What to do in Bahia Inglesa: the destination with the best beaches in Chile on the coast of the Atacama Desert

Qué hacer en Bahía Inglesa-mejores playas de Chile en la costa del Desierto de Atacama
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Located about 882 km north of Santiago and about 70 km northwest of Copiapó, in the commune of Caldera the beach resort on the coast of the Atacama Desert stands out: Bahia Inglesa, on numerous occasions it has been recognized as one of the most beautiful Coastal destinations in the north of Chile and a visit to this heavenly space cannot be left out if you plan to visit the country. In this post we will share everything you need to know: what to do in Bahia Inglesa, what the weather is like, when to travel and much more!

Best Beaches In Chile

Reasons to visit Bahia Inglesa

Enjoy the best beaches in Chile

Bahia Inglesa stands out for its white sands, its mild climate and its particularly crystalline waters. Its beaches are considered among the best in Chile . If you are looking for quiet beaches, white sands and pools of turquoise waters to relax, this place is ideal for you. Spread out your towel and rest, here you will feel so far from the world that it will make you want to never leave.

Ideal for practicing water sports

In Bahia Inglesa you will be able to delight yourself with the coastal magic that adds to the immensity of the desert that surrounds it, making it a unique spectacle. The recommendation is that if you want to take advantage of moving your body a little, take your kitesurfing equipment, since its warm winds and good temperatures make it an ideal place to practice water sports .

A great alternative for traveling as a family

Are you planning to travel as a family? If so, do not miss visiting the north of Bahia Inglesa, where you will find the so-called Playa Piscina . It is a bay surrounded by rocks that form a quiet cove. It is ideal to go with children and build sand castles on its shore! Fact : if you are not traveling with children but still want to undergo a dose of deep relaxation, this place is incomparable.

Carry out activities that merge beach and desert

For lovers of land activities there are also unmissable panoramas. Among the recommendations to follow on what to do in Bahia Inglesa, you can choose to rent a jeep (rent it) or cycle through the explosion of colors that the flowery desert gives away during spring, a climatic phenomenon that floods the arid dunes with flowers. Without a doubt, it is described as a miracle of nature applauded worldwide.

What to do in Bahia Inglesa?

As we mentioned before, Bahia Inglesa is a spectacular destination to enjoy the best beaches in Chile -some of them are the La Piscina, Las Machas, Blanca and El Chuncho beaches-, travel the flowered desert in spring and / or even do water and land sports taking advantage of the particular geography of the area.

What To Do In Bahia Inglesa

Among the places to visit in Bahia Inglesa are:

Virgin Beach

Located south of Bahia Inglesa, Playa de la Virgen is recognized as one of the best beaches in the country. There, immersing yourself in the turquoise waters and taking in color in its fine white sands will be the order of the day.

Traveler fact: If you want to sleep in Playa de la Virgen, you have to bear in mind that there is the possibility of finding a campsite and some cabins that have excellent views of the sea. In the summer months, it is advisable to book in advance as there is a high demand in this sector and finding accommodation could be a big headache.

What To Do In Bahia Inglesa

Loreto Beach

It is a quiet beach with little waves and fine sand, ideal for those who prefer something less rowdy. It is located between Caldera (2kms) and Bahia Inglesa (3kms).

What To Do In Bahia Inglesa


This city located a few kilometers from Bahia Inglesa offers a good cultural panorama to complement the activities of the beaches in the sector and is highly recommended since travelers will be able to learn a little more about the surroundings of the place.

On a visit to Caldera you could visit the museum of the first railway station in Chile; and delve into the traditions of the inhabitants of this town, who celebrate the feast of San Pedro every year at the end of July. If your stay coincides with these dates, you will be in luck: during the celebration, the city is filled with songs, dances and allegorical boats around the beautiful San Vicente de Paul Church built in 1862.

What To Do In Bahia Inglesa

San Félix

San Félix is a town that is part of the Alto del Carmen commune, Huasco Province. In the heart of the Huasco Valley you can be amazed by vestiges of pre-Hispanic cultures that bear witness to the existence of Inca settlements in the territory.

Let’s move your body! Keep in mind that this area is ideal for trekking on sandy and rocky trails surrounded by vegetation. There are also camping areas to be in direct contact with nature.

What To Do In Bahia Inglesa

Parque Paleontológico Los Dedos

The Los Dedos Paleontological site is located in the Atacama region, in northern Chile, and belongs to the Caldera commune, being one of the most fossil deposits important in Chile .

How to get to the Parque Paleontológico Los Dedos: this particular property is located 12 km south of the city of Caldera and can be reached by route C-354 to the spa from Bahia Inglesa traveling 5 km from the city center. After that, you must take the detour onto route C-302 that goes to Puerto Viejo, traveling approximately 7 km.

What To Do In Bahia Inglesa

How is the weather in Bahia Inglesa?

Here you can enjoy a temperate climate all year round. The average maximum temperature is 22 ° C in January and 17 ° C in July and the water temperature is between 15 ° C and 23 ° C.

When to go to Bahia Inglesa?

The best time to travel to Bahia Inglesa is from December to April, where you can enjoy pleasant temperatures and long days.

How to get to Bahia Inglesa?

If you want to save time, you can fly from Santiago to Bahia Inglesa and arrive in almost 4 hours, while by route the journey can take 12 hours.

How to get to Bahia Inglesa by plane

To get to Bahia Inglesa by plane, you should know that the destination city is Copiapó, at the Atacama Desert Airport. The city is located on one side of Route 5 North, the Copiapó airport is located about 20 km from Bahia Inglesa (approximately 25 minutes).

How to get to Bahia Inglesa by land

From Santiago de Chile the distance to Bahia Inglesa is 871 km. The best way to go to Bahia Inglesa from Santiago without a car is by bus: the tour lasts approximately 12 hours.

Between Copiapó and Bahia Inglesa are about 73km. To get to Bahia Inglesa from Copiapó you can choose to take the bus: go to the Bus Station located in front of the Lider supermarket located on calle Good Hope with Chacabuco . From that point, the Express and Casther companies have daily departures every 30 minutes. Another alternative is to travel by collective taxi with a stop on the same street.

From Caldera to Bahia Inglesa it is 5 kilometers (approximately 10 minutes by car).

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