Is A Visitor Visa Valid When Moving to Spain from the UK?

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If you’re currently living in the UK and plan on moving to Spain, you need to start studying the requirements you need to prepare, the processes you must go through, and the possible restrictions that you will be subject to.

Most importantly, you need to know what kind of visa will allow you to permanently settle in Spain without any legal issues.

This leads us to our question, is a Visitor Visa valid when moving to Spain from the UK? Will it be enough to seamlessly settle into your destination? If the answer is no, what do you need to apply for instead? This is what we’re going to answer in the following sections.

What Is A Visitor Visa?

First, let’s talk about what a visitor visa is.

In the simplest sense, the UK Visitor Visa will allow you to travel to the UK and stay there for a maximum of six months. You can apply for an extension if you want to stay longer. It’s also subject to a visa switch if you want to change your immigrant status.

Going back, you can do a lot of things with a visitor visa. You can study, visit family and friends, sign up for recreational courses, or attend business-related events. The only requirement is for it to last for half a year. After that, you should either leave or apply for an extension.

Of course, there are also restrictions. For instance, you can’t access public benefits, such as free healthcare or any fund-related privilege. You also can’t work, no matter if it’s paid or unpaid.

Who Can Apply for A Visitor Visa?

Generally, any person who wants to visit the UK can apply for a Visitor Visa. You just need to be able to present documents and submit all the requirements in order to successfully apply for one.

Approval is another topic. Remember that this isn’t fully guaranteed, so you have to pay enough time and attention to preparing the evidence and documents. You also have to be able to financially stable enough to shoulder your expenses. Most importantly, you have to pass the interview that the immigration office will hold.

We recommend working with an immigration lawyer if you want to heighten your chances of approving your UK visitor visa.

Can You Use A Visitor Visa to Move to Spain from the UK?

You can use a Visitor Visa to go to Spain. It can also be used as a starter step towards your permanent residence in Spain. You also have a choice to enter the country without a visa. These are all permitted under the immigration policies of both the UK and Spain.

However, note that a visitor visa alone won’t allow you to fully move to Spain. You have to apply for a different kind of visa and permit for this, and you have to do so under Spain’s immigration office. We’ll talk more about this in the later sections.

What Can You Do With a UK Visitor Visa in Spain?

Having a UK Visitor Visa will allow you to stay in Spain for 90 days at most. You can do basic tourist activities like sightseeing, visiting friends and families, and likes, throughout this period. There are a lot more restrictions compared to other countries since Spain follows a different set of policies.

What Visa Is Needed to Move to Spain from the UK?

So, what visa do you actually need to move to Spain from the UK? The answer will depend on what you plan on doing while staying in the country. For a starting step, however, apply for a residence permit in Spain once your 3-month stay expires.

After that, apply for Spain’s equivalent of the working visa, student visa, and likes. It’s best to work with a legal professional when doing this, so you can guarantee that you’re making the right choices.


To sum it up, you can try a Visitor Visa to enter the premises of Spain. In fact, you can do so even without a visa until May 2023.

The problem, however, is it won’t be enough if you want to actually stay and live in Spain on a long-term basis. If this is your goal, then you have to apply for a residence permit from Spain’s immigration itself. You will also have to avail of additional requirements if you plan on engaging in special activities, such as studying, working, or starting a business.

At the present, UK residents and British nationals can actually travel to Spain and experience its sights. If you try a visitor visa to enter the country, you can stay there for a maximum of three months or 90 days.

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