10 curiosities about the choripán, the famous Argentine sandwich that ranks among the best in the world

10 curiosidades sobre el choripán, el famoso sándwich argentino que se posiciona entre los mejores del mundo
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Its name is due to a compound word that fuses chori (chorizo) and bread, thus alluding, neither more nor less, to the two basic elements that give it life. The choripán is an inseparable complement to a good Argentine grill, since when you visit the country you will see that there is no Argentine barbecue that does not start with this indigenous sandwich. However, in Argentina it is such a popular food that there does not necessarily have to be a barbecue or indoor gathering to enjoy it. In this post we will tell you some curiosities that you have to know to fully enjoy its flavor and tradition.

10 Curiosities About The Choripán
Choripán, the famous Argentine sandwich that ranks among the best in the world

Just as we are tired of seeing New York scenes with street stalls offering pizzas or hot dogs, or in the most popular cities of Italy, the trapizzino begins to prevail, a particular fusion between pizza and sandwich, in Argentina, perhaps more precisely in Buenos Aires. Aires, it is very common to find choripán stalls on the go.

Choripán Al Paso

Such is its national fame – as is its international recognition – that the famous Argentine sandwich entered the podium of the 5 best sandwiches on the planet according to the 2021 ranking of The Taste Atlas, the renowned gastronomic site that stands out for making maps of typical foods in each nation. Indeed, our recommendation is that, if you visit Argentina, do not leave without taking a good bite out of one of them. You will not regret!

10 curiosities about the choripán

It is not because they are redundant, but we cannot fail to mention that it is one of the most emblematic street foods in the country, or at least the one that Argentina has managed to appropriate as in no other destination. Here are 10 surprising curiosities to learn a little about their history and customs in the life of Argentines.

1. Its origin dates back to the 19th century

The origin of this dish dates back to a time when the gauchos enjoyed various roasts. They, unlike their urban neighbors, decided to eat the chorizo ​​with bread or cookies. The tradition was simply exquisite and so spectacular that it conquered the heart of the entire country.

2. It is in the top 5 of the richest sandwiches in the world

There is nothing better than traveling and getting to know the different customs and traditions that the destination we arrive at has to offer. Gastronomy, without a doubt, is a fundamental aspect if we want to make the most of our visit to a place. According to The Taste Atlas this 2021 the choripán deserves a place on the pedestal of the best inventions among breads: so much so that it is fourth in the leaderboard, so you will not only be trying a local menu but you will also be discovering one of the most acclaimed foods by many.

This sandwich ranks fourth in the contest, within the Great category (second in order of importance) with 4.4 stars, above the Reuben sandwich from the United States (4.2) and from croque-monsieur French (4.1).

In front of the Argentine emblem sandwich, the Montreal smoked meat, made in Canada based on smoked beef and cured with spices, were placed first; in second place, the American roast pork sandwich with roast pork; and third the Spanish serranito sandwich, which has loin or pork meat, serrano ham, tomato and fried green bell pepper.

3. In the roast, the choripán is eaten first

Like all rituals, in Argentina when it comes to attending a barbecue there are certain maxims that must be respected: applause for the barbecue, the previous snack, the wine or Fernet to accompany and, of course, that the choripán be the thing. first off the grill. However, it should be noted that this choice is not a whim, but rather because it cooks much faster than the rest of the meat. Even so, the truth is that it has already become an irreversible tradition, so a barbecue is not considered inaugurated until the first bite of choripán is tasted.

In The Asado, The Choripán Is Eaten First

4. Crusty bread is the key to success

As a good choripán taster, I will tell you that the choice of bread is everything. Well, the choice of chorizo ​​too, but there is nothing worse than cooking a good piece of meat to eat it on a bread that does not taste like paradise itself. On the other hand, if the bread is crunchy and with a good texture, you will discover a feast of flavor. In this case, the soft and crunchy texture of the French bread pairs perfectly with the crunchy skin of the chorizo. Of course, there are incredible alternatives, but the most traditional has French bread.

5. It is eaten with many sauces

There are as many salsa variables as there are Argentines, however, asado purists and fundamentalists will say that there are two that can never be lacking: the chimichurri (composed of oil from olive, vinegar, parsley, paprika, oregano, ground chili, garlic, onion) and the Creole sauce (made from onion, tomato, bell pepper, oil, oregano and vinegar).

Choripán Is Eaten With Many Sauces

6. You can eat on the street and on the go

As I mentioned at the beginning, chori does not necessarily skip the rule of sitting down to eat, in fact, it is a typical barbecue dish. But it is so versatile that it also enables the dynamic of eating standing up. A classic? Continue the tourist day with sandwich in hand. Hence its popular and street culture that even the most demanding travelers fall in love with. It is a common street food if you go to a soccer field to admire a good game of this sport.

7. It is the preferred snack for the “downfall”

With this curiosity about the choripán you will learn a little more about the culture and habits of many of the Argentines at times perhaps unknown to travelers. Maybe when you pass through Argentina, no one will tell you this detail, but did you know that the choripán is a must when it comes to going down?

If you’re wondering what we call the ‘slump’, let me tell you that this is the food you eat after a hectic night of nightlife. Argentina, of course, knows both things: parties and gastronomy. And in Buenos Aires, particularly, the choripán finds its place at the right time.

How? Well, many of the street stalls of this national snack are located by chance in the same location as most of the nightclubs in the capital -and the non-capital as well-: the Rio de la Plata waterfront. Thus, when the night ends and the first rays of the sun come out, the choripán is the energy that young people from Buenos Aires (and the whole world) choose first.

There is nothing written about tastes and it may be that, after ingesting quite a bit of alcohol, you will find it somewhat difficult to ingest, but the truth is that there are those who go out with a voracious hunger and kiss a choripán in the wee hours of the night generates almost the same happiness as finding eternal love.

8. Every year 600 million choripanes are eaten in the country

Although there are no official figures, it is stipulated – annually – that more than 500 million choripanes cheer the palate of the entire country. Translation? About 15 choripanes per person.

9. Choripanerías, a new gourmet trend to discover in Buenos Aires

In recent years, with the need to exploit the gastronomic and tourist attraction of this dish, different choripanerías : bars or gastronomic shops that offer choripán as a star product.

In this way, they have been turning a ‘sonsa’ meal into something rather gourmet, with signature touches according to each chef or steakhouse and that, without a doubt, becomes an excellent excuse to go out to enjoy meeting friends.

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10. Where to find the best choripanes in Argentina?

Some highly recommended places to fall in love with this iconic Argentine bite are:

  • Chori : This idea of ​​a choripanería al paso porteña under the name of ‘Chori‘ was led by Pedro Peña and Tato Giovannoni. The first is the chef and owner of La Carnicería, and the second is a mixologist and owner of Florería Atlántico, one of the best bars in the city of Buenos Aires (and in the world!). It is located on Thames street, considered by Time Out magazine as one of the most cool streets in the world.
  • La Choripanería : Fans of ‘< strong> chori-arte ‘, this choripanería al paso offers the best classic and extravagant versions of the choripán sandwich. It is located in local 42 in the Mercado de San Telmo (neighborhood of San Telmo, city of Buenos Aires) is also an excellent proposal to take advantage of a gourmet experience around choripán.
  • Chori from the court : We are not sure what it is that makes it irresistible or the secret ingredient that gives it a unique flavor, the truth is that, attracted by that smoke of the grill, outdoor chori tastes sooo much richer.
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