Madrid is the capital city of Spain, head of the Autonomous Community of the same name and the star of countless books, series, movies and even songs. It is known for being a place for many, welcoming people from different parts of the world and making each of them feel at home.

Like any big city, the amount of things that Madrid has to offer seems never ending and the best thing is that there are activities and places to visit that can be visited on a day-to-day basis, which sometimes go unnoticed and can be enjoyed by both tourists and tourists. who live there. In addition, it also has incredible places that are not so popular and are worth taking the time to know.

The beauty of Madrid is that it has options for all tastes and even if you want to take time to rest, it is surrounded by excellent places to take a break from the noise and movement of the city and a distance that allows you to go and return in the day .

And if we talk about gastronomy, it deserves a separate section. The culinary offer of the city of Madrid is constantly growing, with exceptional offers for all meals of the day, from breakfast and brunch onwards. And of course, like any city whose culture is made up of the participation of people from different places, it has restaurants specializing in regional foods, including Latin food.

With places to visit, know, rest and eat, below we will tell you everything you have to know the next time you are in Madrid.