Where to dive in Puerto Madryn? 7 options to enjoy the National Capital of Diving

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Among the activities that can be done in Chubut, diving in Puerto Madryn is one of those that most attracts the attention of travelers , especially since it is a unique experience in the Capital National Diving .

Thanks to the diversity of species, sunken ships, calm, deep and not so icy waters of the Argentine Sea and almost the Atlantic Ocean, Puerto Madryn is one of the best places to visit for diving lovers and for those who want to venture into this sport. Do not miss this post where we will list the best options for diving in Puerto Madryn and not miss out on this unique experience.

Where to dive in Puerto Madryn?

The best thing about Puerto Madryn is that the waters and the diving spots (the sites where diving is allowed) are for any type of adventurous traveler. This means that it is not necessary to be a experienced in the subject or even having dived once in life, some points are ideal for beginners , to make their first dives and enjoy the underwater nature of Puerto Madryn.

The visibility of the water varies between 8 and 12 meters , the average temperature ranges from 13 ° C and the diversity of species of fauna and flora is so varied that you can even dive with wolves marine. Who wouldn’t want to dive in Puerto Madryn?

1. Diving with sea lions in Punta Loma

It is definitely one of the most required activities in Puerto Madryn and one of the most appreciated by travelers since everyone agrees that it is such a great interaction that they cannot not get a smile.

Maintaining the preservation of species and allowing the wolves to transit in their natural habitat without any incentive , divers can travel the depths of the sea and meet these friendly animals who play with humans (as if they were dogs in water).

The closest site is Punta Loma and it is the place where the 20-minute navigation begins to be able to dive and spend time in the nature reserve.

Travel fact : the moment with the sea lions does not include diving since part of the time it is out of the water, which indicates that those who do not want to dive can also enjoy it at through snorkeling, then the excursion continues to drop points to admire the underwater nature.

2. Parque Nuevo or New Park

For those who want to start practicing this exciting sport, one of the best places to dive in Puerto Madryn is Parque Nuevo, an artificial reef created with subsidence (such as vehicles and buses) for observation of reef fauna. The maximum depth is 8 meters , for that very reason, it is a great option for beginners.

Dive In Puerto Madryn

3. Folias Shipwreck

The largest shipwreck in the area is located just 300 meters from the coast and is the Folias shipwreck, one of the best places to dive in Puerto Madryn that allows you to observe a ship sunk in the 70s ‘. In total, the vessel measures 60 meters and is almost completely inclined on port side (which in nautical terms means, on the left). Over the years, the ship became covered with algae and functions as a habitat for mollusks, crustaceans and even nocturnal octopuses that roam the area.

Dive In Puerto Madryn

4. Madryn’s Ark

An activity for expert divers implies, not only a dose of adrenaline and nautical sports activity, but also emotion (yes, even more than that generated by an underwater sighting per se). The Arca de Madryn is a project completed on December 30, 1999, where a chest with messages, memories and objects was sunk 30 meters deep so that the generation of the year 2100 can open it. Like a movie, divers who reach the area can leave their messages for future generations.

Dive In Puerto Madryn

5. Las Piedras Park

Returning to the list where all divers can carry out their activity, in Las Piedras Park, travelers can observe, in a depth of 9 meters : fish, starfish, urchins, snails and to small submerged forests of brown algae .

6. Rio de Oro Shipwreck

Another of the most important shipwrecks to see when diving in Puerto Madryn is the Río de Oro Shipwreck, sunk approximately 60 years ago with a maximum depth of 18 meters. The ship is only 400 meters from the coast but a dive in its surroundings allows you to admire the wooden details of its bow and stern.

Diving In Puerto Madryn

7. Kouturiaris and Jorge Antonio shipwrecks

Both shipwrecks are placed together since both points are commonly visited on the same day, thanks to their proximity. The ships were sunk as a result of various accidents , the first due to a fire in the 1970s and the second due to a storm at the end of 1991. Diving alongside ships is a unique experience, as well as observing the surrounding marine fauna formed mainly by fish of different species, crustaceans and mollusks.

Dive In Puerto Madryn

For one reason it is the national capital of diving, for some reason divers choose this area of Patagonia for their dives and for some reason many travelers become divers on a trip to the province of Chubut. Diving in Puerto Madryn: a different experience to live the nature of Argentina. Would you put it on your list of activities?

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