These are the 6 typical dishes of Valencia that you must try

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Undoubtedly there are food dishes that we can find in different parts of the world with a similar taste, but there are others that are typical and distinctive dishes of certain localities . Can we find them in other places? Probably yes, but the taste of them goes way beyond a combination of ingredients. In these 6 typical dishes of Valencia we also find the weight of culture, characteristics of the place and that cannot be replicated.

Valencia is the third largest city in Spain. It is a port city that has incredible places and the dishes are up to par. If we wonder what to eat in Valencia, an immediate answer can be a menu related to fish or seafood, taking into account its location, and it is true. On the other hand, it should also be taken into account that paella is one of the most distinctive typical dishes of the city , and of the Community of Valencia, but not only that but it has a much more offer great that is truly a feast of flavors.

What are the typical dishes of Valencia that you cannot stop trying

If you are looking for information about what to eat in Valencia, here is a list of the best typical dishes of Valencia that have no waste to try them during your stay:

1. Paella

Of course, if we talk about typical dishes of Valencia , the first could not be another. In fact, Valencia is considered to be the cradle of paella and from there it has spread to both the rest of Spain and the world in general. We could say that there are as many types of paella as there are people who cook them, but each of these recipes are based on the traditional Valencian one.

Paella in Valencia is not just another dish, but it even has its own day and it is September 20 . Every year, on that exact day in 2018, International Paella Day is celebrated. This initiative was launched by the Valencia City Council, together with Turismo Valencia and the Community of Valencia. In addition, it also has the collaboration of Wikipaella and the Valencia Hospitality Business Federation.

typical dishes of Valencia

The official recipe for paella, one of the typical dishes of Valencia, includes chopped chicken, chopped rabbit, tomato, paprika, saffron, rice, rosemary, garrofó, Ferradura bean and olive oil. In addition, it is customary to add snails, artichokes, also known as artichokes, or also duck . To eat it in the true Valencian style, it is advisable to do it using a wooden spoon or directly from the paella.

As explained by the organization of World Paella Day , this is the “fourth most important dish on the planet” . Something important to keep in mind is that the same paella recipe is having small modifications within the different parts of the Community of Valencia.

2. All i pebre

All i pebre is another of the typical dishes of Valencia, but what is it? If we translate it into Castilian Spanish, its name means garlic and paprika and it is a sauce that is commonly used to cook fish. In general, the fish that is chosen as the main ingredient to accompany the mixture is eel.

Although the all i pebre is the sals a, nowadays it is common to use that expression to refer to the dish already completely finished, with eel and everything and not just the sauce . It should be noted that this does not mean that it cannot be done with other fish or accompany other combinations. In fact, it is also possible to use it to accompany p repairs with meats and vegetables .

typical dishes of Valencia: All i pebre

This is one of the typical dishes of Valencia that was part of what are known as members of the “ humble fisherman’s kitchen “. That is, dishes that fishing families made in times when times were not good and they supplied themselves with what they fished and what they could grow.

Although it is believed that it is typical of the Albufera lake, which extends about 10 kilometers from Valencia, then it became more popular in the rest of the city and the Valencian Community as well.

The all i pebre can be used both as a sauce to accompany the main dish or as a cover , as they say there is nothing better than dipping the bread in the broth and have a good wine to complement.

3. Clotxins

The clòtxinas or Valencian clóchina , in Spanish, is another option that you can try if you are looking for what to eat in Valencia. It is one of the most characteristic typical dishes of the gastronomy in Valencia. This is because it is a mollusk that grows particularly in the waters of this region.

They are distinguished from the Galician mussel or the Ebro Delta for being smaller and with a finer texture, as well as being more silky. The clotxinas or clóchina de Valencia can be served as a main dish or as a starter for an incredible paella.

typical dishes of Valencia: clotxinas

A popular saying in Valencia says that you can eat clóchina during all the months that do not have ‘R’. This means that it is a seasonal dish and that the season to enjoy it is from May to August. In addition, of course, like any seasonal dish, it has a time when it reaches its best moment and in the case of Valencian clòtxinas is in the month of June.

If you have plans to visit the city in the spring or summer time, this is one of the typical dishes of Valencia that you cannot miss. At that time it is easy to find it in the restaurants and bars of the city and it is usually consumed steamed, with lemon and chili.

4. Titaina

Among the typical dishes of Valencia is also the titaina and it is characteristic of a specific neighborhood of the city. For several centuries it has been the dish par excellence of the Cabanyal-Canyamelar neighborhood. It is usually served in tapas and another name by which it is known is “pisto de Valencia”. In Spain they say “tapa” to the aperitif served in most bars and that are accompanied by a drink, in fact the expression “go for tapas” is very common to go out for a drink.

It is a traditional dish that used to be made mainly during Christian Holy Week , when according to this religion you cannot eat meat, but it is currently eaten throughout the year. So, no matter what time of year you decide to visit Valencia, you will not miss the titaina.

typical dishes of Valencia: titaina

The recipe for this dish is made up of a mixture of tomatoes, red and green peppers, garlic, oil, salt, sugar, pine nuts and tonyina de sorra or tuna belly, which would be the fattiest part and juicy from the fish . It is worth noting that this last ingredient, be it the Trojan or the belly, is the most important in the dish.

An advantage of this typical Valencian dish? It can be eaten both hot and cold.

5. Valencia rice

Rice occupies a preponderant place in the local gastronomy and if you are thinking about what to eat in Valencia, with this option we will already save you the answer. Its success is probably due to the fact that for centuries the Community of Valencia has been considered “land of rice” . The origin of this practice dates back to the 8th century, when the Arabs inhabited this territory and it was in the 19th century when it was allowed to cultivate on land that was not suitable for other crops.

typical dishes of Valencia: arròs al forn

Different varieties of rice are produced in the city, which also means that there are a large number of typical Valencian dishes whose main ingredient is this cereal. Some of these are:

  • Senia type rice : these are rices that absorb flavors well and have a creamy and pleasant texture once cooked. This category includes the Bahía, Senia, Gleva, J. Sendra, Montsianell.
  • Bomba rice: it is one of the most loved by rice growers, and this is because it retains its flavor even when it is cooled and You can walk for a few more minutes without being passed.
  • Albufera rice: it is creamy and maintains all its properties after cooking.

One of the typical dishes of Valencia that are made with rice is, as we already told you, the paella , and it is added the fideuà or the arroz a banda, arròs al forn, the arròs amb crust, arròs empedrat and others.

6. Fideuá

This typical Valencian dish is very similar to the typical and well-known paella but instead of being made with rice, it is made with noodles . Regarding the origin of this menu, the story that was told over time is that the cook of a fishing boat changed his recipe from rice to banda. What he did was change the main ingredient, rice, for noodles, and this was so popular that it became popular throughout the Community.

The main ingredients of this dish are pasta noodles, whether thin or thick, whitebait broth, fish and shellfish . It is cooked in a large wide and flat pan, the same as the one used to cook paella, although it is possible to cook it in a casserole. One detail to keep in mind is that although the best-known fideuá is made with fish , it can also be made from chicken and rabbit.

typical dishes of Valencia: fideua

The key to this dish is to be cooked in parts and pay close attention to stir-fry , since it is the main element to give a great flavor to the fideuá. Then the noodles are added to that stir-fry so that they absorb the flavor well, and later the broth is incorporated. This dish can be served with accompanied by a little aioli.

The gastronomy of the different places is a beautiful way to get to know them. It gives us a different point of view, connects us with the flavors of the place and, without a doubt, helps us to know a little more about that culture. So, you know, to get to know this region in a unique way these are the typical dishes of Valencia that you cannot stop trying.

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