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Playas de Nueva York
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Are there beaches in New York ? Yes! Away from the skyscrapers, the horns, the yellow taxis and the avenues, are the perfect oases to cool off during a hot summer afternoon in New York, a spring morning or to rest, in any month of the year, admiring views of the big city.

The boroughs of New York have beaches that invite travelers to visit them, but where are they? Which are? Do not miss this post where we will tell you which are the best beaches in New York and where they are to survive the heat, visit different places and “squeeze” the Big Apple, to the fullest.

The beaches of New York

As June approaches, high temperatures begin to invade the city, humidity and heat seem to join the buildings and travelers begin to buy more bottles of water than they have ever done in their life. That means only one thing: summer in New York and it’s time to look for outdoor plans and places to cool off.

A great alternative to do to appease heat waves is visit the beaches near New York, with space where swim, practice water sports or rest, with The skyscrapers of the city in the background.

It is important to note that it is possible to swim in the ocean from Memorial Day Weekend (the last weekend in May) until the beginning of September, although, its boardwalks and spots for photos They are open all year round.

Swimsuits on, sunglasses and sunscreen ready, let’s find out which are the best beaches in New York:

1, Coney Island, Brookyln

A key site what to visit in Brooklyn, a plan near New York and a place completely contrasting to the skyscrapers of the Big Apple. Visiting Coney Island en one of the best plans to do in New York in summer, although at any time of year the charm of this New York beach is complemented by its amusement park and boardwalk stagnant in the 80s ´ and makes always a good idea.


Hot dogs historical in Nathan’s, serving their Classic dishes from 1916, roller coasters almost 100 years old, quirky museums and a wide beach, make Coney Island is a curious, different and alternative place to visit in New York at least once in your life.

Did you know that Coney Island also has a celebration at the beginning of the year? New York in January surprises and Coney Island celebrates the “January 1 dip” in the frozen waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

2. Brighton Beach, Brooklyn

A few meters from the photographic Coney Island and just where its famous promenade ends (or boardwalk ) is the second most visited beach in all of Brookyln: Brighton Beach, one more beach small and intimate than its neighbor but ideal to cool off during the summer.

Photo: doug turetsky

Some call it Little Russia, for being the largest Russian community in the United States, so it represents a great opportunity to have lunch typical of the region, from the hand of those who know best, taking advantage of the walk and visiting shops written in Russian, visiting authentic places and with few tourists and “escaping” from the oppressive heat of the city.

3. Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn

Following the imaginary route, we went from Coney Island to Brighton Beach and from there, to Manhattan Beach, neighboring the latter. Its name is due to those who knew how to be its main visitors: the elite of Manhattan, seeking refuge from the high temperatures in front of the ocean.

Photo: cisc1970

Manhattan Beach is a much more private beach, ideal for those who travel to New York with children as it has a space for games and barbecues where you can cook for the day.

4. Rockaway Beach, Queens

The largest district in New York was not going to be left behind in this list and within the best things what to do in Queens stands out: Rockaway Beach. This New York beach is preferred by most New Yorkers thanks to its wide sand, which means that there is no possibility of being “one on top of the other” and being able to rest like the weather truly He deserves it.

Photo: jarito

It is a great opportunity for to practice surfing, who want it, since it is one of the only beaches enabled for sports. Those who seek to rest and enjoy the weather, near the beach are the classics food trucks of New York, playgrounds and a boardwalk where you can walk.

  • Traveler advice: if you are accessed by ferry from Manhattan, it is possible to admire views of the Statue of Liberty.

5. Orchard Beach, The Bronx

And we arrived in The Bronx, the unknown district of Manhattan. The one with graffiti, rap, hip hop, history and literature is the one that houses the largest urban park in all of New York And no, it is not Central Park: it is Pelham Bay Park, a great escape oasis from the city.

Photo: Alan Houston

This park, in addition to being the key point that to do in The Bronx when you tour the district, it is the site that contains one of the best beaches in New York: Orchard Beach. The breadth of its beach, the boardwalk dating back to 1930 with food and games stalls and the shallow water depth makes it another of the places chosen by families to enjoy during the summer.

  • Traveler advice: after the beach day, it is recommended to visit City Island, an island near Orchard Beach that looks more like a small town fishermen than a city, ideal for tasting seafood dishes.

6. Great Kills Park, Staten Island

If we talk about unknown districts, then we continue in the same line and we go to Staten Island, the hidden district of New York. In addition to its tranquility and serenity that differentiate it from the rest and assimilate it to the carefree suburbs of the state, has one of the best beaches in New York, why? Because Great Kills Park and its Cedar Grove Beach, seems more like a beach in the middle of “nowhere” than next to a city full of skyscrapers.

Photo: whomever

It is a quiet, small and ideal beach to visit if you want to rest, the services resemble the environment and are non-existent and invite travelers to take their own picnic for lunch.

  • Traveler fact: visiting Staten Island is one of the best things what to do for free in New York, since the ferry from Manhattan is free, from the terminal, it is necessary to take the railroad (you can pay with the MetroCard) and thus arrive at the beach.

7. South Beach, Staten Island

And taking advantage of a beautiful trip to the “unknown district”, we headed to South Beach, one of the key points what to visit in Staten Island, one of the best beaches in New York and with its great ease of access, more than chosen by heated New Yorkers when summer arrives.

Photo: nevbrown

The beach of South Beach, in addition to having several kilometers of sand and views of the Verrazano – Narrows Bridge, one of the longest bridges in the United States, is surrounded by one of the longest wooden boardwalks in the world with food stalls to spend the day.

8. Fort Tilden, Queens

We return to Queens and its contrasts and arrive at Fort Tilden beach, located in the recreational area of the same name, located where a former United States Army installation was located and which today houses one of the best beaches in New York.

Photo: Bill B

Fort Tilden is a quiet beach, ideal for visiting with the family, resting or walking around, visiting its trails, its historical sites or, why not, photographing its backdrop background of the Manhattan skyline.

  • Traveler information: as there are no lifeguards, swimming is prohibited on this beach.

9. Jacob Riis Park Beach, Queens

Known as “the beach of the people”, Jacob Riis Park Beach is a great place to enjoy the most beautiful of summer: its great climate, the joy of travelers and New Yorkers in their free time and the wide variety of activities that this New York beach offers.

Photo: gigi_nyc

The multiculturalism of Queens is reflected in the different food stalls that are presented around it, Chinese, Italian or wherever you prefer. If the plan is to party on the beach, have a barbecue with friends or walk along its shore, Jacob Riis Park Beach is definitely the best idea.

10. Long Beach, Long Island

Ok, let’s recap, the 5 districts of New York City are Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, The Bronx and Brooklyn but, as Manhattan is an island without beaches, we will replace this district with a “city very close to the city” and, although found within its limits, still belongs to New York State: Long Island. Actually, if we get more specific, Long Island is the same region that is home to Queens and Brooklyn, with the difference of its dividing line, which changes the whole picture.

Photo: Evelyn Chu

Geography aside, on Long Island we can say that there is one of the best beaches in New York (state, not city), awarded as one of the cleanest beaches in United States : Long Beach (long beach, in Spanish). Its 5 kilometers of beach are surrounded by the boardwalk, with a lot of life and ideal environment to eat something after a comforting day at the beac.

  • The best : a few meters away, there are a large number of places where you can do other activities such as ice skating, golf courses or courts basketball.

11. Quogue Village Beach, The Hamptons, Long Island

Who has not heard of The Hamptons in a series or film? We have all wanted to be walking along the beach, watching the sunset and staying in one of the houses on the shore, truth?


Almost like feeling like a celebrity, visiting The Hamptons is a great alternative plan to do in New York, a great possibility to walk along the white sand beaches, taste Some food at local restaurants and why not, take a picture with Robert de Niro or Jennifer Lopez who usually vacation there.

12. Montauk, Long Island

Well well, we like Long Island and we think is a great “escape” place from the city, especially to visit something different. Few are the tourists who move away from the Big Apple and that is why Montauk is one of the best beaches in New York: its practically non-existent presence of crowds, little infrastructure and an almost virgin nature that demands shouting that there is no noise to disturb her.

Foto: Stanley Zimny (Thank You for 58 Million views)

For those who have enough time or a flexible itinerary, staying in Montauk is a great idea as far as rest is spoken, there is accommodation in Surf Lodge, where it is also possible to practice surfing and sunsets that require hundreds of photos.

Talking about New York and beaches seems like an impossible task but, due to the ignorance of travelers, a great possibility is imposed to avoid despairing in search of air conditioners and super expensive ice cream, but rather enjoy the fresh waters of the Atlantic Ocean, taking advantage of the day outdoors and enjoying the boardwalks, make the best beaches in New York… one of the best plans.

No doubt Long Island is home to some of the best beaches in New York, and what better way to visit them all than with a local Long Island car service.  Whether you’re a newcomer to the area or just looking for a stress-free way to enjoy the beaches, the experienced drivers take care of all the navigating while you sit back and soak up the sun. With all these beautiful beaches, the hardest decision will be choosing which one to visit first

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