7 Free Museums in New York that are worth visiting

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New York is a city that never ceases to amaze and its museums are part of the attractions for which travelers visit. Finding free museums in New York is, although it is hard to believe, a simple task because, almost like a perfect organization for travelers, there are certain days of the week that are key to being able to enter for free and enjoy the hidden wonders within a city such as the G ran Manzana.

Do not miss this post where we will tell you which are the free museums in New York and what day you have to visit them to spend … nothing!

7 Free Museums in New York that you cannot miss

1. 9/11 Memorial Museum

During every Monday of the month, the 9/11 Memorial Museum opens its doors for free so that travelers can enter between 3.30 and 5 in the afternoon, by pre-registering on your website from 7 in the morning of the same day.

Free museums in New York: 9/11 Memorial Museum.

It is a museum that recounts the chilling events that happened on the morning of September 11, 2001 through the stories of survivors and family members, artifacts and objects on display.

Photo: Augie Ray

Traveler data: in this web page pre-registrations are made.

2. Cooper-Hewitt

This design museum represents one of the characteristics that most stands out in New York City: fashion. The museum is ideally arranged for lovers of design and fashion and, at least until October 31, 2021, has free admission every day of the week.

Free museums in New York: Cooper-Hewitt. Photo: Robbie Sproule

As in most museums, the free days or, in this case, the free months can vary, so it is always advisable to check with the website of the place before entering.

Photo: ajay_suresh

3. Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace

Museums, there are hundreds and for all tastes and, for travelers interested in the history of the United States, a great place to visit and considered part of the free museums in New York is the house where he was born and raised, until he was 14 years old. old, the 26th president of the United States: Theodore Roosevelt.

Free Museums in New York: Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace. Photo: Matt Howry

The museum is completely free and allows you to “travel back in time” to 1858 to get to know the house, the rooms that made it up and the objects belonging to the Roosevelt family.

4. New York Library

Is it a museum? Not specifically, but it could be without question. The New York Library is an amazing site that, despite not being strictly a museum, it is worth a visit for its rooms and the volumes of historical books that it preserves (for that reason it could be a museum).

Free museums in New York: the New York Public Library.

Admission is free and a visit takes you through part of the history of the city. Guided visits or audio tours can be carried out inside the library, depending on the preference of the travelers.


5. Frick Collection

During Thursdays between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m., Frick Collection offers, not 100% free tickets, but tickets under the pay what you wish mode, this means that each traveler can choose the money they pay for the ticket, which generally starts at $ 1.

Free museums in New York: Frick Collection. Photo: J. Annie Wang

This means that with just one coin, it is possible to enter this curious collection of art, from different periods and national and international artists.

Photo: Paul Gorbould

6. Museo Guggenheim

From the most realistic to the most abstract art, from the most incredible architectural exhibits housed in a building that never ceases to amaze and the endless events and sculptures that take place make the Gugenheim Museum a must within the trip to New York.

Guggenheim museum.

The entrance to the Museum is paid for almost every day, however, there are some “tricks” to keep in mind to include it in the list of Free Museums in New York :

  • Saturdays pay as you wish between 4 and 6 in the afternoon : every Monday from 12 noon, the Tickets pay as you wish through the museum’s website, they can sell out quickly but it is a great way to pay little money to enter this fantastic museum.
  • Free Saturdays : during 1 Saturday of each month, the entrance to the museum is completely free, it is not always the same, so you have to check and book your ticket in advance on the museum’s website.
Free museums in New York: Guggenheim Museum.

7. Jewish Museum

For those interested in Jewish history, art and culture, the Jewish Museum is one of the most complex in all of New York City. On Saturdays, the Jewish Museum offers completely free tickets that can be purchased on the museum’s website to organize both the date and time of entry.

Free museums in New York: Jewish Museum.Photo: Jewish Museum

Of course, not all museums in New York are free, but knowing which days you can visit without having to pay a lot of money makes it a great way to organize to explore that side of the Big Apple: culture, history and art ready to be discovered.

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