The 15 best beaches in Cádiz (+ a Bonus Track for pets)

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The wide range of possibilities offered by the 138 kilometers of beach in the province make choosing the best beaches in Cádiz a difficult task. They arent good? On the contrary! The variety, the colors, the attractions around them and even the history they preserve, make each of the beaches of Cádiz have something for which it is almost necessary to visit them. and visit them during a trip.

The Costa de la Luz, the preferred place for Spaniards to spend their warm days, resting on the wide beaches and golden dunes, almost as if avoiding the reflection of the crystalline sea that awaits a nice refreshing bath for its tourists, as the sun begins to fall on the horizon.

We are going to make the effort and in this post, we will list only the 15 best beaches in Cádiz and why they are “the inevitable” to visit on a trip along the Cadiz coast.

The 15 best beaches in Cádiz (must-see)

1. La Ballena Beach

Towards the north of the region and with more than 2,100 meters in length, La Ballena Beach becomes one of the best beaches in Cádiz due to the natural environment in which it is located and, at the same time, due to its location a few meters from the Costa Ballena tourist resort.

The landscaped areas isolate the beach, which means that, despite being a few steps from the artificial lagoons of the complex and the urbanization, it feels like a true oasis in the city.

Photo: Alcalaina
  • Fun fact: its name comes from an old legend about a whale that was looking for the perfect place to run aground (unfortunately this happens when they are sick) and that’s how it came to this beach, giving it a new name.

2. Caños de Meca Beach

Crystal clear waters, a perfect combination of blue and green tones and a tranquility that can only be seen in some seas of the world.

Caños de Meca beach is definitely another of the best beaches in Cádiz on the list, not only because of the wide shoreline to rest, but also because it has secret beaches that can only be accessed with a kayaking, creating romantic and adventurous spaces where you can enjoy the day.

  • Traveler advice: for those who tire of all day on the beach, a few meters from Caños de Meca Beach, is It is possible to visit the Cliffs of Breña within the natural park of Breña, a great “getaway” to nature.

3. Trafalgar Lighthouse Beach

Continuing along the same line of beaches as Caños de Meca beach, we find the Faro de Trafalgar beach, one of those beaches where one begins to walk towards the shore and everything seems to be part of a postcard.

The beach photo of the lighthouse, crystal clear water and fine sand create an ideal place to rest, spend the day and even admire the wonderful views, sunsets and even play to find the division between Europe and Africa (which can actually be seen).

Photo: Juan Hipólito González
  • Fun fact: Does the name sound familiar to you? If you have studied history in school they will surely have named the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805 to overthrow Napoleon Bonaparte and it was on this very point.

4. El Palmar Beach

Turning towards the north of Cádiz, it is possible to access Playa El Palmar, an ideal beach for lovers of sunsets, with incredible views of the horizon and the great possibility of enjoying a day quiet immersed in a “wild” environment that differentiates it from the rest.

In addition to its natural environment, on the promenade, food and craft stalls are distributed, something like encouraging you to spend the whole day resting and enjoying the climate of the Costa de la Luz.

  • Travel information: the waves at Playa El Palmar are extremely “aggressive”, which is why it is mostly visited by surfers and competitions of this sport.

5. Germans Beach

A few meters from the fishing village of Zahara de los Atunes, is one of the best beaches in Cádiz, away from the tourist mass and located in a natural environment, with difficult access and practically devoid of services, making it a perfect place to relax and avoid the crowds.

  • The best: the beach has natural pools nestled in the rocks and small bays where you can spend the day and discover hidden corners.

6. Valdevaqueros beach

Attention surfers! Because besides being one of the best beaches in Cádiz, it is a paradise for surfing, kitesurfing and windsurfing. Why? Well, for its countless waves that can be found throughout the day.

Mountain in the background, a large number of meters of beach and a natural landscape like few others. A great alternative is to walk towards the magnificent sand dune and ascend to obtain the best views of the region made up of the sea, an ancient pine forest and the natural environment away from the crowds.

Photo: headzsquare
  • Fun fact: the natural environment of the beach (in 2021, awarded as the best beach in Spain), was threatened by the construction of a mega hotel, which the Andalusian government avoided.

7. Los Castillejos Beach

One of the most curious beaches of all the beaches in Cádiz is Playa de los Castillejos, not only for its cliffs, coves and “natural shadows” that attract travelers but also In some places, small waterfalls and water jets are formed, that create a perfect living natural postcard.

  • Traveler fact: according to what they say, is the beach where the hippie movement originated, so it is possible to access in a bathing suit or no: she is a nudist, so freedom is allowed.

8. Bologna

If someone can search for “best beach in Cádiz”, surely Bologna is the first word that appears or is heard among travelers who have already had the opportunity to rest in true paradise.

One of the last virgin beaches in southern Spain, is characterized by its kilometers of fine sand, the savagery of the environment in which it is located and also by having a dune Declared a National Monument and can be seen from… Morocco!

Bolonia Beach: one of the best beaches in Cádiz.
  • Travel tip: in addition to the beach, it is possible to “travel back in time” in Baelo Claudia, a Roman town discovered in the 70’s.

9. Bajo de Guía Beach

The best beaches in Cádiz are not based solely on its scenic beauty, the quality of its waters or the variety of activities, but it is also a wide range of possibilities to see the most curious scenarios, in this chapter: Bajo de Guía Beach, a beach where, literally, horse races are held, specifically, the Sanlúcar Horse Racing, Cultural Heritage of the City.

  • Traveler fact: although we do not coincide with the celebration of horse races, it is still part of a Jockey tradition Spanish Club and they are only practiced during the month of August.

10. La Fontanilla Beach

Fine golden sand, 1200 meters of beach, cool and shallow waters, what better place could you ask than one of the great beaches of Cádiz to visit with the family.

Its perfect conditions mean that any traveler who visits the town of Conil de la Frontera, can spend some hot afternoons or summer days, in one of the most visited beaches in Cádiz.

Photo: Enrique
  • Travel advice: when traveling to Spain with children, it is important to take into account that the places that are dressed, have the necessary services for a stay and, above all, if it is a hot day at the beach. On La Fontanilla beach, there is also a promenade with restaurants where you can rest from the sun.

11. Santa María beach

If we talk about postcard beaches, then we agree that Cádiz has thousands of options for photographers and Santa María Beach cannot be left out of this list. A small beach that, if the tide rises, the sand disappears, is, at the same time, a blue flag beach, guaranteeing the quality of the place.

The best: looking back, it is possible to admire the imposing cathedral of Cádiz, facing the sea.


What is the Blue Flag? The Blue Flag distinction is earned by those beaches where the public and citizen effort to comply with the required criteria of legality, accessibility, sanitation, environmental education, cleanliness and safety is recognized. Therefore, seeing a blue flag on a beach guarantees the quality that most travelers seek.

12. La Caleta Beach

Following the list of urban beaches, we find Playa de la Caleta, located in the heart of Cádiz. Another beach postcard that no one wants to miss, this time, with the Castle of Santa Catalina in the background and the ships sailing through the sea. During the carnival season, on the beach promenade, you can admire the celebrations and parades.

Photo: rey perezoso

Did you know that Playa de la Caleta was the place chosen for the filming of the movie 007: Die another day?

13. Punta Paloma

The high golden dunes, their remoteness from the tourist crowds corresponds to this beach in Cádiz that you cannot miss.

This quasi-desert landscape (if it weren’t for the water, of course) is located a few meters from Valdevaqueros Beach, so it is also a great opportunity for surfers and kitesurfers to enjoy the swell.

The best: “getting lost”, walking and discovering the “hidden” beaches of the entire region, looking for the small rustic food stalls that seek not to damage the environment and, why not, stay in tents near the place.

Photo: Pedro Lozano
  • Did you know that Cádiz is one of the best glamping sites in Spain? Glamping? Yes! The type of accommodation that meets the conditions of a campsite but with all the glamor of a luxury hotel.

14. La Alcaidesa Beach

Wind? No problem! At La Alcaidesa beach it is possible to enjoy a quiet environment, without wind and with the possibility of enjoying a practically unique beach, with dark sand, few travelers and an ideal place to rest and take advantage of the magnificent climatic conditions of Cádiz.

The best: from La Alcaidesa beach, it is also possible to make visible the coast of Morocco and the Rock of Gibraltar.

Photo: pablogavilan
  • Travel advice: despite being 120 kilometers from the city of Cádiz, it is a great opportunity to get to know other towns in the interior of the province, such as San Roque, a typical Andalusian town.

15. Cortadura Beach

Located a few kilometers from the center of Cádiz and with the possibility of arriving by public transport, Cortadura Beach is a great possibility to rest during a hot summer afternoon. A kilometer-long shoreline, moderate waters and a perfect “historical” postcard with the fortification that surrounds it, created in the 19th century.

Photo: artista
  • Travel advice: walking around the beach, you will find a channel for practicing water sports and, a few meters away, the La Gallega lagoon, a depression with stagnation of fresh water for the breeding of amphibians.

Bonus track: beaches in Cádiz that allow dogs

Not all cities in the world are pet-friendly (although, as the years go by, more cities join the movement in the world) and, in many opportunities, traveling with our pets may not be the easiest.

The Spanish city in question is a great place to travel with pets and there are 2 of the best beaches in Cádiz that allow dogs during the summer season: Camposoto beach, 5 kilometers long and La Concha beach, smaller but with a lot of entertainment.

Camposoto beach is one of the beaches in Cádiz that allows dogs throughout the year. Photo: Alberto Alvarez-Perea

Out of season, pets are allowed to other beaches in Cádiz in: San Fernando, Sanlúcar de Barrameda, Chipiona, Barbate, La Línea de la Concepción, Rota and Vejer de la Frontera.

The natural wonders of the beaches of Cádiz are part of incredible postcards of the Spanish region, a great trip to enjoy and delight in the magnificent climate of the Costa de la Luz.

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