Una chica de 27 años se acaba de convertir en la primer mujer en visitar todos los países del mundo

Cassie De Pecol, una viajera de solo 27 años, nacida en la ciudad de Connecticut, se acaba de convertir en la persona que más rápido visitó todos los países del mundo. Ojo, no solo logró ese récord, sino que también es la primer mujer que visitó cada rincón del planeta (no literalmente claro).

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An act of strength, and courage. 🦋 This is Hadeel. Before she hopped in the taxi, she hugged her two friends tightly and said goodbye. As we drove away, in the rearview mirror I noticed as her eyes welled with tears. Hadeel and I really connected and it turned out that those two young women were her sisters who she was saying goodbye to for perhaps years. Originally from the Western side of Aleppo, she said that she and her husband were one day repairing their balcony and when they finally fixed it, they went to Latakia for a vacation. However, upon their return, they found their entire home completely destroyed by the rebels. Her husband was able to gain acceptance as a refugee in Germany, braving the Aegean Sea from Turkey to Greece and then trekking along the Balkan route for 25 days until eventually reaching Germany. Hadeel had to wait a year and a half before she was granted access to live with him in Germany. At just 25, she lost her mother and at 27, her father. Now at just 28 years old, nearly the same age as I, she faces yet another testing journey. I couldn't have felt more humbled to have met her and to hear her story. But more importantly, to just tell her that everything is going to be okay, that she's strong and she will make it through. Today, she's taking her first ever flight, completely alone, after leaving her country for the first time in her life, in order to be with her husband in Germany. We all have a story, a deep story molded since birth that only we ourselves will truly know from the inside out. We're all pained in some way and by something, and no two experiences are ever the same. We're all so incredibly different in so many ways, but so much the same. The connection that I had with Hadeel, woman to woman, both at the same moment in time; both venturing out into the unknown, out of our comfort zones and a bit scared, sad, and excited all at the same time, was incredibly special. So many personal stories of humanity on this Expedition that have made me such a more humbling and understanding person, but rarely do I capture a photo in the midst of it all. Lucky I have the opportunity to share this moment with you all ❤

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Ella salió de su casa para comenzar esta gira mundial en julio de 2015, y el 2 de febrero de este año visitó Yemen, el país 196 y con el que puso un final feliz a su inimaginable aventura. Su viaje entero alrededor del mundo le llevó unos 18 meses y 26 días, rompiendo el récord anterior de tres años y de tres meses. ¿Nada mal no?
Cassie ahora está completando todo el papeleo para ser reconocida oficialmente por Guinness World Records.

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Sup? Hanging in the back of a tuk tuk asking myself, "how did I get here?" 🤔. Perhaps it's because I carved my own path and own who I am? My values are strong and I will never lose sight of where I want to be and who I represent. Hold true to your values. You are the dictator of your own life and you choose your own projections. Live in solidarity or take an immense risk and break free. But whatever you do, never stop learning, never stop educating yourself and beyond anything else, never stop challenging yourself for the better, do not be afraid of change. We can all become better versions of ourselves; kinder, more compassionate, more alive, more inquisitive. Be THE BEST of who you are. Each day, I wake up and look in the mirror… I immediately note my flaws, a daily reminder of the rawness and reality of it all… but when I look in the mirror I tell myself this, "I know who I am, my values are strong and I own my life. No one can dictate my future or my life. I'm here for a reason. Find that reason and flourish. Forget haters and naysayers…at the end of the day, I'm alive for an unknown period of time, and I own this being. No one can surpass who I am and who I've worked so hard to become. Why? Because I believe in my individuality and uniqueness. No one has ever known and will ever know the very intricacies of my life, but myself. Stay strong. Hold out. Just.Do.It.". Sound a bit egocentric? Perhaps. But we've all worked so hard to become the individuals we are today and it's crucial to hold true to our values and who we are. Be the change you wish to see in the world (Gandhi), be the POWER you wish to see in the world. Be COMPASSIONATE, strong and level-headed. Be yourself and be confident. Go out there and live the adventure. 🚀 • • • #expedition196 #expedition196entrepreneur @expedition196entrepreneur (Online Seminar Starting February 3rd)

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Ella completó la gira mundial como embajadora del Instituto Internacional de Paz a través del Turismo. A lo largo de su viaje, se reunió con alcaldes y ministros de turismo de cada país, presentándoles la “Declaración de Paz” de la organización.

A lo largo de su viaje, Cassie tomó más de 255 vuelos, plantó árboles en más de 50 países y pasó por cinco pasaportes.

Pero, ¿cómo lo hizo?

Esta chica, no solo es una aventurera sino que una persona muy inteligente. Con el fin de financiar su viaje, ahorró U$D 10.000 cuidando chicos. Y el resto de su presupuesto de unos U$D 198,000 lo consiguió a través de patrocinadores e intercambiando publicidad por hospedajes.

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Let's talk money 💰 • • • So many comments coming in asking how to afford travel like this. Step #2 of making this goal of mine a reality was to figure out how I'd be able to pay for it. Prior to this Expedition, I managed to stretch out the $2,000 I saved one summer from Lifeguarding to travel to roughly 25 countries over the span of about 2 years. Some great sites that helped me to be able to make that $2k last were: and (work in exchange for accommodation and food) (free accomodation) (cheap flights for those under 26/student/teacher) And of course, living off of bread, sleeping in train stations, and hitchhiking. • • • But for Expedition 196, I had to plan a year and a half in advance. I asked myself A) What is a sponsor? B) Why would they sponsor me, and C) How do I obtain them? It wasn't easy, sponsors are not going to invest in you if you do not have something to offer them in return. • • • Before you can even consider obtaining sponsors or investors to travel, you need to figure out what your quest is going to be, what do you have to offer the world? Traveling is great, but what's your purpose? What good will you be doing for the world through your travels and how will you help people? For me, I wanted to focus on peace through tourism and sustainability. I thought the best way to make an impact would be through an educational documentary and speaking around the world to university students. Like I said, traveling is great, but if you can utilize your travels towards making a positive impact, supporting a cause or doing something unique with it to help the world, you're one step closer towards finding funding to make your dream come true. 🐝 • • • While there's so much more to this, feel free to check out my sponsors page on my website:, my sponsorship deck is up there for all to see. I'll continue sharing tidbits as to how I made my dream a reality throughout future posts. In the meantime, loving hearing from you all! 🌎🙏🏽❤️ • • • #expedition196

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¿Y ahora qué?

Cassie cuenta que su próximo sueño, por lo tanto próxima parada, será nada menos que la Antártida. Pero antes va a competir en un triatlón en la ciudad de San Diego y dar unos cursos sobre cómo conseguir fondos para financiar un viaje alrededor del mundo.

¿Quién se anima a seguir sus pasos?

Escrito por Ger Centurión

"Cuando alguien busca, fácilmente puede ocurrir que su ojo sólo se fije en lo que busca; pero como no lo halla, tampoco deja entrar en su ser otra cosa, ya que únicamente piensa en lo que busca, tiene un fin y
está obsesionado con esa meta. Buscar significa tener un objetivo. Encontrar, sin embargo, significa estar libre, abierto, no necesitar ningún fin." Siddartha. Herman Hesse.


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