5 places to spend a Country Day in Buenos Aires

Día de Campo en Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is a beautiful city, and it carries with it an incredible amount of options so that we can enjoy wonderful days in the countryside, full of warmth, with delicious food and fun activities in which we enjoy full rest with our family. Join us in this escape from the routine, with plans that can be used in the same day.

Leaving the city center to enjoy a country day, and have a delicious meal in the company of our loved ones accompanied by the trees and natural spaces, is undoubtedly a dream proposition, right? For this reason we collect different stays in Buenos Aires that will provide us with a quiet space in which to relax and recharge our batteries to continue our daily life with maximum energy.

All these rooms have outdoor activities, tables where we can enjoy a delicious barbecue and accompanied by breakfasts, fantastic snacks, snacks and a country gastronomic offer just a few kilometers from the bustle of the city.

In the activities there are options such as walks through organic gardens, visits to animals in green spaces, as well as horseback riding, folklore shows and even sports matches. Football, archery, tennis and forests with zip lines are included in the different alternatives for leisure and free time.

Let’s enjoy these incredible stays having all the detailed information and the spaces in which they are to plan our dream vacations, let’s read each of the places carefully and choose the one that best suits our circumstances!

5 wonderful stays for a Country Day in Buenos Aires

Pampas del Sur Ranch

We will begin the tours of the Country Day stays in Buenos Aires with the Estancia Pampas del Sur, this is located in Cañuelas, and has an area of 30 hectares that has within its spaces a club house with a couple of rooms where we can have lunch and enjoy a dinner Elegant. It also has a bar in which to have a quiet drink, and in parallel, it has a pool where we can cool off from the heat and enjoy with the family.

Día de Campo en la estancia Pampas del Sur, Cañuelas.

It has 16 rooms where you can spend the night and also throughout the facilities there are armchairs and lounge chairs in which to admire the tranquility of the space and the nature of the surroundings. This field day has a schedule from 11 to 19 pm, being an extensive time slot in which all activities will be used to the maximum.

This picnic usually includes enjoying an exquisite lunch, snack and activities such as a visit to a mini farm and a tour of quiet and colorful environments, such as a bio lake with fish and organic orchards in which We can learn about the species that make life there and their importance in the ranch, as well as a mill and a wooden bridge.

Another opportunity that we are offered is to be able to walk through different trails or enjoy activities with the family such as foosball, ping pong and children’s games for our little ones, it is a very comprehensive opportunity and from which we can take advantage of a lot!

Estancia La Candelaria

Continuing with the tour in different estancias, 2 hours from Buenos Aires you will find La Candelaria, specifically in the town of Los Lobos. It stands out for having a classic barbecue and a happy hour in which we can enjoy the last hours of the day with a quite warm and interesting stove, in which we can listen and enjoy the heat of the embers in the company of our friends and family.

Día de Campo en la estancia La Candelaria en Lobos

In the same way, it has a sector of tranquility and well-being, where we are offered relaxation sessions with bowls, yoga classes, reiki and massages, this being an opportunity to completely disconnect from the routine who would not want a delicious massage on your picnic?

Likewise, in the field day offer, which we can attend any day of the week, there are entertaining folkloric shows, bicycle rides, spaces in which to play tennis, soccer, volleyball and hiking trails in the forest.

An important aspect of this stay is that its architectural form is that of a castle, in which we can enjoy a historical talk and other activities depending on the day, thus having a fairly complete schedule that is worth visiting, also considering that the experience is similar to belonging to an old film or a history book given the imposing structure of the facilities.

Wyndham Garden Lujan

About 60 kilometers from the capital we will find the ranch Wyndham Garden Lujan, which stands out for having 11 hectares of green spaces in its surroundings, and sports spaces in which we can play volleyball, polo, soccer and do other activity near its beautiful garden, where we will enjoy a delicious meal at lunch.

Día de Campo en Wyndham Garden Lujan

The country day is from 10 am to sunset, including afternoon tea with outdoor activities in which children can feel included. All open spaces are at our disposal, in addition to a swimming pool and a spa in which we can refresh and continue with our relaxation time, and a horseback riding area to enjoy the company of animals and observe the wonderful landscapes that are found. around.

It also has rooms available in which we can stay in order to extend our rest time a bit. In conclusion, it is an interesting offer that we should not stop considering when choosing our ideal picnic in Buenos Aires.

Rodizio Campo

This stay for the field day in Buenos Aires is located about 70 km from the city and has an area of ​​90 hectares, with one tenth of it open to all visitors and the rest acts as a space for agricultural production and pasture for animals.

Día de Campo en Rodizio

Its creation dates back to the 19th century, and a characteristic of this room is that it retains its incredible predetermined style, and is surrounded by groves and parks that give it an excellent natural appearance, in which delicious meals and wonder can be enjoyed of the nature. Here the gaucho tradition and traditional gastronomy are preserved, with the barbecue served in swords and the mate served with pastries.

Also, in the activities we can find a visit to the organic garden, horseback riding and using a tractor, the use of archery, mountain biking, an aerial forest full of zip lines, circuits in which to go hiking and Tibetan bridges. There is also a farm where sheep can be herded and animals fed.

These country days have a schedule from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. and it gives us the opportunity to stay at night through one of the small houses that are available, which are mobile and are located in the forest, in a few meters away from the main hull.

Villa María

Located in Ezeiza, about 45 min from Buenos Aires you have the incredible Estancia Villa María. We can easily recognize it since it is a rural palace with a characteristic Tudor-Norman style which was built in 1927. It is a boutique hotel that has 11 rooms and surrounds a 56-hectare park, with a lake and a garden full of various plants.

Día de Campo en Villa María

Likewise, there are 350 plant species in the room, showing us a different color in all seasons of the year. Today he offers us a country day in Buenos Aires from 10 to 18 including snack, lunch and activities such as horseback riding, carriage rides and the use of sports activities such as golf and tennis.

There are also bike rides, a swimming pool, horse riding classes and other activities that we recommend consulting in advance. Offer a guided botanical walk with a map that is given to us to learn about the different and main species.

Enjoy a Country Day in Buenos Aires

There is no doubt that all the aforementioned offers are ideal to enjoy a Country Day in Buenos Aires, where you can be somewhat away from the daily life of the city, its pollution and adrenaline. from the routine of hundreds of people, for a moment they look very far away, and we enter the calm and wonders of nature, in addition to excellent customer service from people who focus on making us have pleasant moments.

We should not hesitate to consult more information about the country days in Buenos Aires in order to have an excellent rest in different opportunities that arise throughout the year, and why not, have celebrations of special moments in the company of nature and the joy of the countryside.

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