12 Ideal Plans To Do In London When It Rains

Londres con Lluvia
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That London dawns with rain is not a novelty, it is rather part of the routine of its residents and something more than expected by the travelers who visit it. The English capital is a wonderful city, a city with a lot to do and the rain is generally part of the plans of at least a day trip around the city (Have you been to London and it hasn’t rained? privileged).

That is why, for all of us who have happened, in this post we will tell you the 12 best plans to do in London with rain, plans in which you can continue to enjoy the city but “Surviving” one of those characteristics that makes it so special.

Why does it rain so much in London?

“Don’t forget your umbrella when you go out,” our mothers would say. Is it true that it rains a lot in London? The reality is that when compared to other European cities, the rains in London are not as frequent as this characteristic has gained. Yes, of course it can rain, but it happens in the same way as in Berlin, or in Zurich or in Budapest, it is not something that is exceptionally incredible although it can be surprising.


However, why has this title been earned? The reality is that the English capital is characterized (confirmed by my own experience) by cloudy days, entire weeks where the sun tries to appear between the clouds but with becoming an almost impossible task to perform.

Therefore, the reality (and dispelling myths) is that IT CAN ALWAYS rain in London, although it does not always happen, some rains will probably appear, intermittently, ideal for finding plans “Spontaneous” to solve the day. You will surely see that Londoners never carry umbrellas, custom? Discomfort? All together?

What is real is that for some strange reason, if we are traveling and it rains, we feel that the day is lost, like the sun is the only important thing to be able to enjoy a city.

London is a perfect exception and that is why we will tell you what are the best plans to do in London if it rains, plans to have “up your sleeve” and enjoy those corners of the city ​​without the weather preventing it.

What to do in London if it rains

As we have been telling you, seeing London in the rain is not unusual and knowing what to do when it happens is a great way to take advantage of the time and not be disappointed. Let’s see what are the best plans to enjoy London in the rain:

1. Visit one of its museums

The museums in London are wonderful, not only because of the themes they cover, but also because of the diversity that can be found in the city: history, science, the monarchy … everything! !

  • Low-cost travel tip: Most of London’s museums are free every day of the week!

Unmissable museums to visit in London:

  • British Museum : let’s call it one of the most famous and visited museums in England (and in the world), a museum where it is possible to find art from the time that one whatever happens to you and whatever style one looks for, from a bust of Ramses II and mummies belonging to Egypt, a moai from Easter Island and parts of the Parthenon in Athens, these are just some of the incredible exhibits that can be seen in the museum. Of course, the British Museum is free.

Travel advice: It is one of the most important museums in the city and the country, so if you have to choose just one, this should be the one at the top of the list.

What to do in London if it rains: A must-see museum day to learn about different cultural and historical aspects of the city.
  • National Gallery: Painting lovers? This is the best museum in London to visit since it has more than 2300 paintings and almost 200 years since its inauguration, preserving all its history in the form of art. Among the most important works are Van Gogh’s sunflowers or Rembrandt’s portrait. Entry is based on donations.
  • Natural History Museum : another of the almost unmissable museums to visit in the city and a great option to visit, not only in the rain but in London with children. Exhibitions of dinosaur fossil remains of any size you can think of, as well as sections dedicated to the earth and even the forces of nature.

Traveling to London with children? Do not miss our post with the best plans to do in London with the little ones.

  • Tate Modern : It is difficult to choose just a few museums to visit in London, but the Tate Modern cannot be left out of the list. It is a contemporary art museum that, despite having been inaugurated a little more than 20 years ago, has works by various renowned artists such as Pablo Picasso or Dalí, as well as young and modern artists who little by little are beginning to earn a reputation.

2. Getting around on the London Post Train and traveling back in time

Of so many museums that we have been talking about, if it is recommended to visit the London Postal Museum It might sound a bit boring, right? Or perhaps a difficult task to accomplish if you have to explain to the little ones what a postcard is or what the letters were used for.

However, the London Postal Museum protects something very particular that to this day is still a place almost unexplored by tourists but is a great option to do in London if it rains.

Inside the London Postal Museum is the Mail Train, a 20-minute ride on an underground electric train that crosses part of the route that was known to be done in the city for the delivery of mail for many, many years.

que hacer en londres con lluvia
What to do in London in the rain: Visit the city’s Postal Museum and board the famous Mail Train
  • Traveler data: entries can be obtained at this page.

3. Have a drink in Covent Garden, one of the best things to do in London in the rain

Covent Garden is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in London & nbsp; and one of the essential places to visit in the city. If it rains, no problem! Covent Garden is roofed and invites travelers to visit its small shops (where you will want to buy everything), have a drink in one of its cafes and enjoy the live shows that generally (especially on weekends). week) are presented in its internal streets.

Inside, Covent Garden also has a market, one of the most famous, Apple Market, where it is possible to buy handicrafts.

Have a drink in Covent Garden, one of the best things to do in London in the rain.
  • Fun fact: Did you know that show artists must go through auditions in order to perform their works in Covent Garden?

4. Go shopping at Harrods

Harrods is an incredible place to visit in London, an emblem of the city and practically a symbol of the streets of London.

Harrods began in 1835 as a grocery store and, as the years went by and the city grew, so did this store that today specializes in haute couture and designer clothing, inside a historical construction that, without so many hangers, could be the structure of a museum.

  • Fun fact: Harrods was the first building with an escalator in all of London, and since their customers were reluctant to use them, they were offered a glass of brandy to make them feel more encouraged to do so.

5. Visit the most representative markets

London markets are part of the city’s “trademark” and visiting at least one of them is a great plan to do in the city, whether it rains or not. Of course, we already talked about Covent Garden being an incredible place, especially in the rain, since it has almost its entire covered area, but in London there are other markets that can also be visited in the rain:

  • Greenwich Market : another covered market to visit in London, it has more than 120 stalls selling handicrafts, antiques and design, ideal for strolling and, why not, buying a souvenir from the city. Open every day except Monday.
  • Leadenhall Market: located on Gracechurch Street, corresponds to one of the most Old London, dating from the fourteenth century and one of the best plans to visit during a rainy day in the city because, of course, it is roofed. Inside the shopping center there are shops of all kinds and restaurants where you can taste the most recurrent dishes of the city.
  • Borough Market: the rain makes you hungry ( ah … just me?) and even if I didn’t, the Borough Market is one of the best places to taste typical dishes of the city and the world, in one of its many food stalls and fresh food from farmer who are inside, roofed. It was inaugurated in 1851.
image london when it rains que hacer en londres si llueve 8
What to do in London if it rains: Visit the most emblematic markets of the city

6. Tour the city’s “film studios”

London is a cinephile city, a city that has functioned as a film set for hundreds of films and series around the world. In addition to its importance in the cinema, in real life, it was also the scene of situations that have been brought to the big screen and that are remembered today in different ways. In other words, we’ve all seen London on television and there are a number of places in the city that moviegoers love:

  • The Sherlock Holmes Museum: one of the most visited museums in London represents the house where the character of the novel by Arthur Conan Doyle and his partner, Doctor Watson, lived. It is the museum exhibits, in each of its floors, stories, furniture and decorative objects alluding to the most famous detective in the world and the crimes he sought to solve.
  • Warner Studios: Who has not seen at least one Harry Potter movie? For the most fanatical, in London it is possible to visit Warner Studios and take an exclusive thematic tour of the young wizard’s films, visiting the filming sites, the places where the special effects were made and even part of the costumes that were used in the film. Definitely a great place to visit if it rains in London.

7. Visit one of the city libraries

London is a stately, orderly, cultured and historical city and represents it perfectly from its bookstores and libraries. Here we will tell you which are the most important and well-known, although our best recommendation is to look for the small “cornered” bookstores in different sectors of the city, those that almost go unnoticed.

  • British Library: one of the largest collections of books in the world is located a few meters from King Cross station, one of the most important in London. & nbsp; In addition to delighting in the amount of books, it is possible to use their tables to work or study.
  • Hatchard’s : being the oldest bookstore in London, opened in the year 1797, Harchard’s corresponds to a great place to visit in the city, a place to buy books of any kind just like … Queen Elizabeth II, this being the bookstore that supplies her books to the Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh & nbsp; and The Prince of Wales.
image london when it rains que hacer en londres si llueve 10
London in the rain: Don’t miss out on visiting one of the city’s libraries

8. Climb inside Tower Bridge

Have you seen a photo of London? Surely it is the clock tower or known as Big Ben or a fantastic bridge that crosses the River Thames: the Tower Bridge.

One of the lesser-known activities to do in London, but a great opportunity to do if it rains in the city, is visit the interior of one of the most photographed bridges in the world, visit its room of machines and visit, with a guided tour, the most interesting points of the place.


9. Take the 5 o’clock tea

London is known for its 5 o’clock (o’clock) tea and without letting it pass for anything in the world. In the city, there are hundreds of places to enjoy this delicious tradition and what better than to watch the rain fall through the window while enjoying a hot cup of tea and something delicious to accompany it.

Of course, the prices of the places where you can have tea can vary (and a lot), some hotels offer the 5 o’clock tea menu at fixed prices and for anyone who wants it (you do not need to be staying in them).

The Ritz Hotel or the Claridge’s Hotel are the most chosen for their extensive menu and different experience, although the small shops “hidden” in the streets of London are also incredible places where you can feel a local.

10. Music and good vibes in the London night

That the rain never prevents a plan in London and having a good time in a pub with live music, is a great choice to enjoy the night in the city. The island of Great Britain has been the “birthplace” of hundreds of world-renowned music artists adored by fans, no matter the years.

Music in London is really important and that is why the simple act of having a pint of beer in a bar is an unmissable activity to do in the city. city ​​(adults only, of course).


In addition to pubs and bars in London, it is also possible to enjoy music by searching for some vinyl from your favorite bands such as The Beatles, The Cure or David Bowie : Flashback or Camden Lock Market are the best known.

11. Luxurious views from the Sky Garden

London is a city where you have to keep a high budget but this does not mean that there are no free things to do (remember that most museums are free), although they can be difficult to find. Seeing the city from above is an incredible experience and, if the rain is not very strong, it is a great plan to do if the city is covered in clouds.

Luxurious views from the Sky Garden, a park in height to see London in the rain. Photo: Sky Garden London

The London Sky Garden is located on the 35th floor of the 20 Fenchurch Street skyscraper (known as the Walkie Talkie ) and, in addition to the panoramic views of the city, it is possible to enjoy an internal garden made up of different plant species from the world, as well as restaurants and concerts.

12. A boat trip on the River Thames, sailing in the London rain

One of the best things to do in London (rain, shine or hot weather) is see the city from the perspective of the river, taking advantage of the tranquility of the Thames and of the city itself, which seems arranged like a model of architecture.

The majority of the cruise agencies offer the same route, in a circular way, along the most important buildings of the city such as the London Eye, Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, Westminster Bridge, London Bridge, Tower of London and Tower Bridge, among others.

The big difference lies in the duration of the tour, in the services offered (some have dinner on board or tea at 5 in the afternoon) and even live music.

Let the rain never prevent visiting a city and less one like London, with so much to do outdoors and indoors, visiting its most representative buildings, attending its musicals, visiting museums or simply enjoying the most traditional English customs in a tea house at 5 in the afternoon. Could you tell us any more plans to do in London in the rain?

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