What to do in Cancun when it rains? 7 proposals to enjoy Mexico at all times

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What about Cancun with rain? Whoever thinks of traveling to Cancun and the beaches of Mexico, is surely thinking of resting on the white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, diving and snorkeling with fish of different colors and nightlife that, in many opportunities, can be developed outdoors. In the imaginary traveler, all these sequences appear under a radiant sun, of course.

However, some days of the year it may happen that the weather does not accompany in the best way and there is a day that you have to enjoy Cancun when it rains. Do you have to stay in the hotel watching movies? Of course not! (or yes), in this post we will tell you 7 different options to do in Cancun when it rains and not waste a day of your well-deserved vacation. Take note! Although of course, hopefully you don’t have to use it.

Does this mean that it always rains in Cancun?

As we told you before, travelers who choose Cancun to spend their vacations seek to visit the different beaches that surround the peninsula, enjoy diving into a temperate sea, crystalline and of different shades of blue, to have some drink in the beach bars and to enjoy the funniest parties, which generally have an outdoor area.

In Cancun, there is an average of sunny days that varies between 240 and 250 days a year although, having a tropical climate, rains can appear at any time.

The best time to visit Cancun is between December and April which, despite being the “winter” season, low temperatures are non-existent. The rainy months in Cancun develop especially between May and October, although more frequently in autumn (especially the month of September) where there is even the possibility of receiving hurricanes.

Traveler advice: that the Mexican summer does not discourage you from traveling, generally the rains are tropical, so they usually appear during the afternoon and last few hours.

What to do in Cancun when it rains?

In this section we will tell you 7 options to enjoy the Mexican city in the best way, for those who travel alone, with friends, as a couple or even as a family with small children (¿Traveling to Cancun? Family? Don’t miss the best hotels in Cancun to go with children ).

1. Exploring the cenotes, one of the best things to do on a rainy day in Cancun

With or without rain, exploring the cenotes of Cancun should be considered one of the best things to do in the Yucatan Peninsula. A cenote is a natural pool of fresh and crystalline water formed by a river underground, mostly formed in the peninsula due to erosion and that, the Mayan culture, has given it a sacred meaning.

  • Did you know that in the Yucatan Peninsula there are interconnected cenotes with outlets to the sea?

Cenotes are generally found in caves so being “roofed” allows it to be a great visit and a unique experience to take advantage of Cancun with rain since, if we go to wet, let it be in a cenote.

Cancun When It Rains
Exploring the cenotes, one of the best things to do on a rainy day in Cancun.

Swimsuit, waterproof shoes (so as not to get hurt by the rocks) flashlight in hand and goggles to enjoy an incredible experience of visualizing the underground bed shining through you itself, the ceilings of the caves and the animals that, curious, appear in the dark forming a landscape practically unique in the world.

Generally, the water temperature is usually in optimal conditions, due to the limestone of the rocks that, together with the outside environment, form a kind of microclimate inside, which allows it to be enjoyed of snorkeling and diving for hours and even of activities such as zip lines and points to jump into the water (do you need to know more about diving in the cenotes of Mexico? Don’t miss this post )

  • How much does the entrance to the cenotes in Cancun cost? The price of the cenotes in Cancun varies between 75 and 300 Mexican pesos. The tours are higher priced but include the necessary transfers and equipment to enjoy them in the best way.

What are the best cenotes to visit in Cancun?

The 5 most visited cenotes in Cancun (although there are many more in Riviera Maya and Playa del Carmen, a few kilometers from the city):

  • Cenote Kin Há
  • Cenote Lucero Verde
  • Cenote Zapote
  • Cenote Choj-Há
  • Cenote Fantasma

2. Visit a museum, a great alternative to do in Cancun with rain

One of the great alternatives to do if it rains in Cancun is visit one of the city’s museums. This can be an interesting option to get to know something more about the Yucatan Peninsula, of its history, its culture and the vestiges of the strong presence of the Mayan culture in the area.

What are the best museums to visit in Cancun?

The Mayan Museum of Cancun

The Yucatan Peninsula preserves a very important Mayan legacy, and the more than 350 objects exhibited in the Mayan Museum of Cancun allow travelers to“ travel in time ” and learn more about this ancient civilization. This is the first archaeological museum in the area and one of the most important in the entire country.

Cancun When It Rains
The Mayan Museum of Cancun, one of the best museums in the Yucatan Peninsula. Photo: David Stanley
  • Opening hours of the Mayan Museum of Cancun: from Tuesday to Sunday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Cost of entry: 80 Mexican pesos.
Cancun Wax Museum

For celebrity fans, the Cancun Wax Museum is a great option to do in Cancun in the rain. Inside the Museum, located within the La Isla Shopping Village shopping plaza, there are distributed more than 100 wax figures of famous Mexican and international characters, ready to see every detail of their training and of course, take out countless photos with Elvis Presley, Queen Elizabeth II and even The Beatles.

  • Cancun Wax Museum Hours : every day from 10 in the morning to 10 at night.
The Ka Yok Planetarium

Among the experiences to do in Cancun on a rainy day, a great opportunity to visit something else in the city is to visit the Ka Yok Planetarium, super interactive, with virtual reality rooms, 360-degree projections and an astronomical observatory where you can see, through a telescope, the sun, moon and even some planet. It is an ideal activity to do in Cancun with children.

3. Visit the Mayan archaeological sites of the Yucatan Peninsula

We have already seen that rainy days are not an impediment within Cancun and learning more about the Mayan civilization of the Yucatan Peninsula is a great idea to enjoy one of the most important aspects of the region.

Chichén Itzá, one of the wonders of the world and one of the best options to take advantage of Cancun in the rain

The Mayan pyramid of Chichén Itzá is located less than 200 kilometers from downtown Cancun and this makes it a great alternative when the weather is not 100% good. If the day is cloudy, it is even more pleasant to visit the archaeological site, since there is no need to worry about the terrible heat strokes that can be increased by the sun’s rays.

Cancun When It Rains
Chichén Itzá, one of the wonders of the world, one of the best options to do in Cancun with rain. Photo: Devin Stein

The great pyramid of Chichén Itzá consisted of the heart of the Mayan empire, in the ceremonial center that, according to history, was founded in 250 AD.


One of the Mayan archaeological sites closest to Cancun is Tulum and it is located 130 kilometers south of the city center, being a site a little smaller than Chichen Itzá but, having It has been a walled city, with hundreds of ruins to visit. The best thing about Tulum is that it is close to different cliffs towards the sea which, despite being on a rainy day, is really impressive to see.

Tulum When It Rains
Tulum, an incredible place to visit in Cancun. Photo: hobvias sudoneighm

Travel advice: in case the weather complies, enjoying a bath in the blue waters of Tulum is a great recommendation to do in the ruins themselves.


Located about 40 kilometers from Tulum, also on the Riviera Maya, are some Mayan ruins in the middle of the jungle, forming a landscape that looks like an explorer movie. The Coba ruins occupy almost 125 square kilometers, but what stands out the most of the whole place is the pyramid of Nohoch Mul, with 120 steps, one of the highest in the Peninsula.

Coba When It Rains
Coba, one of the Mayan archaeological sites of the Yucatan Peninsula. Photo: Alejandro C

4. Shopping day, a great option for rainy days in Cancun

As they say in Mexico, Shopping Malls are large centers with hundreds of stores, generally indoors, where you can buy everything: from the best-known brands to places with handicrafts and objects to take to souvenir house.

Best places in Cancun to buy souvenirs :

  • Plaza la Fiesta (Boulevard Kukulcan km 9 s / n In front of the Zona Hotelera Convention Center)
  • Market 28 (Xel-ha Mz 13, 28)
  • Mexican Party (Blvd. Kukulcan Km 13, Hotel Zone)

But the Commercial Squares do not only have shops, some of them have mechanical games to entertain the little ones, restaurants (with delicious Mexican food or from other countries), where to have lunch or dinner or even some have cinemas where they can be distracted until it passes. bad weather.

5. Tour the theme parks (with places to visit regardless of the rain)

The theme parks of the Yucatan Peninsula are part of another of the great options to do in case Cancun wakes up with rain. Of course there are certain sectors that, if the rains are very strong, they may be closed but there are others that, regardless of the weather, can be enjoyed and take advantage of the day in Cancun.

Xcaret, one of the best theme parks in the world

As we told you, it was awarded several times as one of the most fantastic theme parks in the world and ( from my own experience ) it is. Xcaret is like a small town with “everything”: from water slides where you can slide, an underground river to swim for several meters (which does not close due to rain) through caves, vegetation and even “Mayan ruins”, restaurants and shows of Mexican folklore to enjoy culture at its best.

Xcaret When It Rains
Xcaret, one of the best theme parks in the world. Photo: Erik


Xplor is a park with zip lines, underground passages, caves with stalactites and stalagmites, raft navigations through underground rivers, amphibious vehicles to explore the jungle and dozens of other activities that, despite some being outdoors, the sites are covered and allow travelers enjoy adventure, a rainy day in Cancun.


As its name seems, Xenses is a theme park (within Xcaret) where to let yourself be carried away by the senses. Thanks to its two opening hours (in the morning and in the afternoon), travelers can enjoy optical illusions, scenes of earth, fire and water and different activities such as immersing in mud, purification with jets of water and zip lines.

6. A day of relax in a spa

It may not be the best option for families, although if children can be cared for by other people, why not do something different? There are as many spas in Cancun as the hotels found on the Peninsula and, reserving a spa day for a rainy day in the city is probably a great option to keep the climate “Relaxation” that many travel looking for, in addition to the benefits of each treatment.

Many hotels have availability in their spas, despite not being guests staying there or directly in the center, there are several spa options and treatments to relax on a rainy day.

7. Go clubbing and enjoy Cancun’s smartest nightlife

What does it matter if it rains if there is good music, a good atmosphere and drinks ? The nightclubs in Cancun are known worldwide, especially for having theme nights where each one “dresses” in a different way and even they develop shows within the dance floor itself.

Coco Bongo is one of the best known nightclubs although, for those who prefer a a bit calmer climate (which hardly happens) there are also bars with tables and music to enjoy, even if there is no starry sky.

Traveler fact: most of Cancun’s nightclubs and night attractions are located on Boulevard Kukulcán, the avenue that runs through the hotel zone.

Knowing what to do in Cancun with rain opens a range of the most varied possibilities : shopping, culture, history and fun (or everything combined!), ideal to learn more about one of the most visited places in all of Mexico, from another perspective. Save this post for when you travel! ????????????

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