7 hidden markets and places to eat and drink in Mexico City

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Food is usually one of the main items when planning a trip and itineraries s for the different days that we will spend in the same destination. In that sense, where to eat plays a major role in our budget, since it is often an expense that can exceed us if we have a tight budget. Now, the Mexico City is known for International way for its great variety of flavors and proposals , in addition to being quite inexpensive compared to other major world capitals. Next, we will discuss seven markets and hidden places to eat and drink in Mexico City so that you take into account and enjoy a true Mexican experience during your vacations.

City from Mexico: land of varied flavors

In Intriper whenever we talk about Mexico City we not only highlight the warmth of its people, its attractions and its rich history, but also the spectacular and unique of its gastronomic offer . It is no coincidence that we find small Mexican restaurants in all parts of the world, something that undoubtedly reflects the passion that Mexican food awakens in other people. On our trip to Mexico City, we will not only be able to enjoy these special flavors, but we will also be able to see the different options to find on the street to see which ones best suit your preferences and budgets . < strong> Markets, inns, bars and street stalls are some of the alternatives most chosen by both locals and the thousands of tourists who choose this destination.

1. Tostadas Coyoacán: a local experience

Nowadays almost there is a place in Mexico City that does not know the Tostadas Coyoacán . This gastronomic offer has become so famous in recent years that it had to expand its business within the busy Coyoacán Market . It is important to bear in mind that in Mexico, a tostada may not be the same as in your country of origin: here it is a crispy corn tortilla, which may or may not be fried. It is one of the most popular meals in the country due to its quick preparation and the ease with which it can be combined with other dishes and tastes.

hidden markets and places to eat and drink in mexico city

Within its gastronomic offer, in Tostadas Coyoacán you can find from the most classic tastes to much more sophisticated options that can include, for example, octopus or shrimp. At a more than economical price, each toast is abundant, so depending on your appetite you can consider yourself done with one or two. The real challenge, however, is to find a place, since it is very crowded . The point in favor, however, is that the attention in the premises characteristic for its yellow color is more than fast. It opens from Monday to Sunday and its hours are from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. The address of the Coyoacán Market is Ignacio Allende on the corner of Xicoténcatl

2. “El borrego Viudo”: authentic Mexican tacos

If you travel to Mexico and you didn’t try their tacos, did you really travel to Mexico? In Mexico City you can find an infinity of offers of this traditional dish, with multiple additions and variants. In the case of “El borrego viudo” , you can not only marvel at its flavors, but also with its innovative way of serving you: if you are one of those people who enjoy eating on top of the car or who prefers to eat at home, < strong> you can come and be treated directly above your car. Of course, there is also the opportunity to eat directly in the dining room thanks to its 24-hour service. & nbsp;

hidden markets and places to eat and drink in mexico city

Dentro de su variedad de gustos existen los tacos al pastor (el gusto más popular en México), así como otros gustos muchos más exóticos y tradicionales. Además, sus salsas también gozan de gran popularidad, siendo consideradas una parte esencial de la oferta. También podrás hallar bebidas típicas del país y sentirte un mexicano más en Mexico City. Su dirección es Avenida Revolución 241, esquina con Viaducto.

3. La Oaxaqueña: tradición que se valora

Volviendo a los tradicionales mercados, podemos encontrar el mercado de Portales, repleto de ofertas para comer. Ente esa inmensa variedad, podremos encontrar un local que ofrece desde hace 40 años sus históricos guisados, tortillas y una riquísima y fresca agua de fruta natural. La Oaxaqueña, en ese sentido, sabe combinar los gustos más típicos de la zona con una atención rápida para quienes cuenten con poco tiempo entre destino y destino y además cuenta con precios más que amigables para nuestros bolsillos.

hidden markets and places to eat and drink in mexico city

Two dishes that cannot be missed in this place is the pancita (a typical Mexican broth where the beef belly is cooked in a sauce that has red chili, one of the ingredients most celebrated by tourists ) and tlayudas (corn tortillas with different fillings and preparations ). Its hours are Monday to Sunday from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and the address of the Portales market is February 5, 1388, San Simón Ticumac.

4. Tortas del Recreo: a piece of street history

In Mexico there is a tradition of positions that were born from the need to find a way to earn a living. Paulino Cruz, 54 years ago, decided to start with his wife a small street stall (known as “changarritos”) of cakes and tlocayos at the door of his house. It is important to know that cakes in Mexico are not cakes, but sandwiches with different fillings. For its part, the tlocayos are a thick oval tortilla, prepared with corn dough, which can be filled with various ingredients.

hidden markets and places to eat and drink in mexico city

Located in the Zapotla neighborhood, in the Iztacalco delegation, Tortas del Recreo has decades of loyal customers and it is already part of the local imprint despite the death of its founder Don Paulino. This family tradition continues and you can find cakes with olive oil, oregano, avocado, butter, leg with dressings and much more. It is also recognized for its fresh waters. Its address is Avenida del Recreo 81, Zapotla, and the good thing is that its hours are quite long: from 11 in the morning to 1 in the morning.

5. Buenavida Fonda: the best of Mexican fusion

Without a doubt, Buenavida is one of the most popular restaurants in Mexico City, since it is a great option to change a bit the routine of meals on the go without losing the native touch. This kind of Mexican fusion food takes the richest and most ancient of Mexican cuisine while combining unexpected ingredients and dressings , making it a major surprise for both locals and tourists.

hidden markets and places to eat and drink in mexico city

In that sense, it is no coincidence that you are in Roma Norte, one of the areas of Mexico City most recognized for its culinary imprint . This place is a little more expensive than the previous ones, but it has more options, since it offers breakfast, snacks and also vegan options . In addition, it is a great environment to go for a beer or a drink during the night , so it becomes a more than promising option. Its hours are from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. and its address is Tabasco 101-A, Roma Norte.

6. Kitchen Mary: the simple of the good

The market of San Juan – Arcos de Belén, is one of the best kept secrets within Mexico City, since there you can find a variety of products, services and more. From clothing arrangements, American fairs, orthodontics or hairdressing, this colorful market serves to learn even more about the daily life of the locals. One of the stores inside is Cocina Mary, a small place where flavor and a variety of dishes abound at a very low price.

hidden markets and places to eat and drink in mexico city

Mole is one of their specialties : vegetables and meats served with traditional sauces rich in taste and, if you wish, also in spicy. Their hours are from 7 in the morning to 5 pm and the address is Av Arcos de Belén s / n, Colonia Centro, Centro, Cuauhtémoc.

7. The corner of chilaquil: a flavor bomb

Finally, one of the most popular options within Mexico City: The corner of chilaquil . These Mexican cakes have been part of local life for 16 years thanks to the street stall located between Tamaulipas and Alfonso Reyes avenues, in the Condesa neighborhood. That crossroads, of course, now bears the name of “the corner of chilaquil” thanks to that morning option that is one of the most popular.

hidden markets and places to eat and drink in mexico city

Los fanáticos de este lugar, que no son pocos, lo llaman “La Güera” y pueden esperar hasta media hora con tal de probar estas tortas con cochinita, milanesa o pollo rebosado. Además, existe la opción de “la Bomba”, la cual es una combinación de esos tres gustos. Es importante tener en cuenta que su horario es reducido, ya que abre de lunes a domingo de 8 a 12 horas. Su dirección es Avenida Tamaulipas 146, esquina con Alfonso Reyes, Condesa.

Como habrás podido ver, las opciones son tan variadas como exquisitas. Si hay algo que te podemos garantizar, es que en México no te faltarán las oportunidades de comer rico y a un precio accesible. Anímate a descubrir tus propios lugares y déjate sorprender por una gastronomía ancestral y abierta a la innovación al mismo tiempo.

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