Azulik Uh May: the incredible Holistic Center that you can visit in the jungle of Tulum, Quintana Roo

Azulik Uh May: el increíble Centro Holístico en plena selva de Tulum
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You may have found a photographic reference to this place on Pinterest, or perhaps you discovered thanks to Instagram that an influencer has stayed there during their stay in the Aztec country. If you are interested in how to get Azulik Uh May to admire with your own eyes of this space, keep reading this note where we will tell you how.

Where is Azulik Uh May?

In the heart of the jungle in Tulum, the city on the Caribbean coast of Mexico, in the Yucatan Peninsula, it is possible to delight in the presence of this multifaceted and flexible space that offers a great variety of creative spaces.

Where Is Azulik Uh May?
How to get to Azulik Uh May, Quintana Roo

This space, inaugurated in November 2018, takes its name from the fact that it was designed by the AZULIK hotel complex , with the mission of supporting interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary artistic research in the old area from Tulum, in Yucatán:

AZULIK Uh May is a holistic center for human vision and evolution created in the jungle of Tulum by Roth (Eduardo Neira) , social entrepreneur and founder of AZULIK.

Where Is Azulik Uh May?
Learn how to get to Azulik Uh May.

Among its main attractions it is possible to appreciate art and innovation sites; laboratory dedicated to fashion and design; art and craft schools; state-of-the-art recording studios and residencies for innovative artists and thought leaders.

Where Is Azulik Uh May?
Where is Azulik Uh May: in the heart of the jungle in Tulum

The main objective of this space indicates the promotion of the reconnection between individuals and tribes, both native and contemporary: reconnection with each other, bonding with others and alliances with the environment. :

This unique integration of ancestral knowledge, technological innovation, applied sustainability, practiced spirituality and collective experiences will culminate in new ways of learning, creation and healing , thus promoting human evolution.

Where Is Azulik Uh May?
Where Is Azulik Uh May?

How to get to Azulik Uh May?

As part of its name indicates, AZULIK Uh May is located in the town of Francisco Uh May, 25 km northeast of Tulum.

How To Get To Azulik Uh May?
How to get to Azulik Uh May: take Highway 109 towards Francisco Uh May.

How to get to Azulik Uh May: take Highway 109 towards Fran

If you want to know how to get to Azulik Uh May you should know that, to go to the place, you can take Highway 109 in the direction of Cobá. During the course, you will pass through the town of Macario Gómez and then you must continue until you reach Francisco Uh May . When you see the police station, turn left on the previous street: “ Continue straight on a rough road until you see a sign that says IK LAB AZULIK. Turn left again. A few meters ahead, you will see the entry of AZULIK Uh May “.

When to visit Azulik Uh May?

AZULIK Uh May is open to the public every day of the week from 12 to 6 pm , unless otherwise specified on the home page due to the presence of private events in the place. If you are interested in taking private tours, you can contact [email protected]

When To Visit Azulik Uh May?

How much does it cost to enter Azulik Uh May?

Admission to the Azulik Uh May museum is free, you must enter the place without a backpack, food or camera. They only allow entry with a cell phone. Another fact to take into account is that to enter you must be barefoot , so you should take off your shoes in such a way that the footwear does not impact the appearance of the place.

There, once inside, it is possible to observe how the entire construction is designed in such a way that the nature of the place is not touched or altered . Everything that is paths or walkways are set up around the trees.

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