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Nueva York en Verano
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We will never tire of stating that New York is one of those cities in the world where no matter how cold, hot, windy, rainy or what falls from the sky, there are always things to see and do. The cosmopolitan American city attracts millions of tourists from all over the world throughout the year, enchanting them with its museums, musicals, outdoor spaces and attractions that, together, make up one of the most varied cities of the world, not badly called, the Big Apple.

Visiting New York in summer corresponds to one of the months most chosen by brave travelers who, regardless of the high temperatures, take advantage of the long days to travel to the fullest. Planning a trip to New York? Do not miss this post where we will tell you the 10 best plans to do in New York in summer, a city with a lot to discover.

What is the weather like in New York in the summer?

The weather in New York in summer can be somewhat extreme, sharing characteristics with its neighboring cities in the eastern United States. Traveling to New York in summer (approximately from June 21 to August 21) implies walking its streets at high temperatures during the day, being able to easily reach 30 degrees Celsius and, at night, maintain around 20 degrees on average.

Of course, all our readers in the Caribbean must be thinking that this is something usual in their countries of origin, but what makes the heat of New York considered “extreme” is that the concrete of the streets and buildings generate a different sensation and increase the temperature of the room.

The weather in New York in summer can be a bit extreme but ideal to take advantage of the long days and do the thousands of activities that the city offers.

So, don’t you have to visit New York in the summer? Of course not! That high temperatures do not scare travelers, but the city is absolutely prepared for all climates, even the warmest ones and nothing that fresh water or air conditioning cannot solve.

Section for prepared travelers: What clothes to bring to visit New York in summer?

Although the average temperatures may be pleasant (hot for some) but not at all extreme, there are days, especially in the month of July, where the thermometer can announce 40 degrees centigrade, affirming the concept of “extreme heat” that we have been talking about. For all travelers who are going to visit New York during this time of year, it is advisable to pack in your suitcase:

  • Light clothing: especially light colors and comfortable clothing that is known not to bother when walking.
  • Sunscreen : Of course it can be bought in the city but it is advisable not to forget to take it or buy it, because, even if one is walking, the sun is very strong.
  • Sunglasses and a cap.
  • A light jacket: this element is key for the mornings and when the sun begins to go down.
Qué Ropa Debo Empacar Para Visitar Nueva York En Verano
What to wear when visiting New York in summer: Light clothing and sunscreen are essential in your luggage

Is it advisable to visit New York in summer or winter?

It all depends on the type of traveler that you consider yourself part of, of course the high temperatures can be exhausting but the advantage of visiting New York in summer is that the days are usually sunny, the rains are practically scarce < / strong> and, the best thing, is that the sun stays in the city for long hours, allowing tourists to go to the smallest point, enjoying the avenues, streets and corners, stopping at outdoor fairs and cooling off in the city parks (we’ll tell you about it).

During winter, low temperatures can affect the walk but, as we told you before, the city is fully prepared and there is a lot to see and do. If you want to compare the city in both seasons, we recommend that you check our guide of 10 activities to do in New York in winter to find out what to do in the city during the lowest temperatures of the year.

So what can you do in New York in the summer?

1. Bike tours to beat the heat

If it’s already hot, let’s keep having it! A great way to get around part of the Big Apple is by a bike or bike tours through the most touristic neighborhoods of Manhattan. Of course, you cannot visit the whole city because the streets are long and the heat in summer hits, but it is a great opportunity to see the city from another perspective, exercising and descending as you wish.

Bike tours to beat the heat in New York. Photo: Ken Mayer

There are some agencies that carry out these tours accompanied by a guide or, ideal for more independent travelers, bicycle rental companies offer maps and guides so that each one can set up their own circuit, stops and places to go through the city.

  • Travel tip : one of the best places to rent a bike in New York is on the corners of Central Park, the most important park of the city.

2. Better on foot? Free walking tours in New York

This modality ( that we love) is one of the best ways to get around the city, at least a first glance, to better position yourself as a traveler and get to know the most incredible anecdotes and curiosities of the most famous neighborhoods of the Big Apple. The Free Walking Tour is a free walking tour where the price paid is only the tip that is given to the guide at the end of the tour.

Thanks to its popularity and good reviews, many are the agencies, lately, they are adopting this modality in different parts of the world and New York, is not the exception.

Image New York In Summer Que Hacer En Nueva York En Verano
What to do in New York in summer: Free walking tours are an ideal alternative to get to know the city

As Manhattan is a huge place, the Big Apple has different free tours that depart from different areas and with different themes and that is why one can meet several agencies throughout the city, being a great option to take advantage of during the summer day in New York.

3. Attending the most famous events in the city, an ideal plan to do in New York when it is hot

The good summer weather makes everyone want to go outdoors and residents and tourists are invited to events held in different areas of the city, covering each month of the season:

  • SummerStage Festival : this festival takes place throughout the summer in Central Park, beginning in June and featuring artists and bands, dance performances, and food stalls, all with free admission (but limited capacity).
  • Bryant Park Movie Nights : Also in June Bryant Park Film Festival features free outdoor performances.
  • Independence Day Festival : America’s independence is celebrated on July 4 and the whole city (and the country) is dressed in the colors of the flag that represents them. In New York, parades, musical presentations and fireworks shows are held in different parts of the city.
  • Of course, every year there are events and festivals that are added to the usual agenda, so it is always advisable to check on the internet which ones are being presented at the time one travels.

4. Central Park is always a good idea, especially in the summer in New York

The most important, cinematic, famous, visited and largest urban park in New York is Central Park and there is no time of year where it is not a good idea to be able to walk along its trails and enjoy the thousand and one attractions it has to offer, places to rest and places to visit.

During the summer in New York, Central Park becomes a perfect place to seek the shade of a tree, have a picnic or simply take a break from the long walks that can be done in the city. In addition to the hundreds of places within Central Park that there are to visit, during the summer there are fairs and food stalls or even festivals that take place in the different sectors of the park.

  • Traveler advice: here is our complete guide of what to do in Central Park and, as a travel recommendation, if you plan to travel to Central Park, always ask a map in the south corner of the park where, in addition to information, the events that take place that month are presented.

5. Urban beaches to beat the heat in New York

Did you know that New York has a beach? The big city always amazes and that it has a beach a few minutes from downtown is a very pleasant surprise, especially to beat the heat and relax.

What are the beaches near New York?

  • Long Beach: is located on the island of Long Island, located one hour from Penn Station (in Manhattan) where, in addition to the wide beaches and the possibility of renting umbrellas and lounge chairs, it has places to have lunch or dinner and shops to walk around.
  • Brighton Beach: located in Brooklyn and less than an hour from Manhattan is another of the beaches to visit in New York, ideal for a hot day and for those looking for quiet places where rest.
  • Rockaway Beach: located in Queens and with easy access by ferry or subway, this wide 11-kilometer beach attracts fishermen, surfers and anyone who wants to beat the heat of the city.
New York in summer is best lived with a little sea: Write down some of its best beaches to visit

Thinking about Coney Island? It deserves a separate chapter.

6. Visiting Coney Island, one of the best options to do in New York in summer

Where it seems that time has stalled, where it is the ideal place to have fun and see something different in New York and where participating in a hot dog contest is “common currency”, it is Coney Island, one of the best plans to do in New York in summer (come on, in spring and fall too).

Coney Island is a complex of waterfront amusement park, parades, quirky museums, shows, shops and restaurants “stuck in time” in the early 20th century. Everything has the same atmosphere, decor and film-set-like that attracts thousands of tourists a year, especially during the summer, thanks to the good weather and long hours of the day.

  • How to get to Coney Island from New York? The Manhattan subway (with different lines) connects the island with Coney Island, It has its own station, so in almost an hour it is possible to arrive in a sector completely different from what is seen in the heart of the Big Apple.

7. Admire the views with a cocktail from the rooftops of Manhattan

The skyscrapers of Manhattan are not only a group of offices or a beautiful postcard of the city, they also many of them have terraces (also called rooftops ) with bars where you can taste the richest signature cocktails, enjoying the views and pleasant New York nights with which the city is blessed between June and August.

Admiring the views with a cocktail from the rooftops of Manhattan is a great way to enjoy summer in New York. Photo: Chris Ford

Some of the buildings and hotels have this type of terrace with bars that invite travelers to taste drinks and photograph the lights of a wonderful city.

Rooftops must-see in New York:

  • B54 at the Hyatt Times Square Hotel
  • Supernova at the Novotel
  • 230 Fifht (with incredible views)
  • The Crown

& nbsp; 8. Travel by ferry and enjoy the city from another perspective

New York in summer has a lot to do, although sometimes the heat can hit hard. One of the best recommendations that can be taken into account when touring the city during the summer season is try to avoid the subway, especially in peak hours or during the afternoon because the atmosphere can be suffocating.

A great option that can be done in New York in summer is to take a ferry ride, a different way and a good alternative to, as we said before, enjoying the city from another perspective.

Image New York In Summer Que Hacer En Nueva York En Verano 1
Traveling by ferry is a great plan to enjoy the summer in New York

The most famous ferry and most chosen by low cost travelers (since it is free) is the ferry to Staten Island which, although it does not descend on the island of the Statue of Liberty, has the best views and photo opportunities of the “queen of the Big Apple”.

  • The ferry to Staten Island departs from southern Manhattan, just minutes from Wall Street.

9. Visit Governors Island, a great summer season plan in New York

A few minutes by ferry from Manhattan and with only access by ferry and during the summer, is the island of Governors Island, an ideal place to visit with the family and take advantage of the“ exclusivity ”of the season (be careful, there can be quite a lot of people especially on weekends), since it only has access from May until October, every year.

Governors Island, a great summer season plan in New York. Photo: simplethrill

On Governors Island it is possible to have a picnic, rest, admire the views, ride a bike, be in contact with nature and even visit a castle : Williams Castle with guided tours, parades and even workshops.

10. See the city from the perspective of a kayak

If the ferry is a great idea to see the city from another perspective, imagine the feeling of being in a kayak on the Hudson River or the East River, looking at the gigantic skyscrapers of Manhattan. It sounds. fun, right? The reality is that it corresponds to one of the activities most chosen by travelers who visit New York in summer and a great recommendation to see the city and photograph it from another point of view.

One of the best things to do in New York in summer is to enjoy a kayak outing next to the city. Photo: Charlie
  • Traveler advice: It is advisable to consult online agencies, what are the costs of rentals, guided visits and places of departure.

Visit New York in winter, fall or spring

As we told you at the beginning, visiting New York is always a great opportunity, regardless of the time of year. There is always something to do, somewhere new to discover or places to photograph, creating different postcards that encourage anyone who sees them to travel.

New York in winter

We have dedicated a whole section to the 10 best things to do in New York in winter, in a city dyed white by snow, decorated by the fumaroles in the streets and set in an enviable Christmas spirit to any city in the world, waiting for the New Year, one of the best dates to visit New York.


New York in the fall

During the months of September, October and November, the arrival of the Halloween festivities and the wait for winter turn the city into a postcard of different shades of orange, “terrifying” decorations and traditional American festivals reflected in the shops and streets of the city.

New York in spring

The colors of spring are also noticeable in the city, especially in Central Park, creating incredible natural decorations and a 100% pleasant climate to enjoy on foot, by subway, by ferry or by bicycle, one of the most required means of transport. New York in spring invites travelers to enjoy the ideal temperatures for walking the avenues, enjoying the museums in case of rain, and bundling up lightly at night to enjoy a musical.

In a nutshell, when is the best time to visit New York? Always!

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