestepsasia #tinytravels #holidaywithkids #luxurytravel #travelstoke #traveldiaries #escapesnaps #wearetravelmums #angkortemples #angkorpark #traveltheworld #traveldeeper #traveljunkie #temples #siemreaptrip #travelblog #monks #angkortemple #mysomewhere #kathmandu

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This photo captures a small slice of today’s magic💫 – sunrise at Angkor Wat, Kulen Mountain waterfalls, the holy 1000 Linga (penis👊) River, the reclining Buddha and the incredibly decorative Banteay Sri temple. Emmie managed to squish in some playtime with local kids too. We are in LOVE with beautiful Cambodia 💕💕💕 . . . . . . . #cambodia #siemreap #visitcambodia #explorerkids #khmer #kulenwaterfall #lovecambodia #kulen #travelwithkids #traveldiaries #jetsetkids #tinytravels #holidaywithkids #luxurytravel #travelstoke #traveldiaries #escapesnaps #wearetravelmums #waterfall #kulenmountain #traveltheworld #traveldeeper #traveljunkie #siemreapcambodia #siemreaptrip #travelblog #traveltheworld #cambodiawithkids #mysomewhere

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Evie sostiene que viajar es mucho más fácil de lo que muchos piensan. De hecho dice que por momentos es mucho más barato que vivir una “vida normal” y por lejos más gratificante. Este año aprendió que todo lo que uno se propone lo puede cumplir y que la vida es mucho más que sentarse todos los días en un escritorio para ganar dinero y comprar cosas.

Oh what a day, I have so many photos I want to share, it was just so amazing and beautiful and peaceful 💕 We took our time today in a tuk tuk, traveling around Angkor and spending hours at Angkor Thom and Ta Phrom Kel – the temple with all the trees going through it – we stopped at the city gates, walked over moats, climbed up to the top of temples and just enjoyed being in such an incredible ancient city – no rushing, no deadlines. It was a little crowded but so quiet and calm. We climbed so much, we are soooo sore! In the afternoon we went ziplining with Flight of the Gibbon within Angkor Park – I managed to do without too many nerves and Emmie loved it so much they kindly let her go around twice, before heading back to Bakheng Hill for sunset. Oh I am exhausted. Emmie is exhausted. Pool day tomorrow 💙 oh and Emmie’s gorg dress – on the way there we discovered kids have to be covered too [shoulders and knees] so we stopped at a roadside stall and grabbed this and the hat for $7 👊 . . . . . . . . . #cambodia #siemreap #visitcambodia #temple #khmer #angkorwat #lovecambodia #angkor #travelwithkids #traveldiaries #jetsetkids #tinytravels #holidaywithkids #luxurytravel #travelstoke #traveldiaries #escapesnaps #wearetravelmums #angkortemples #angkorthom #traveltheworld #traveldeeper #traveljunkie #siemreapcambodia #siemreaptrip #travelblog #traveltheworld #camdbodiawithkids #angkortemple

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What a day yesterday! Thanks for all your kind messages and offers to help us, so many lovely things happened after not a great start to the day. And yay to the beautiful Filipino kindness 💙 Today I spent the morning on the phone to Apple [and discovered there is no @Apple! How is this possible?] and thanks to more Filipino kindness from Cebu Pacific we will be able change our flight and leave five days early for Siem Reap where there is a repair store and where hopefully my lemon will be put back together again, ready to work for another three months or so. 🍋🍋🍋 Well, I guess we all have flaws 😋 Today the resort owners here at @caalanbeachelnido asked Emmie to go to a Halloween party 🎃 with their children and local kids from the area. She had the BEST TIME – I think it’s her first kids party in all the time we’ve been away. She made some lovely little friends and we will catch up with them over the next couple of days before we leave for Cambodia. 😀 Happy Sunday and wishing you all a fabbo week ahead 💕💕💕 . . . . . . . . #cebupacificair #soulofthephilippines #philippines #coron #lovecoron #itsmorefuninthephilippines #travelph #choosephilippines #thefunnylion #travelwithkids #traveldiaries #jetsetkids #tinytravels #holidaywithkids #luxurytravel #travelstoke #palawan #philippinesphotocontest #visitphilippines #underwater #traveldiaries #wildling #escapesnaps #wearetravelmums #cebtravels #loveph #traveltheworld #traveldeeper #traveljunkie

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“Hemos viajado durante todo un año con una mochila… y ahora no hay forma de volver a mi viejo estilo de vida”.

A couple of people asked about Emmie sitting on this buffalo and why I feel it’s different to riding elephants – which we are strongly against! It’s a good question and I’d be interested to know what you think. To me there is a world of difference. This buffalo is a working animal that is traditionally used in the rice paddies around Hoi An, often growing up with a young boy who cares for it during its life. We see them all around the town, just wallowing in rice paddies with their mates and a bunch of geese. That’s the life of a working buffalo – work in the fields and then hang out when the work is done. This buffalo was clearly well cared for – they are also really valuable (around US$1000 each which is a huge amount of money here) and regardless of its owners commitment to animal welfare, financially it makes sense to care for the buffalo. In contrast, elephants are taken from their natural habitat, their spirit is cruelly broken through force and isolation and they are kept in awful conditions in elephant camps. These poor elephants are used for the amusement of tourists who watch them do ‘tricks’, jump all over them for selfies and ride in heavy metal cages on the elephants back as they climb steep hills in pain with the cage digging into their back. They are often chained in patches of dirt and kept ‘obedient’ with sharp bull-hooks that dig into their skin. It’s heartbreaking to see, as they are such beautiful animals and so gentle. Their sole purpose is to earn money from the tourist trade – it’s unnatural and cruel. And people still do it! 🐘 When we saw this buffalo in a field, its owner was laying on its back and it looked so amazing we went to take a look and Emmie asked if she could sit on the buffalo too and have a photo. The buffalo was placid and didn’t seem to mind – his owner just gently plonked the her up there and she gave the buffalo a big hug – and that was it. I didn’t have a problem with it at all – what do you think? Evie xo

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Thank you for all your well-wishes and checking in to see how Emmie went today!!! This is how I took her to school – on the back of a push-up (in 35 degrees, the rivers of sweat had not quite started yet)! It was so much fun riding along the streets and little alleys and she loved it – what a fun way to start the day and so different to before we left Sydney when I was out the door to work so early, waking her up just before I left, and not getting home til late at night. Oh my gosh what a morning 😍 The school is so lovely, I left Emmie doing morning stretches in the garden with her teacher and classmates, she was so happy and excited – and her tooth fell out last night so she had it in a little ziplock bag to show everyone!! 😂 The kids go barefoot and there’s no uniform and it’s just so relaxed. I hung out in a cafe and didn’t get much done I just had a big grin on my face, enjoying my time! I picked her up this afternoon and she had a huge grin on her face too. She made new friends, played games, practiced ‘th’ words, learned about respectful behaviours (apparently 😂) and money! We rode into the old town and collected her new dress (it looks good) and then home through chaotic bunches of motorbikes and bikes and cars that zoomed centimetres away from us – and we were *ALMOST* home when Em realised she wasn’t wearing her helmet. Apart from the safety issues it was such a pain cause we had to ride back to find it and my bum was already feeling it after not being on a bike for so long. Not sure how I will sit on the seat tomorrow, and I thought I had built up enough protective padding these last months…anyway we got home, had a swim and now Em is ready for bed and I’m having a little wine – my first since Paris and it is good! Really enjoying being here and how everything has fallen into place for us again. When you’re on the right path, good things happen 💕💕💕

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Mientras viajan por países como Taiwán, Borneo Malasia, Bali, Singapur, Malasia, Tailandia, Vietnam, Londres, París y China – donde pasaron la Navidad y el Año Nuevo – Evie ha estado enseñando a su hija, Emmie, mediante un programa escolar a distancia.

Yes we took photos with these little girls on the climb down from Wat Phra That temple on Doi Suthep mountain today. I avoided it for so long but they were so sweet and it was raining and hopefully mum lets them knock off after they reach a certain daily income. What are your thoughts about this kind of thing? I never usually give money to kids…ugh it’s a hard one. It was so stormy and rainy today so we went and saw the new movie Pete’s Dragon in a fancy pants 98% empty cinema at Maya…talk about a sob-fest but another good opportunity to talk to Em about why we shouldn’t take animals from the wild and why it’s okay to be different. But we were emotionally exhausted afterwards! Before the movie we had to stand for the Kings Anthem on the big screen. I like it! Respect! 💙💙💙 . . . . . . . . . #chiangmai #watphrathat #doisuthep #chiangmaitemple #amazingthailand #thailocalexperience #sacredtemple #travelthailand #newfriends #nagastaircase #holidatkids #fivestarkids #traveltheworld #ditchingsuburbia #thailand #lovethailand #lovechiangmai #chiangmaifun #tinytraveller #escapesnaps #huffpostau #bestday #happydays #explore #kidsexplore

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En algunos lugares como Hoi An Emmie ha podido recibir “educación formal”. Los desafíos de estar ausentes en un viaje como este son iguales a los que se tienen en una casa: el trabajo escolar, los modales, las horas de acostarse y las comidas.

It’s our anniversary! We’ve been traveling together for SIX MONTHS today!! I can’t believe it – where did the time go? It doesn’t feel like six months at all. We are so lucky to be here in Paris to celebrate – thank you so much @thaiairways for flying us over. We’re having the BEST TIME. Just got back from the Eiffel Tower at night, and we sat on the steps at the Trocadero listening to a French musician and singing along to Beatles songs with the big crowd of people from all over the world, the golden tower sparkling in the background. Had a lump in my throat as I cuddled Emmie on the steps and sung along 💙💙💙 . . . . . . #loveparis #happy #together #sixmonths #weloveparis #visitparis #parislove #eminparis #photoftheday #parisfrance #parisjetaime #pariswithkids #openmyworld #ditchingsuburbia #happydays #greatday #bestday #weloveyouparis #beautifulparis #happyinparis #bestever #trocadero #eiffeltower #anniversary #followyourdream #escapesnaps #huffpostau #funtimes

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Disneyland Paris, what a day! I’ll write a post on it soon cause there’s lots to share. There are some average things: rides breaking down, lots of construction, everything is very very slow and lacks the efficiency of other parks – and their timings are all wrong, a board will say it’s a 10 minute wait but you queue for an hour. Annoying. But also so much great stuff: omg French people crack me up, they are so much fun at Disneyland. Making jokes – especially when the rides broke down, clapping along to ALL music, singing songs – our whole boat was clapping and singing to Its A Small World for most of the ride. That’s never happened before, it was so much fun! And we went on rides we’ve never seen before, there’s a strange Aerosmith rollercoaster collab and it’s AWESOME! One of my all time faves. And the staff are just lovely and calm and chilled. We spent 13 hours in the park, walked 18km and we are knackered! Night night 💙💙💙 . . . . . . #loveparis #disneyland #disneylove #disneylandparis #weloveparis #visitparis #parislove #eurodisney #eminparis #photoftheday #lovedisney #parisfrance #parisjetaime #pariswithkids #openmyworld #ditchingsuburbia #seeparis #happydays #greatday #bestday #weloveyouparis #beautifulparis #castle #disneylandlove #lovedisneyland #disneylandparc #parisdisneyland

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A un año de su aventura Evie no se arrepiente de nada. Dice que es el mejor regalo que le pudo hacer a su hija y lo mejor que ha hecho por ella. No cambiaría nada de nada.

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Mexicana en Argentina, lo mejor de los dos mundos. Viajera. Aventurera. Amo recorrer el mundo. Positiva ante todo. Live, Laugh & Love.

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