6 reasons (and more) to travel again to Puerto Vallarta, the jewel of the Mexican Pacific

puente jorullo puerto vallarta

“What did you think of Puerto Vallarta?”. Faced with the question, we really did not know what to answer. How to summarize so many landscapes in a single adjective?

At first glance it is a beautiful port city, but as you discover details, corners, secluded beaches … You realize that everything comes together in one place: adrenaline, adventure and relaxation, flavors and people who turn out to be all some characters.

Oh, Puerto Vallarta! How good it is to see you again! That is why we want to share our adventure on this Mexican beach, sure that it will leave the unequivocal desire to revive your desire to travel.

Nebula Project

The great novelty of this trip was the Nebula Project, with just three years of having opened its doors. Hidden and remote, it is located 1 hour and 20 minutes from Puerto Vallarta and on the site design, nature, gastronomy, good taste and local charm converge, so you will practically be visiting several places in one. Nebulosa is located in the Hacienda Las Tres Carmelitas in San Sebastián del Oeste in the middle of the forest ..

Here you will find personalized accommodation, a fantastic internal garden with hammocks & nbsp; which becomes an ideal space for rest. In its Experimental Cantina, you can authentically experiment with the vast variety of national spirits and spirits — a dream for any mixologist! Be sure to try the raicilla, a local distillate produced from agave maximiliana.

If you are looking for spectacular shots, prepare your camera, because in the butterfly farm and botanical garden with its suspension bridge, you will get more than one.

At the Jardín Nebulosa restaurant, in the heart of San Sebastián, local ingredients are the kings of the menu, and each dish has a story to tell.

The most amazing beaches

Many beaches are accessible by boat, so we set sail in search of the most beautiful beaches in Puerto Vallarta and we set ourselves the goal of knowing at least 5 beaches in the southern area, which is where the most beautiful beaches are. secluded and hidden in the middle of the jungle, surrounded by mountains, and therefore less crowded.

But the range of beaches in Puerto Vallarta – divided between North, Center and South zones – is so extensive that you will find options for all tastes, from urban, in the middle of picturesque towns; There are some with calm waters for a sunny day or with intense seas for surfing.

Puerto Vallarta
Playa Majahuitas
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PLaya del Caballo

Back on our tour, we visited Los Arcos Marine Park to enjoy an island almost to ourselves, with amazing scenery; a tiny beach called Madagascar, —and it’s not in Africa.

The third stop was Playa del Caballo, which you can find at the end of a long trekking journey in the middle of the mountain to finally dive into its waters or seaway, as we did. Majahuitas was our fourth stop, which is charming with its little hotels for the night, restaurants and even a volleyball court. Our very subjective opinion: it is the one that best does the Paraíso label, worthy of 9 “intripers”: few people, located in a cove that makes its sea calm, crystal clear and warm water, ideal for swimming, with services and calm. Touché!

Fifth stop! Red wall with its cave eroded by the sea, and the surprise of the trip: a bungee!

What about food?

Yes, Puerto Vallarta is characterized by having any variety of restaurants for any budget, but on this trip we discover the side that residents of the port enjoy, and the motto is not wrong: if you want to eat well, go where the people eat. local. We use the experience of Vallarta Food Tours to travel the Route of the & nbsp; Versailles and its corners, and it resulted in a tour that brought us closer to the culture and authenticity of the place. The adventure was by far de-li-cio-sa. Be careful, even if Mexicans tell you that a sauce is not hot, be careful with them.

The adventure

4×4 Unimog off-road vehicles will take you to what we call “an open-air amusement park”, full of adrenaline and natural beauty. Physical resistance put to the test awaits you on the Vallarta Adventures Outdoor Zipline Adventure tour to rappel down waterfalls, fly on zip lines, cross suspension bridges and slide down water slides.

Puerto Vallarta
Vallarta Adventure

Crazy fun! The best option if you are looking to spend a different day, and what is the best? It is for the whole family.

Since we were testing our physical condition, we embarked on the Canopy River tour that took us through dirt roads and rivers, ending with an amazing view from the longest vehicular suspension bridge in the world! It measures 470 meters in length and has a 150 meter drop with the Cuale River at your feet. Another must-see on your trip!

Puerto Vallarta
Puente el Jorullo

What about security measures?

Well, Mexico in general has established excellent protection and hygiene measures. Each establishment that you arrive in Puerto Vallarta, including the airport, will take your temperature, you must sanitize your hands and feet, and wear a chinstrap at all times, except when you are enjoying outdoor adventures and in restaurants. Very simple!

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