The 10 most beautiful forests in Europe

Los Bosques Más Bonitos de Europa
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The most beautiful forests in Europe are those places that, although one sees them live and direct, it feels like inside the wallpaper of a computer. Natural spaces, home to animals, lungs of the planet and living postcards of a peaceful world, sometimes mystical and even with hidden secrets that arouse the curiosity of travelers who visit them. Do not miss this post where we will tell you which are, in our opinion, the most beautiful forests in Europe, what is special about them and the countless reasons why you should visit them.

What are the most beautiful forests in Europe

Charming, mystical, disturbing, with secrets, story-causing, magical … The most beautiful and unmissable forests in Europe have earned their characteristic for some reason, let’s find out:

1. Black Forest, Germany

Unlike its name, the Black Forest is not a jungle but a forest and it is not black but green and so green that, from a distance, the forests are so dense that it appears black. (Myth unveiled?).

The Black Forest is one of the most beautiful forests in Europe and probably in the world, where its diversified landscapes between vineyards, lakes, ravines and valleys intermingle with the 321 “fairytale” villages they were built inside, a unique experience to visit at any time of the year.

The most beautiful forests in Europe: Black Forest in the state of Baden Württemberg, in southwestern Germany.
  • How to visit the Black Forest: by car, on foot, on bike tours or by train (in one of the best European routes to travel by train), being able to choose between the different villages to be able to descend and enjoy the gastronomy.

Travel advice: do not leave the region without having revealed one of your curious facts about the Black Forest: its gastronomy, the Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte which means “ “Black Forest cherry cake”.

2. The Forest of Brocéliande, France

In Brittany, the French region of the English Channel, there is another of the most beautiful forests in Europe, causing stories from medieval tales such as King Arthur and the magician Merlin, created by its magical and mystical atmosphere that attracts more than one creative.

The Brocéliande Forest has more than 7 thousand hectares, home to deer and roe deer, bird species and native vegetation that invites travelers to walk along its trails, discover nature and of course, inspirational constructions such as castles, tombs and fountains.

Los bosques más bonitos de Europa: Bosque de Brocéliande, en Francia.
  • How to visit the Brocéliande Forest : on foot, by bicycle or on horseback excursions.

Important fact : on many occasions it has been called as the Paimpont Forest, in reference to the small access town.

3. Białowieża, Poland and Belarus

It is considered one of the last virgin forests in Europe, its almost non-existent human alteration of the last 400 years has made this place a full contact with nature, a disturbing but charming place to Same time.

In addition to its native vegetation, protected from human threat, its fauna also lives freely among its sectors, being able to count more than 20 thousand species of animals and the special presence of the European bison. It is important to clarify that within the park, only one part is a natural reserve and in another, there are buildings such as restaurants, hotels and parking for travelers who visit it.

The most beautiful forests in Europe: Bialowieza, administratively divided between Poland and Belarus | Photo: Frank Vassen

Traveler advice: Being a protected reservation, access is enabled to a certain number of travelers per year, so it is necessary to reserve. < / em>

4. Sherwood Forest, England

Returning to the “fairytale” forests we literally find one of them: the Robin Hood Forest, located on the island of Great Britain.

Considered one of the most beautiful forests in Europe, the Sherwood Forest is a great place to visit in the north of England, not only for its natural beauty and literary recognition, which makes you think you are walking through the same scenes that the mythical Robin Hood has done, but because of another of its protagonists: Greater Oak, a “favorite British tree” tree over a thousand years old (Robin Hood’s hiding place).

The most beautiful forests in the world: Sherwood Forest, located on the island of Great Britain | Photo: thornypup
  • How to visit Sherwood Forest : on foot or by bike.

Traveler advice: this is one of the best destinations in Europe to travel with children, since hundreds of activities are carried out with the family and for the smallest ones, generally related to Robin Hood, with nature and with forest legends.

5. Hallstatt Forest, Austria

If there is fairytale places to see before you die, so Hallsat must be on that list, undoubtedly. Imagine the small town of Hallsat, that charming place, with the shores of the lake, the mountains in the background and some smoke from the chimney of a home.

image most beautiful forests in Europe bosques mas bonitos de europa 4
The most beautiful forests in the world: Hallstatt Forest, in Austria.

Imagine all that turned into a forest, where the main activity is to admire the views from its viewpoints, enjoy the pure air of the Alps and where the only sound that can be heard is that of the waterfalls of the Mühlbach bridge in the background. What more could you ask for?

  • How to visit Hallsatt: being located so close to the entrance of the town, the best recommendation is to visit it on foot or by bicycle.

Traveler advice: Hallsat is one of those little towns that you have to visit at least once in your life, so stay in the Austrian town for at least one night is a great travel recommendation.

6. Hoia Baciu Forest, Romania

Leaving the fairytale landscapes we now find a landscape of horror stories, precisely the region of Dracula’s castle, in Romania. This mysterious forest is considered one of the darkest forests in the world, a mecca for seekers of paranormal situations, strange scenes, appearances and… disappearances. What’s going on in this forest? Rumors and exuberant nature merge in such a way that they create a scene from a movie that many will want (or not) to discover.

The most beautiful forests in the world: Hoia Baciu Forest, in Romania. | Photo: Swithun Crowe
  • How to visit the Hoia Baciu Forest: on foot, by bicycle, on an excursion (day or night).

Travel advice : paranormal activities are not the only thing to see in the Hoia Baciu Forest, of course it is one of the most chosen options, but also the forest has rivers and trails where you can enjoy nature.

7. Oulanka Forest, Finland

Leaving the horror stories, we headed to the region of Christmas magic, towards the “North Pole” or next to the house of Santa Claus, in Lapland, Finland. One of the most beautiful forests in Europe is a few hours from the Christmas trees and the elves at work, the Oulanka Forest has much to offer and discover.

The most beautiful forests in the world: Oulanka Forest, in Finland.

Like a real wallpaper, the Finnish forest is located within the homonymous national park, with landscapes with rapids and trails in summer and completely covered in snow during winter, home to bears, birds, reindeer and moose walking freely.

  • How to visit the Oulanka forest: on foot, (it has many trekking trails) or on an excursion with a park guide or on mountain bikes.

Traveler advice: during the summer, the rapids are the ones that attract all the looks and activities of the most adventurous travelers, getting into nature with rafting in the forest rivers, an incredible experience.

8. The Forest of Sila, Italy

From the polar cold of Finland, we headed to the pleasant climate of Calabria, in southern Italy. The Sila Forest integrates some 50 thousand hectares of nature, where the vegetation and fauna are protected by the homonymous National Park, one of the 5 oldest in the whole country. Within the Sila Forest, it is possible, in addition to admiring the nature of one of the most charming forests in Europe, to visit the small towns integrated into the park itself, merging and preserving the green lung that surrounds them.

The most beautiful forests in the world: Forest of Sila, in Italy. | Photo: PhotoLab XL
  • How to visit the Sila Forest: on foot along the trails, by bicycle, on horseback or on excursions.

Traveler Advice : part of the culture of the region that makes up the Forest of Sila, is its gastronomy (it is Italy, of course) and one of the Unmissable dishes to taste in the area is the mpanata a soup made with ricotta, hot buttermilk and stale bread.

9. Plitvice Forest, Croatia

Croatia has destinations that attract all types of travelers: from beaches, to adventures in nature and passing of course, through historical cities. In the case of the Plitvice Forest, it has earned its place in the list of the most beautiful forests in Europe, for being one of the oldest forests, awarded as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and one of the best natural getaways in Croatia. Why? Its high presence of lakes, waterfalls, waterfalls and viewpoints make it almost a magnet for travelers.

The most beautiful forests in the world: Plitvice Forest, in Croatia.
  • How to visit the Plitvice Forest: on foot, by boat or by electric train (how about?).

Travel advice: despite being located several kilometers from Zagreb, the Croatian capital, a visit is a great natural respite from the big cities, allowing you to admire incredible water mirrors of different colors, in the way you prefer.

10. La Fageda d’en Jordà, Spain

In the province of Catalonia, there are those known as “the forests of Catalonia”, being the list of forests, those in charge of giving the region a certain reputation. Spain, as one of the countries with the greatest amount of forests in all of Europe, boasts of having one of the most beautiful forests in Europe, in this case, La Fageda d’en Jordà, with a curious post-volcanic landscape and surrounded by 21 volcanoes, ideal to inspire musicians, painters, unique and rarely seen in the world.

The most beautiful forests in the world: Fageda d’en Jordà, in Spain. | Photo: La Fageda

Being located a few kilometers from Girona, it is a great place to visit when visiting this area of ​​Spain.

  • How to visit La Fageda d’en Jorda : on foot or in horse carriages (we do not encourage this activity)

Traveler advice: It is a great destination to visit with children and, in addition, it has rural houses where you can rest at night. On the other hand, less than 2 hours away, you will find Forest Days, a great option for “luxury camping” in one of the best glamping in Spain.

The most beautiful forests in Europe delight travelers with their viewpoints, with their photographic spaces that even the most amateur traveler would like to click with their camera, places to admire nature and, at the same time, understand the importance of its preservation for future generations.

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