What to do in New York in spring? Here are 10 plans to make the most of the city

Nueva York en Primavera
Foto: Shinya Suzuki
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As we always say, no matter the season, whether it is cold, hot, the wind blows strong or the rain dulls it, New York is a city that can be visited in any way and at any time of the year. In this post we will focus on the months when flowers give color to the city, decorating each of the sectors of the mythical Central Park and promoting the parades along the streets of the Big Apple.

In this post we will show you 10 plans to enjoy in New York in spring, taking into account the possible rains of the season, but looking for ideas that allow you to enjoy the city in the same way as in the rest of the year, taking advantage of the variety and quantity of activities that there is to offer.

When is spring in New York?

The spring months in New York (and in the northern hemisphere) take place throughout the month of April and May, part of March and the beginning of June. During this time of year The weather is warm but it can be affected by a small factor (which our London readers will surely know what we are talking about): the rains.

During the beginning of spring, the weather can be colder than in the rest of the season, around 10 degrees but, as the year progresses, the temperature increases, and for example, In June, it can reach 27 degrees (even more).

The spring months in New York (and in the northern hemisphere) take place throughout the month of April and May, part of March and the beginning of June.

Shouldn’t you travel to New York in the spring? You always have to travel to New York! The Big Apple is a city that can be visited in any month of the year, snow, thunder, storms or whatever nature comes to mind, because there will always be something to do. What is recommended is to travel with the right clothes, although, a great activity to do in New York is: shopping, so buying what you need is also one of the best things to do. in the city and thus, avoid pre-trip stress (unless you anticipate that we are going to talk about that below).

  • Travel tip : the good thing about visiting New York in spring is that, despite the fact that some months limit winter, the days tend to be long and allows you to enjoy the city to the fullest. For example, in April, the sun rises at 6 in the morning and the sun sets between 7 and 7:30 in the afternoon.

The 10 best plans to do in New York in spring

As we told you before, the spring months in New York can be good times to organize a trip to the American city, especially for having days that are not so hot and oppressive or the extreme cold that is experienced in winter, but the temperatures are pleasant, mornings and nights can be cool, but the sun during the day creates an environment very conducive to walking the streets of the Big Apple.

In addition, during the spring, various events take place in the city that highlight the season of the year and the changes in colors that are generated in each of the points of the city, are we going to get to know them?

1. Enjoy the open air markets

When the snow clears in the city and the sun shines on every corner of the Big Apple, New Yorkers take the opportunity to stroll outdoors and flea and food markets are the best options to enjoy spring in New York.

Of course there are some markets, especially the roofed ones like Chelsea Market, which open throughout the year but, there are others, which are limited to open during the months of April. and they close their doors in October, taking advantage of the warm climate and pleasant atmosphere of the city.

The best markets in New York:

  1. Smorgasburg of Williamsburg : On Saturdays, the Williamsburg neighborhood is transformed into a perfect combination of cameras of tourists and curious residents, who come to taste from the food stalls facing the Manhattan skyline.
Williamsburg’s Smorgasburg Market. Photo: Jeremy Keith

Travel Fact: On Sundays, Smorgasburg moves to Prospect Park in Brooklyn.

  • Brooklyn Flea Williamsburg : flea means flea and flea markets in New York make for a great walk to do, especially on Saturdays in Williamsburg. For those looking to buy some super original souvenir, prices are usually affordable here.
  • Queens Night Market: the Night Market is an emblem of spring and summer in New York, this one, located in Queens and open between the afternoon and midnight, combines food carts, crafts and even live shows.
  • Nolita Market: the hipster neighborhood of Nolita, in Manhattan also offers its market, open from Friday to Sunday, with different shopping options for local works of art.

2. Visit the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, one of the best options to do in New York in spring

The Brooklyn Botanical Garden is open year round, however, during the spring in New York, it is stained in different colors and the flowers adorn each of the sectors of the garden. Rose bushes, lilacs, water lilies, and orchids are just some of the flower species that can be found in the Japanese Garden, Shakespeare’s Garden, the Tropical Pavilion, or even the Desert Pavilion.

The Brooklyn Botanical Garden has different ecosystems, which makes a tour of its trails and sectors a journey in nature, an apprenticeship and definitely a great walk during a visit to Brooklyn.

  • To enter the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, tickets can be purchased by clicking here.

3. Manhattan boat tours

The Hudson River and the East River are the rivers that border the Big Apple and navigating them to admire the city from another perspective is one of the best things to do on a pleasant spring day.

The public ferry to Staten Island is the one most chosen by low cost travelers, why? Because it is free, frequently used by locals and, despite not reaching Liberty Island (where the monument is located), allows you to take the best photos of the Statue of Liberty.

Boat tours of Manhattan, one of the best options to do during the pleasant New York weather in spring. Photo: VillageHero

On the other hand, for travelers who prefer to take a boat trip, there are several options to choose from: during the day, longer or shorter, at night or even at sunset. The best: regardless of the type of excursion, they all depart from the same place, Pier 83.

  • Traveler advice: New York is a highly touristy city and there are practically no low seasons, so the places on the rides in boat can be occupied quickly, it is always advisable to go in advance and, if possible, prior reservation.

4. Fun at Luna Park on Coney Island

A little less than an hour from downtown Manhattan is located a unique place within the eccentricities that can be found in New York and of course, in its surroundings. A complex that combines an amusement park in front of the sea, a beach where you can rest, designer shops and antiques and, best of all, all located in a “film set” environment, pretending to have stayed in the early twentieth century.

Lugares para visitar en Nueva York en primavera
Places to Visit in New York in Spring: Coney Island is located just under an hour from downtown Manhattan.

Coney Island is a great plan to do in spring in New York and, if you happen to visit the city in summer, is one of the beaches near New York that they are worth visiting.

Luna Park is Coney Island’s amusement park, with a feature that differentiates it from any other: it is the oldest amusement park in the United States which, with its curious games and mountains Russian, create an ideal environment, ideal for a family plan in New York.

5. Not to forget: always to Central Park

Central Park, the most important and largest urban park in New York, is a work of art of nature (and of man, of course) because each season of the year causes its appearance to change color and visiting it, is a requirement, regardless of the weather in the city.

What does this mean? In winter, the snow turns all its sectors into white, the hills turn into sliders and its lakes into skating rinks; in summer, athletes occupy the bike paths, the baseball fields and, who seeks peace and tranquility, the shade of a tree; in autumn, the orange leaves color the trees which timidly begin to shed them, forming mounds where children play and, in spring in New York, Central Park is a kind of small garden botanical, the hills are spaces for picnics and the lakes, scenes of boat races.

What to do in New York in spring: Central Park does not allow exceptions and is always an ideal place to visit | Photo: Shinya Suzuki

In short, no matter the month or season, Central Park is always a must see in New York.

  • Traveler advice: if you want to know more about everything that can be done in Central Park, do not miss our practical guide on what to do in the most famous park in New York (and from Hollywood).

6. A ride through the city tooooooooa on a tourist bus

Classifying the types of travelers who visit New York can take a long time since, being such a cosmopolitan and varied city, there are activities for all tastes (and budgets). However, there is something that characterizes each of them: they all want to enjoy the city, delight in its lights and its very contrasting neighborhoods.

A great option to do in New York in spring is to enjoy the Big Apple through a tourist bus that, unlike other alternatives, allows you to get off and on at the stops you prefer (inside the map) to photograph each place at the times that each traveler prefers.

Photo: Kate Brown

In the city, there are 4 companies that offer this service, some with similar routes, others with thematic routes and of course, different prices:

  • Gray Line
  • Big Bus
  • City Sightseeing
  • TopView

7. A bohemian walk through Williamsburg, a great alternative to do in spring in New York

Williamsburg is one of the most recommended neighborhoods to visit in New York, not only because of its unique appearance, but because it perfectly sums up the main characteristic of the city: its contrasts.

Located across the homonymous bridge and benefiting from the best views of Manhattan’s buildings, Williamsburg is a neighborhood that can easily be divided into two sectors that, no matter how contrary they may seem, combine (and coexist) perfectly.

A bohemian walk through Williamsburg, a great alternative to do in New York in spring.

On the north side of Williamsburg, there is its bohemian side, the hipster side, the sector chosen by the artists to settle and that have managed to transform the old factories, faithful to their styles, into galleries art and workshops.

For its part, in the south, Williamsburg becomes the largest Jewish neighborhood in all of New York (and one of the largest in the country), representing culture in its institutions, events and clothing so characteristic.

Williamsburg is a neighborhood where you can get lost, where you never stop walking, taking advantage of the good spring weather in New York. What to do in Williamsburg? Don’t miss our practical guide exclusive to Williamsburg, where we tell you everything.

8. Enjoy the most important fashion shows of the season

New York is a very lively city, not only for its activities to do during the day but also for the parades that are presented in the different months :

What parades not to miss in New York:

The parades, a great attraction in New York in spring | Photo: John Sonderman
  • Desfile

Parades of “crazy” Easter hats: the Easter Parade & Bonnet Festival is one of the must-see parades in New York, a spontaneous festival developed throughout Fifth Avenue that closes for the occasion and anyone who wants to can come with their hat ( or not) to enjoy the colors of spring.

St. Patrick’s in New York: New York is one of the best cities in the world to celebrate the St. Patrick’s parade and the streets of Manhattan are dyed green, bars open with various promotions and the city disguises itself as the Irish holiday.

9. Photographing the windows of department stores

As happens in winter, the most famous stores in the city also look for “excuses” to decorate their windows and thus attract the attention of potential customers and, those who are not looking to buy, enjoy the creativity of the colors and the shows that are formed around them.

Macy’s, the most famous clothing store in New York, is never far behind and, in spring, decorates the exterior and interior of its stores with the amount of flower arrangements that one can imagine.

  • Travel information: The exact dates can be found on the Macy’s Flower Show website.
Photo: gigi_nyc

Shopping in New York? Don’t forget to visit the shops in Times Square and Herald Square, they are the ideal places to take advantage of the good prices In the city center. Empire Outlets, in Staten Island is a great option to buy low cost (be careful, most of the property is abroad) and Jerseys Garden, in New Jersey, a little further from the center but with the best prices.

10. Mets or Yankees fan? It’s the same! Attending a baseball game is a great alternative to do in New York in the spring

The arrival of spring also indicates the beginning of the baseball season and, despite not understanding much of the sport (said from my own experience) living adrenaline, enjoying a hot dog or some nachos watching the game and feeling the “stadium” climate that is experienced, is a great alternative that to do in New York in spring.

Generally the games are in the afternoon, or even when it starts to get dark, so it is a great option to do when the day is ending and the cold can start to “bother”.

What to do in New York in winter

And if you visit the city in winter, is there something to do? Well of course! Remember that Central Park becomes perfect skating rinks, Broadway musicals work, as well as one of the best entertainment in the city, a place to find heat and have fun, and the windows of the shops decorated for Christmas, all the photographs are taken.

  • Traveling to New York in winter? Don’t miss our post of the 10 best things to do in New York in the cold.

And in the summer?

New York in summer is an incredible city but it can get very hot. That the high temperatures do not discourage anyone because the city has a lot to offer (in case it has not been clear … right?). During the summer, the beaches near New York become the best alternative, boat trips and bicycle tours invite you to enjoy long days and warm nights.

  • Attention travelers to New York in summer! In our post, we tell you what are the best things to do in New York in summer.

Autumn in New York, a postcard difficult to match

The colors of the city’s trees decorate it in a way that looks like a painting created by a famous artist. Stroll through Central Park, enjoy the museums, rent a bicycle or go for a walk along the High Line crossing almost the entire city, from the height, they are part of great alternatives to do taking advantage of the good weather, waiting for the arrival of the cold.

That said, we can say that it’s always time to visit New York, don’t you think?

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